Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Cranky X'mas!

Omg, this Meimei is extremely 烦 now (cos she refused afternoon nap), I'm going crazy. Already got headache from the afternoon nap and she's making my headache even worse. SO DAMN NOISY! Keep seeking attention from all her mountains. Urghhhhh!!!

I really cannot stand noisy/crying kids, I'll be so frustrated by it. Confirm cannot be teacher one, don't have the patience for it. Salute all the teachers out there!!! 

I just chased my mum out of the room cos she dashed in the moment she heard Meimei crying. I told her to just ignore and go out! And now, Meimei silent liao, falling asleep soon.

Thy shall not let this small issue ruin my X'mas away... My day wasn't really splendid but still okay, spent quality time with family. Anyway, I spent most of my time with my family one, if u realised. I'm one who chooses family over friends, anytime. 

P/S : Okay, Meimei's asleep! Peace at last! 

So right after this morning's post, our beloved "Santa" gave each of us an angbao for X'mas! Everyone has one, fair and square. One thing I respect my mum about is, she treats everyone fairly. She's not those who treat own kids better cos to her, son-in-law & daughter-in-law are her children too, even my younger bro's gf as well. ZY can't agree more to this! He said he's so lucky to have a good MIL! I want to be like her next time, so that my kids will respect and love me! Love you my dearest mum! 

Gift from Bo, stingy and lazy much? Stingy enough not to buy wrapping papers & lazy enough not to even use newspaper to wrap! Omg! But nonetheless, still, thank her very much.

Had dim sum with thy family for brunch and we ordered way too much. Cannot finish and we have to tabao (so much) home! This is the season of EATING!! Eat eat eat and eat only! 

This is good! Lots of omega 3! Lol

The eat-till-very-tong-ku kind of face. Lol! Taken by Bo! 

Then we went home to nap awhile cos I think the food contained some sleeping potion and I get so damn sleepy after eating! Lol

Thank god for my bro & SIL's help with the kids else I doubt I can even nap! 

Met them up at Sheng Siong at 5+pm cos ZY last minute suggested steamboat! He has been asking for steamboat since yesterday actually... That's how impromptu we are! Super last minute kind! 

Cute max! Doraemon fish cake! But 好看不好吃, not nice at all! 

I know I've been posting a lot of such (steamboat with the same kind of food & table cloth, lol) picture this year, haha! Becos it's X'mas, weather is super good, and how nice it is for family to gather together to chit chat & eat! That's us; my family! :) 

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