Monday, December 23, 2013

In X'mas mood!

P/S : This post was supposed to be publish on Saturday. But I've no time to edit (add in links and etc) so I didn't publish!

Don't really know how to title this post cos I'll be posting some chap-ba-lang pictures from few days ago... (I think I should change the title to "Kids sick, X'mas no mood!")

Jamie (I call her PW lah) asked her aunt to specially delivered all these to my house two days ago. X'mas presents & gifts from Japan! Thank you very very much! :) Also passed her gift to her aunt cos we have no time to meet! :( Hope to see you soon, my dear! 

She said she bought two small boxes meant for each of my girls but dropped one box on the plane! So sweet of all my friends to always remember my kids! Favourite Japan snack. Arigatou! 

Met ML for a fast dinner at (Mado) JEM last evening. A short meet-up mean so much due to our busy schedules! Had to rush home after searching for Mei's X'mas gift by "Santa". 

My hokkien-pai buddy! Friends forever! Let's grow old together! May you glow and prosper in the brand new 2014! :) 

Again, gifts for my kids too. Blessed to have all of them lah! Told Raeann she will feel damn shiok opening up ALL her presents during X'mas! Lost count of the numbers of presents they received liao! 

Sick cutie pie trying to face time my aunt just now! Get well soon baby girl. 

Sent Jing and bubble to the vet while on my way to Pink Nail Studio earlier! Bubble sprained her leg! 

My (used to be injured) index nail broke again. After being kiap-ed by my dad's car door, my nail became so weak that it kept breaking. Anyway, my nails are weak in the first place, always chip and break one! 

So I went back to seek Esther for help again. (I thank god that her shop is in Jurong!) Twice in 2 months and everytime she will say, "no problem, don't worry, I'll fix it for u". She's damn pro in fixing broken nails I must say! 

And it's done within 10 mintues (and she was doing nail for another customer at the same time)! The fast hand fast leg Esther! Power! If you're one with limited time for yourself (like me) and wish to beautify your nails, you know where you can go! ^.*

I'm honestly making myself at home at Pink Nail Studio cos I feel really comfortable with the place & all the girls there! They are all very friendly so during the whole session, you won't feel bored at all. 

And most important of all, they don't anyhow charge and their price is really reasonable! Good service + good price, where to find!!! Make your appointment now! :)

Blk 492 Jurong West St. 42
#01-32 Singapore 640492
 : 9227 7000 (Esther)

Saturday noon; lazing on the living room floor. Wanna go out but Meimei still LS-ing! Then now Raeann's turn. Kill me please. I rather I'm the one who's sick, I whole night never sleep cos Raeann woke up more than 20 times complaining tummy pain (have to apply oil for her), to vomit and LS (fed her Meimei's med), drink water & etc, shag max! How to enjoy X'mas lidat!!! :(

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