Saturday, December 28, 2013

Mum's 57th

Booked a table at eat at taipei cos my bro has this voucher! It's my mum's 57th so we received 57% discount from the total bill!!! Ordered and ate like siao!!! 

JCube #03-18

Fried fried milk! 

These are SOME of the food we ordered. Apparently, we over ordered again & can't finish. The total bill, after 57% discount is about $118. ZY said the food is not bad but my bro said it's not nice. I'm not a food guru so I've no comment. 

Present for our dearest mum, the latest iPad (Air or something? Am not sure cos it's bought by my bro, we only pay, I'm not a gadget person anyway!) 

Happy Birthday, my dearest mummy! I only wish that you can be happy & healthy forever. December; a month of feasting. Eat and eat non stop, how not to get fat?!?!

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