Friday, November 15, 2013

Thank you for the like!

Thank you for "liking" the page. Thank you for accepting my "page like" requests (I only sent to some readers or friends who read blogs). 9 more "likes" to 80, not alot but I'm happy enough, at least I'm not alone, lolol. Thank you so much lah! (Giveaway @ 80 "likes", I promised!) 

Some random updates here...

Took me 29 years to realise that I've double layer of nail!!! No wonder no pain at all lor! I 忍 for two weeks before (finally) peeling it out last night. Consulted my nail sponsor for advice before doing so. And her reply is damn pro, "can do whatever you want, I will settle for u on Monday" when I asked if I can peel it away or not. (Cos before peeling, I totally have no idea that I've double layer of nail!) Damn pro, young & pretty lady, can't wait to see/show you all her work! :)

And, I went for something very scary just now. Whenever I go, I'll break out in cold sweat. Guess what? 


Walao, I'm still sibei scare of this lor. It's so damn bloody pain till I've phobia of it, I won't go unless necessary. Becos my photographer requested, so I've no choice!!! Not taking nude photos lah but won't be nice if I've hair sticking out everywhere mah. 

I can never understand WHY SOME PEOPLE CAN TELL ME IT'S NOT PAIN!!! It's not pain if you compare it to labour pain. But it is PAINFUL leh, omo.

But I'm relieved that I've another thing to strike off my checklist now. Okay, what's next?

  • 3 sets of bras & panties
  • 3 sets of outfits
  • Black heels
  • Accessories

Can rent or not huh? LOL

Last few days were really torturous cos Meimei fell very sick 2 days after the jab. On-off fever for 4-5 days despite medications, cough & running nose. Woke up more than 5 times every night to check on her, give her water & medicines. 

I was so worried till I almost rushed her to the hospital! That will be my very last resort cos it's so heart breaking to see the little kid being poke here and there! 

Then on Thursday, we brought her to J.W Corporation Clinic (no idea why I went there too) as her regular doctor is still out of town! 

Cheaper, nice environment & doctor (realised that another doctor is Dr Tan Cheng Bok when we were there) & most importantly, super effective medications!!! 

Meimei recovers almost instantly after one dose! But I guess the meds taste really awful cos she HATES taking meds out of sudden. Pain in the ass when feeding her meds now!! *jinx lah, shit*

But glad that she's so much better now. (Slimmed down liao lor!) Get well soon, the little cheeky pie!!! ^.^ 

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