Sunday, December 1, 2013

Chloe's 7th Birthday

BIL treated the whole family to a buffet lunch at this place this afternoon; The Seafood International Market & Restaurant. OMG, the food so damn much, we ate till almost faint, lol. 

Nice ambience with nice food, worth the $$ lah! Will definitely go back there again, some day.

This is only the beginning hor, there are much moreeeeeeeee!!! Honestly hor, I feel & get full easily when I see a table of food. I eat buffet 'bo hua' one even though I LOVE BUFFET!!! 

And you know what I love most in buffet?? Yeah, the desserts. I always aim the desserts first. 

The smiley baby; Lerswen! She's so cute, she keep smiling one!!! 

Meimei likes to take selfie, in such angle. 

Here comes the exciting part for the kids... Okay, no photos in between cos I was helping Mel to take photos with her phone. Happy Birthday, Chloe girl! ^.^ 

Eat full full, go buy toys! BIL bought something for each of them!!! Thank you lah! 

But we brought the kids to pray first! Then we went to Bugis OG to look for them. No photos there either cos... erm... I forgot? Actually no, I was too busy stopping the kids from buying, failed though. 

After buying toys, we went separate way home...

Aiyo!!! New bear added to the collection again. I lost count of how many CareBears Meimei has now. 

We parked at Bugis+ so we have to walk pass alot of food.

No, I love 台男 more! SHOW LO!!! Haha

Packed the wings home cos wanna share it with family but end up, nobody's home and I ate like 4 pieces? Haha 

This part damn funny, Raeann kicked the ball but her slipper flew away as well! Hahaha 

ZY said this fries damn super super nice but I think it's just fries? But a thicker one with some sauce on top! 

So busy "trying" their samples! Very happy too, when he saw me taking photo, lol.

See? It's just fries, no?

It's a Sunday filled with food, and more food. I haven digest my lunch yet lor! Hate my digestive system lah! Grrrrr...

Busy week ahead. GAMBATTE! 

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