Thursday, December 5, 2013

Bottom Slim Trial + My new Baby-G

If you've followed my page, you would have know that I went to Bottom Slim for a trial yesterday. Can't remember exactly when did I do the survey for Black Box but I received a call from them last week, said that I've received 3 free treatments from them via Black Box. In the call, she mentioned "no cash involved & no obligation", so I went lor. I mean, it's free, no harm trying mah...

Well, to be very very honest, I don't trust slimming centres even though I'm very desperate to slim down, hahaha! Unless the package is, "pay only after I see result", like maybe 5kgs for $100. Lolol (In this case, all the slimming centres will close down already, hahaha!)

Very sad to find out that I'm 50kgs right now! Omg. Depressed. 

They told me that they need 2 hours to complete the whole treatment, but I spent more than an hour waiting and listening. The treatment took only about 40 mins, the rest of the time they were asking me to sign a package. And luckily, I was very firm yesterday, I came out without paying a single cent.

The result shown has not convinced me enough to sign for it. Full stop. That's all I gonna say. 

But then again, one treatment, how great will the result be? I'm expecting too much, lol. 

Anyway, she said I've lots of fats in my body, lolol. And when she asked me to sign package, I tell her I've no money. Then I said, I think I'll just continue to stay fat since my fats have been staying with me for so long, lolol. 

Just kidding! I don't like my fats, if there is solution to it at affordable price, I'll go for it!! 

X'mas present for myself!

(I like white Baby-G but I have one and it turns yellowish liao! Black (with gold) is too common, I don't like common things!)

Reached home to this last night. My watch-manic brother tempted me to buy, and even helped me to buy it from Taka yesterday! I still can't believe that I'm so cool in spending now.

It's like, in the morning, he walked into my office...

Him: eh, Taka 10% storewide leh, I'm going there later, u wanna buy anything? 

Me: Hmm, maybe get the Shu Umera lip gloss lor... 

Him: Buy Baby-G lah! Nice leh. You know that Girls Generation edition? Nice leh. 

Me: I don't know lah. I not into K-pop one! 

Him: You go Casio website see!!

*go into Casio website*

Him: Ahh... This this, nice hor! 

I saw the gold color and it's indeed not bad lah! 

Me: Ok lor, how much? 

Him: Not more than $179. 

Me: Ok lor. 

Before he buy, he msged me the price first & he managed to get it at 10%+10%+10% discount for me. Don't ask me how cos I never really read his explanation. I just ask him how much and I just pay. (The final amount is $110!) 

Anyway, I posted on FB that I'm secretly hoping that the husband will pay for it. When ZY came home last night, he said (laughing) "Wah, post on FB, ask me to pay $!"

I said, "I got say please hor". 

But he said he got no money. But I continued pestering him. Niam niam niam niam niam, just like what Raeann always do!!! 

(I'm not a loh-soh kind of person hor. I don't usually repeat myself more than twice, I'm more to "ai lai, mai sua" kind. And I'm best in giving silent treatment to ZY, which he BTH, lol.)  

So.............. after a series of 夺命连环 NIAM, he finally say "ok lah ok lah, tomorrow pass you the money". 




I WIN!!! 

(Everything is not counted until he pass me the $$$, HO HO HO!)



  1. but you don't look 50kg. what's your height? you look slim leh! maybe they up their weighing machine by 3 kg..

    1. I'm 157cm, Lol! No lah I'm really 50 now... Depressed, want to go on diet liao!!! It's that angle that made me don't look like 50! Lol

    2. :( if going on diet, share your diet plans. readers can go diet with you. ahhahaha. :) jiayou!

    3. Hahahah, sad to say, I don't have any but just to eat lesser. Nowadays also lazy to exercise liao... Sigh... I want to go back to 48 and I'll be contented. LOL


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