Monday, December 30, 2013

I'm very stress!!!

Becos in another two days time, Raeann will starts her Primary school journey.

She has been telling me, stressing me and herself that she doesn't wanna go Primary school. If you didn't know yet, I started her in student care this month (2 hours plus 1 hour lunch daily) to prepare her to get used to the place and people there (which in fact, she plays/watch movies most of the time in the student care now, during the school holiday).

Everything went well at first, she was fine until RECENTLY, becos the school is reopening soon, she began to chut many many patterns.

This morning, before going to the student care, she cried all the way there, and back (she ran away to find my mum at the car). I was so super frustrated and angry NOT BECOS I'm anxious over her studies, which I'm not, at all. I didn't ask her to study at all. She always study on her own will, when she wants to. 

(Student care is just a help to coach her with her homework, no extra work!) 

What worry me is the MORNING RUSH when school re-opens. I need to rush two kids to two different places every morning before work. And if she don't cooperate, everyday, my schedule will cock up. Get what I mean?

You see, it's not difficult to do all these jobs when you have cooperative kids. Just bring them there and put them in, not difficult. What makes me so pekchek is, facing one crying kid refusing to go to school EVERYDAY and I've to put her in BY FORCE. It totally ruins my morning.

(She isn't a follower, who will follow what her friends do. She totally bo chup when I said people will laugh at her crying to go P1.)

Nobody can help me cos nobody can be more harsher than me. My mum and ZY are those, "aiya, dun force her" and brings her back home. What the hell is this? Does it means, she doesn't want to go school and she can don't go and I must allow her cos I cannot force her? Talk to the MOE, I cannot decide whether she can don't attend Primary school or not. (If she can don't go, of cos I don't wish to let her go too, as not to shorten my lifespan.)

People said I'm kiasu/kan chiong, but I'm not. I didn't wish or expect her to excel in her studies. I've told her this before, "don't compare, don't have to be top, maybe a pass will do", becos I don't wish to stress her. (And no, she didn't attends any enrichment classes all these years!)

I just don't wish to ruin my everyday, just becos I must make sure she attends her COMPULSORY school.

Now, ZY is blaming her PCF school she attended, said she go there become lidat. What has it gotta do with the school? And in the first place, he's the one who INSISTED putting her there too. But still, it has nothing to do with the school. She's lidat since young, becos of her character (I know her TOO WELL, she's smart but too lazy) and also the 纵容 of the adults.

She knows when she fussed with her father and grandma, they will allow her not to go. She knows so she always chut this pattern.

Can anyone understand my frustrations? Can someone teach me what to do? Am I supposed to "ok lor, don't go lor, just play and sleep at home" mah???


Sunday, December 29, 2013

AX's Wedding

Omfg, I'm so emo right now..........

Today, I'm supposed to meet Show Lo! But becos I've a wedding dinner so I've to miss this chance! (I end up never buy the album cos I know I can't go!!! Don't want to buy and gek sim!) Then nvm. Guess what? When I was in Orchard (at 9:15pm) at the dinner, SHOW LO WAS LOITTERING AROUND ORCHARD AREA. He was STILL around when I left Orchard. I saw his posts on Insta/FB (I'm more active on Insta lately all becos of him) and my heart CRY! So near yet so far! Really is emo lor!

My sis tried to console me, saying that at least, we are breathing the same air & watching the same sky! Sigh! 

So this was the hair JJ made for me to the wedding. Didn't plan it, she was free, I was lucky! 

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Mum's 57th

Booked a table at eat at taipei cos my bro has this voucher! It's my mum's 57th so we received 57% discount from the total bill!!! Ordered and ate like siao!!! 

JCube #03-18

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Cranky X'mas!

Omg, this Meimei is extremely 烦 now (cos she refused afternoon nap), I'm going crazy. Already got headache from the afternoon nap and she's making my headache even worse. SO DAMN NOISY! Keep seeking attention from all her mountains. Urghhhhh!!!

I really cannot stand noisy/crying kids, I'll be so frustrated by it. Confirm cannot be teacher one, don't have the patience for it. Salute all the teachers out there!!! 

I just chased my mum out of the room cos she dashed in the moment she heard Meimei crying. I told her to just ignore and go out! And now, Meimei silent liao, falling asleep soon.

Thy shall not let this small issue ruin my X'mas away... My day wasn't really splendid but still okay, spent quality time with family. Anyway, I spent most of my time with my family one, if u realised. I'm one who chooses family over friends, anytime. 

P/S : Okay, Meimei's asleep! Peace at last! 

So right after this morning's post, our beloved "Santa" gave each of us an angbao for X'mas! Everyone has one, fair and square. One thing I respect my mum about is, she treats everyone fairly. She's not those who treat own kids better cos to her, son-in-law & daughter-in-law are her children too, even my younger bro's gf as well. ZY can't agree more to this! He said he's so lucky to have a good MIL! I want to be like her next time, so that my kids will respect and love me! Love you my dearest mum! 

Gift from Bo, stingy and lazy much? Stingy enough not to buy wrapping papers & lazy enough not to even use newspaper to wrap! Omg! But nonetheless, still, thank her very much.

Had dim sum with thy family for brunch and we ordered way too much. Cannot finish and we have to tabao (so much) home! This is the season of EATING!! Eat eat eat and eat only! 

This is good! Lots of omega 3! Lol

The eat-till-very-tong-ku kind of face. Lol! Taken by Bo! 

Then we went home to nap awhile cos I think the food contained some sleeping potion and I get so damn sleepy after eating! Lol

Thank god for my bro & SIL's help with the kids else I doubt I can even nap! 

Met them up at Sheng Siong at 5+pm cos ZY last minute suggested steamboat! He has been asking for steamboat since yesterday actually... That's how impromptu we are! Super last minute kind! 

Cute max! Doraemon fish cake! But 好看不好吃, not nice at all! 

I know I've been posting a lot of such (steamboat with the same kind of food & table cloth, lol) picture this year, haha! Becos it's X'mas, weather is super good, and how nice it is for family to gather together to chit chat & eat! That's us; my family! :) 

Unboxing Day

First of all, MERRY X'MAS ALL, how did you spend your X'mas eve? :) 

I was stuck at home doing nothing cos Raeann was having fever. My mum gotta the stomach flu virus too hence the thought of BBQ/steamboat had to be put off. So basically, it's a boring X'mas eve for me. 

No choice lah. As what Raeann said, "别人可以去 celebrate 因为他们没有孩子", cos I complained that everyone's having party, why I so boring! Lol

Meantime, I can stop dreaming of bringing my kids to countdown or out till late/wee hours. Cos both of them are early birds, sleep and wake up early. 

(But I left office at 2pm yesterday and went shopping at JEM/Westgate!!! I really love shopping, even when it's shopping for others! Haha) 

Boxing Day is tomorrow, which is the official day to unveil all the presents. BUT, we always open all the presents on X'mas day as the kids can't wait!!!!


They woke me up at 7am sharp, dragged me downstairs, just becos they wanna open up all their presents! 

This is an ergonomic bag from "Santa", came with a matching pencil case inside. Bought this quite some time ago, at $46 I think. Decided not to choose girly design and choose this robot one instead, she loves it! 

Meimei got a Princess teapot set from "Santa". Last minute shopping at Robinson with ML that day. This age really no idea what to buy, except toys! She has everything she needs liao! 

Not forgetting that I, as mummy bought each of them a Chanel Boy inspired bag as X'mas gift! (Yah, I need to buy two x 2 gifts for them every year!) Both of them received PLENTY of gifts from my friends, SIL, bro's gf, cousins & etc! Happy them! Thank you everyone! 

Sidetrack a little here. Just saw my parcel this morning, think it came last night! Though I don't like Hello Kitty, I find this really useful and cute! It's a portable charger, came with a free pouch and cable holder! 

(Had wanted to buy this as X'mas Giveaway for you people. But it came too late! So, do you want this as a CNY Giveaway? If no reply then I don't order liao, lol!) 

Works for so many phones??? Sure not? I'll test and see if it's really so good! 

WAH! Really not bad leh. The joint cable I likey! And it lights up!!! Cute hor??

What should we do today??? Hmm... WAKE THE PIG HUSBAND UP FIRST! 

Monday, December 23, 2013

In X'mas mood!

P/S : This post was supposed to be publish on Saturday. But I've no time to edit (add in links and etc) so I didn't publish!

Don't really know how to title this post cos I'll be posting some chap-ba-lang pictures from few days ago... (I think I should change the title to "Kids sick, X'mas no mood!")

Jamie (I call her PW lah) asked her aunt to specially delivered all these to my house two days ago. X'mas presents & gifts from Japan! Thank you very very much! :) Also passed her gift to her aunt cos we have no time to meet! :( Hope to see you soon, my dear! 

She said she bought two small boxes meant for each of my girls but dropped one box on the plane! So sweet of all my friends to always remember my kids! Favourite Japan snack. Arigatou! 

Met ML for a fast dinner at (Mado) JEM last evening. A short meet-up mean so much due to our busy schedules! Had to rush home after searching for Mei's X'mas gift by "Santa". 

My hokkien-pai buddy! Friends forever! Let's grow old together! May you glow and prosper in the brand new 2014! :) 

Again, gifts for my kids too. Blessed to have all of them lah! Told Raeann she will feel damn shiok opening up ALL her presents during X'mas! Lost count of the numbers of presents they received liao! 

Sick cutie pie trying to face time my aunt just now! Get well soon baby girl. 

Sent Jing and bubble to the vet while on my way to Pink Nail Studio earlier! Bubble sprained her leg! 

My (used to be injured) index nail broke again. After being kiap-ed by my dad's car door, my nail became so weak that it kept breaking. Anyway, my nails are weak in the first place, always chip and break one! 

So I went back to seek Esther for help again. (I thank god that her shop is in Jurong!) Twice in 2 months and everytime she will say, "no problem, don't worry, I'll fix it for u". She's damn pro in fixing broken nails I must say! 

And it's done within 10 mintues (and she was doing nail for another customer at the same time)! The fast hand fast leg Esther! Power! If you're one with limited time for yourself (like me) and wish to beautify your nails, you know where you can go! ^.*

I'm honestly making myself at home at Pink Nail Studio cos I feel really comfortable with the place & all the girls there! They are all very friendly so during the whole session, you won't feel bored at all. 

And most important of all, they don't anyhow charge and their price is really reasonable! Good service + good price, where to find!!! Make your appointment now! :)

Blk 492 Jurong West St. 42
#01-32 Singapore 640492
 : 9227 7000 (Esther)

Saturday noon; lazing on the living room floor. Wanna go out but Meimei still LS-ing! Then now Raeann's turn. Kill me please. I rather I'm the one who's sick, I whole night never sleep cos Raeann woke up more than 20 times complaining tummy pain (have to apply oil for her), to vomit and LS (fed her Meimei's med), drink water & etc, shag max! How to enjoy X'mas lidat!!! :(

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Stupid stomach flu!!!

I was sleeping already... But Raeann suddenly woke up from her sleep, complaining stomachache, followed by a series of LS & vomit.


Meimei just recovered from it TODAY, and Raeann has to get it NOW. So when's my turn? 

This has gotta be my most feared illness, there was once when the whole family got it, one after another. It's a deadly contagious illness! One tio, all will tio too! 

Even though ZY bought us the insurance plan for us whereby stomach/gastric flu and food poisoning is covered and all the medical fees can be claimed back, but still, leave us alone, I'd rather we don't get it. 

Really damn it. Kids unwell, suffer are the parents as well. Doubt I can get proper sleep tonight liao! 

FIGHTING!!! What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger!!! :) 

Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been busy meeting friends/passing presents. Plus, kids not feeling well, my body feels weird too. Not gonna speculate or think too much first...

Thursday, December 19, 2013

[2nd] All ready for X'mas!!!


This is how bright and shiny my nails remained AFTER one month. Color looks different cos under different lighting, the color at the bottom is the more accurate color in real life. No crack, no chip and still shinning bright. Usually, gelish on my hands NEVER last, it will always chip before 1 month. This proves that the gelish that Pink Nail Studio uses are the top grade ones. 

Latest colors (again), all their colors very updated one! 

Have to fix one fake hallux nail again cos still very short and ugly. Anyway, it looks like my real nail lor! A lot of air-stewardess do fake nails there cos it looks so real and it's damn lasting! My previous one lasted one whole month, didn't drop and no popping out at all. 

Also, Esther helped me to cut out my stupid in-grown which gets painful when I wear covered shoes for too long. I didn't know I've in-grown (now) lor. I had it when I was preggy with Meimei but I didn't have it for the past 20+ years leh! How I know? Cos I went pedi and I always asked them about it and they said I don't have lor. So now I have, and I hate it!!! Urghhh!

Well, I didn't want too exaggerated design so Esther did this for me! So nice that I don't have to think at all, I hate to think, I just want to sit there and relax, lol! (But if you have any design in mind, Esther can do it for you too!) I've got my X'mas nails fixed, how about you? Santa or snowman in mind? Quick book your appointment now!!! (Reminder : Please book your CNY slot early cos their appointments are crazy every year! I'm planning to go for the night slot, lol. Can eat supper with them! Hahah) 

Blk 492 Jurong West St. 42
#01-32 Singapore 640492
 : 9227 7000 (Esther)

Top 5 Favourite Buys of 2013

Very fast, the year is coming to an end again, this year like passes extremely fast eh? Maybe becos I'm busier this year, it likes I've something to "look forward" to, one after another. But honestly, I'm afraid of 2014, becos Raeann's going to P1 and I've to wake up even earlier than now.

Besides being busier, I certainly spent alot more this year!!! Haha! Like bags, I'm supposed to only limit myself to 1 but I bought like 5 (*small voice* or was it 6?), omg. Anyway, I'm earning a little more through blogging now, so it's natural to spend more too? Just a little more.

So today, I'm gonna blog about my top 5 favourite buy of 2013, the things I bought which I never regret at all and uses it frequently. 排名不分先后...

1) Celine Micro Luggage 

It's almost a year but I still LOVE this bag lor, it's so versatile and matches literally any kind of outfits! Just came back from bag spa few weeks ago! Heehee

2) Babyliss Big Hair Styler

My everyday hair fix and it's really working great! Too bad it's out of stock now, thought of getting one for my friend's birthday. (Refer here for my review!)

3) Nike Wedge Heels Sneaker

Wearing this so much more often than I've expected. It's super comfy (and chio), I swear! 

4) Ipanema Flip Flops

Becos it's only $8.80 per pair! So freaking chio and cheap! 

5) Pandora 

My arm swag at least 3 times a week. To be honest, I don't have much accessories (not very into accessories actually cos I don't have a proper space to keep) lah. I like this becos I can play around with the charms to match my outfit, even though I'm quite lazy to do so!

Mind to share what are your top 5 favorite buys of the year? I kpo! Heehee

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

Today, my two dearest daughters show me the real meaning of the above phrase. They fought. And very fiercely too. I scold and nag till sian, so I tell them, "okay fight all you want, I'll take video and post on FB".

And it actually works in stopping their fight becos Meimei said she don't wanna take video, lolol! 

(They fight and make up every day, within a few minutes. Today's one more hiong cos I didn't stop!)

And I actually find the video very amusing!!! I'm gonna show them the video 10 years later! 

I posted but deleted it later. Too violent! Hahaha! Gonna keep it for personal view. 

And Meimei is the super violent one! If you happened to see that video, you will very much agree with me that Meimei is one fierce ka! Definitely not a girl to be trifled with, I need not worry she will get bully at all. Was telling ZY that Meimei is one level above me! And he asked, "lidat good meh?"

(Don't get me wrong, I'm not proud that she's so violent.)

I told him, "ok mah, at least she won't let people bully and cry". Then he said, "ya lor ya lor". 

People who saw the video will think that I'm sucha crazy mum, why didn't I stop them from fighting?

Well, I DID, everyday, until I'm so tired and breathless from scolding. So I'm trying out this new way, and it amazingly works! 

(No idea why they so young know the consequences of being stomped, lol!) 

So now I know. 

A pair of very fierce sisters! Buay tahan! Next time they can protect me liao! Haha 

Monday, December 16, 2013

The season of giving!

Ahhh, I love December the most, even though it's the month of more holes in the pocket, lol. I love preparing & giving presents. Well, my presents are not super expensive kind, but I spent a lot of time and effort to think and search for the most suitable gift for everyone.

My long awaited loots from Japan arrived last Friday! Did the final wrappings today and delivered out some presents already! Woohoo 

Every year, I've that standard list of people to buy presents for. This year more cos I reunited with old friends and gotta some new friends! 

Met up with Michelle earlier for a gift exchange dinner! I actually ordered a small gift for her from Japan but she insisted a gift x'change so I went to search for another one for her! 

No photo with her cos we were TOO busy talking away. Talk talk talk talk until Raeann got damn bored, HAHAHAHA! We have too much to talk about, like how we did 10+ years before!!! 

So I received my 2nd X'mas gift this year! (First was from ZY, the watch which I FORCED him to buy, lolol!) Also thank her for getting chocolate & gummies sweet for my kids. Can't wait for the next meetup with her without the kids!

And this whole week, I'll be distributing all the presents!!! Hopefully before X'mas, I can give out all of them! You see, it's no problem buying gifts at all, the problem is, when do I have time to meet everyone!!! 

Bringing both kids out to meet friends is a slow torture to myself. Cos one is very troublesome (want to go toilet lah, this and that) and the other one is too active (cannot sit still one), and I'll be too busy running up and down than to sit down to have a nice chat with my friends! 

Okay lah, need to bathe now then make milk for that old baby liao! Bye! 

Friday, December 13, 2013

Beauty By Nature Exclusive Black Box

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Three different types of box for you to choose from.

What I have here is the PERFECT box! Which consist of...

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Nuxe Rose Mist Spray - 100ml ($28, Retail Size)

This refreshing mist is perfect even for sensitive skin, not only helps to sooth and moisturise your skin anytime of the day but also helps to set your makeup. 

Phytobaume Repair ~ Weekend, Damaged Hair - 50ml ($16.60 - Deluxe Sample)

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Phytokeratine Reparative Shampoo - 50ml ($12.00, Deluxe Sample)

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LIERAC Sensory Oil with 3 Flowers - 10ml ($6.80, Deluxe Sample)

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The Beauty By Nature Exclusive Black Box contains a mixture of retail & deluxe sized products, this is a deal not to be missed. It's definitely worth it because...

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