Sunday, December 29, 2013

AX's Wedding

Omfg, I'm so emo right now..........

Today, I'm supposed to meet Show Lo! But becos I've a wedding dinner so I've to miss this chance! (I end up never buy the album cos I know I can't go!!! Don't want to buy and gek sim!) Then nvm. Guess what? When I was in Orchard (at 9:15pm) at the dinner, SHOW LO WAS LOITTERING AROUND ORCHARD AREA. He was STILL around when I left Orchard. I saw his posts on Insta/FB (I'm more active on Insta lately all becos of him) and my heart CRY! So near yet so far! Really is emo lor!

My sis tried to console me, saying that at least, we are breathing the same air & watching the same sky! Sigh! 

So this was the hair JJ made for me to the wedding. Didn't plan it, she was free, I was lucky! 

Tied Jiejie's hair like this... And this piggy wanna nap without getting her hair messed up...

She slept lidat, hahahahahahaha!!! 

Why photos from Samsung Note so long one huh? 

Their shoes very mis-match I know. But aiya, all the rest are too tight, they complained. 
(Raeann just woke up!) 

We reached there around 6pm! Too late for the solemnisation and too early for the dinner! LOL

A lot of time so can take a polaroid!

Last wedding of 2013! Attended many weddings this year, I lost count.

AX's nephew damn cute can! Eurasian! So cute I wanna bring him home! 

Even got time to queue for Krispy Kreme! Leann arrived quite early too so we went to queue together! Not very long queue actually. We have too much time to spare.

First time eating, not bad but overrated. Not worth $2+/donut, cannot eat too many, will get diabetes. I bought 13 pcs, lol. Kiasu!

Have a blissful marriage! :) Happy for him! 

With pretty Leann! 

No idea why my girls are up there, lol! 

First time, I see AX so smart and cool! He said he first time see himself lidat too! Haha 

Sigh, too emo until cannot sleep now! :(


  1. Babe, don't emo anymore. Me too never get to see him too. More worst for me is i can't even get on hold for his recent album, searching high and low for his album all out of stock. Sob sob sob.

    1. Huh? Out of stock meh? It's only available at CD-rama (Popular) issit? I saw PLENTY there lor. Just thinking to buy or not cos I cannot go!!! EMO MAX.

  2. I went to popular Cd-rama there are no stock at all. But anyways is over leh what can we do? Can't even see our love just for once. So near yet so far is what we can say lo. Sob sob sob!!!

    1. Hahahahaha I think u more emo than me!!! I went to IMM one, still have alot leh....

  3. Oh really? I went to IMM too but there are none left. Cos too many bad things had happened to me in this year 2013 and hoping to see him Show Luo at least can brighten and mark my last good memory in 2013 but too bad.

    1. Nvm lah. One of my blog reader (whom is in his FC) told me he will be having his concert in SG next May.. Keep a lookout! Maybe by then, I've already become sian of him, lolol.


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