Monday, December 30, 2013

I'm very stress!!!

Becos in another two days time, Raeann will starts her Primary school journey.

She has been telling me, stressing me and herself that she doesn't wanna go Primary school. If you didn't know yet, I started her in student care this month (2 hours plus 1 hour lunch daily) to prepare her to get used to the place and people there (which in fact, she plays/watch movies most of the time in the student care now, during the school holiday).

Everything went well at first, she was fine until RECENTLY, becos the school is reopening soon, she began to chut many many patterns.

This morning, before going to the student care, she cried all the way there, and back (she ran away to find my mum at the car). I was so super frustrated and angry NOT BECOS I'm anxious over her studies, which I'm not, at all. I didn't ask her to study at all. She always study on her own will, when she wants to. 

(Student care is just a help to coach her with her homework, no extra work!) 

What worry me is the MORNING RUSH when school re-opens. I need to rush two kids to two different places every morning before work. And if she don't cooperate, everyday, my schedule will cock up. Get what I mean?

You see, it's not difficult to do all these jobs when you have cooperative kids. Just bring them there and put them in, not difficult. What makes me so pekchek is, facing one crying kid refusing to go to school EVERYDAY and I've to put her in BY FORCE. It totally ruins my morning.

(She isn't a follower, who will follow what her friends do. She totally bo chup when I said people will laugh at her crying to go P1.)

Nobody can help me cos nobody can be more harsher than me. My mum and ZY are those, "aiya, dun force her" and brings her back home. What the hell is this? Does it means, she doesn't want to go school and she can don't go and I must allow her cos I cannot force her? Talk to the MOE, I cannot decide whether she can don't attend Primary school or not. (If she can don't go, of cos I don't wish to let her go too, as not to shorten my lifespan.)

People said I'm kiasu/kan chiong, but I'm not. I didn't wish or expect her to excel in her studies. I've told her this before, "don't compare, don't have to be top, maybe a pass will do", becos I don't wish to stress her. (And no, she didn't attends any enrichment classes all these years!)

I just don't wish to ruin my everyday, just becos I must make sure she attends her COMPULSORY school.

Now, ZY is blaming her PCF school she attended, said she go there become lidat. What has it gotta do with the school? And in the first place, he's the one who INSISTED putting her there too. But still, it has nothing to do with the school. She's lidat since young, becos of her character (I know her TOO WELL, she's smart but too lazy) and also the 纵容 of the adults.

She knows when she fussed with her father and grandma, they will allow her not to go. She knows so she always chut this pattern.

Can anyone understand my frustrations? Can someone teach me what to do? Am I supposed to "ok lor, don't go lor, just play and sleep at home" mah???



  1. Its a transition to an unfamiliar environment hence she need time to adjust bah. i understand the feeling because I am like that too , i even don't want go secondary school when i transit from primary 6 to Sec1. The fear of loneliness, everything also duno what will happen , its really very pressurize. However when she slowly make friends and get adjusted, she will be fine de. Maybe for the first 2 days, put meimei over night at ur aunt place or ask ur husband to bring mei mei ur aunt place. so u hv more time to comfort ur big girl. You can also try to explain what will happen and what is it like when she goes primary one. Jia you!

    1. Sigh, I also uds that's why I put her to the student care earlier to get familiar with the place and people, there are quite a few P1s there going to Rulang as well. Don't think she will be okay within 2 days, I foresee it will be at least 2 weeks! Then after weekends or school holidays, she will do it again and again. So sian!

      Meimei's school will reopen on the same day too. I cannot imagine if two of them also lidat, I'll go crazy.

      Anyway, thanks for reading & replying. I'll jiayou! Thanks a lot!

  2. Yup, I totally agreed that it is a transition period..

    I been through that phase and I totally understand..

    Once she make her friends in school, she will be alright.. Don't worry too much :)

    1. Hopefully! Cos I noticed her pattern, she will always chut pattern after weekends and school holidays OR quarrel with friends in school, lol.

      Anyway, thank you too, for your kind reply.

  3. Ya. Jus a transition period. Mayb when she made new friends, she will love sch very much! Perhaps for the first few couple of days get ur hub to send meimei to school. Last time when i go poly i cry.. cos not my choice and no friends.. haha.. every monday morning i cry..

    1. I don't think it's not becos of friends cos her current PAP classmate and cousin are in same class as her.

      She told me she's afraid of making mistake, too perfectionist, lol.

  4. Although I don't have kids but I understand the frustration.. my bro and sil also face the same problem. . They bo bian also just force them go and sometimes end up late for work. Making them headache too! Think nowadays the kids are like that ba! Tell her everyone do make mistakes., no one is perfect, we just have to learn from our mistakes. . 只要有努力过,尽了力就好了. Jiayou !

    1. I hope everything will be smooth soon and she will have a happy Primary school life! Thank you for your encouragement!! :)

  5. Happy new year to you and your family :)

    1. Same to you dear! May you have a blessed and fruitful 2014!


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