Tuesday, December 3, 2013

First day @ Pro-Teach

Raeann has officially started attending Pro-Teach today; 3rd December 2013. I put her in one month earlier cos I want her to be familiar with the place first. Also, I don't wish to die so early, teaching her. Haha 

I TRIED to teach her myself but she cannot concentrate at all. She was so distracted by everything. And in less than 15 mins, she complained tired and went to sleep, lol. 

So, letting her to go Pro-Teach might be one of the wisest choice I've made in life. No doubt I've to pay $310 per month (today I paid $448), but if spending this amount of money will make me live longer & save me from so much troubles, IT'S DEFINITELY WORTH IT! 

Initially, she was so scare, kept telling us she don't dare to go Primary school & student care. 

But her mindset completely changed after her first day. She seemed happy when I fetched her. (Keeping my fingers crossed that this will last!!!) 

The teacher is very nice & patient, she explained everything to me slowly. When I went to pick Raeann up just now (heavy rain lor), she explained to me what they did with her today.

Okay, she said Raeann's English needs improvement but her maths is not bad. She's very enthu in class & will ask questions when she's in doubt. So the teacher said it's good lah, better than she don't ask anything. She assured me that in about 3 months time, I'll see major improvements in Raeann. I've faith in them & my daughter. 

(Raeann is more suitable for group coaching cos she's competitive, remember?) 

So anyway, according to Raeann's feedback, she's very happy, she made many new friends same age as her! She happy, I even more happy lor! 

And then you know, she's so excited over her potluck X'mas party on the 20th!!! 

I give her $1 pocket money everyday, in case she needs to buy something. I told her she can save the money up if she didn't use it. So, I'll bring her to buy the Christmas gift, using the money she saved. 

New stage of her life, new training, I'm starting to feel excited now. 

Note to self : Never ever compare her to other kids (even though I think I won't bother to lah) to pressurize her, just let her do her best.

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