Monday, November 18, 2013

The City @ Liang Court

Date : 16th November 2013

Last week appointment was postponed to this week cos Meimei was very unwell. 

Initially, PY jio-ed to go zoo one, but I saw mummy Geraldine posted on FB about this place few days ago and I gave the link to PY, saying that we can bring the kids there one day, she then decided to go this place instead. I agreed immediately cos it looks really interesting & zoo is very tiring lah. Lol

Address : #03-04A Liang Court, 177 River Valley Road, (S)179030
Tel : 6250 6507

"No business" face, HAHAHAHA! 

Fire chief push baby pram go supermarket, lolol! 

Become police now! Lol

Suddenly change role, hahahah!

We were lucky to be able to catch the Little Red Riding Hood live show, free!!! 

IMO, this place is quite fun, concept is good cos the kids get to play different kind of roles; doctor, nurse, cashier, customer, police, fireman, superheroes, princesses etc etc. But the area is quite small lah! 2 hours is more than enough, staying longer will feel bored. Oh, the sofa quite comfortable one! Lol

S$22/kid (2 yrs old and above) for unlimited play on weekdays & 2 hours play on weekends. Check out their website if you're interested lor! Thanks mummy Geraldine for sharing! :)

Treated them to dinner @ Tampopo, yum yum! (Raeann looks really hungry, haha!) Ended the day with some shopping at Meidi-ya then home sweet home.

Blackball Meimei KO all the way till the next morning.

Raeann suddenly in good mood, wanna write diary... Maybe I should teach her how to setup a basic blog!!! Lolol


  1. Hi pretty mummy, ur Raeann is capable, only the age of 6 if i'm not wrong? She can write sentence already. Mine even simple words having problems. How do u manage to teach her when u are a full time working mummy? Do u mind share how much is her school fee for her childcare for K1/K2? Tot of changing school for my kid seem there are no improvement at all yet they are rising the school fees till so high. Sorry to vent here with you. I really need someone to listen and give me advises or guide in it. I'm so lost. Thank you so much.

    1. Hi there, yeap, Raeann is 6, but she is not as capable as you think lah. LOL

      She cannot recognize many words yet and her spelling is also very bad. When she wrote those sentences, she kept asking, "how to spell this/that huh?", haha. She's only good at talking back, play and sleep. LOLOL

      She didn't attend any childcare but she attended her Nursery/K1/K2 at PCF (PAP) Jurong. School fees range from $90 - $120 (but some PCF/PAP cost like $170, depends one). Actually, in fact, PAP is the slowest cos they have to follow the education standard, which is supposed to go slow for the children as not to give them so much stress.

      But I don't wanna stress my children out lah, I want them to enjoy their childhood. :)


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