Monday, December 2, 2013

Nuxe Nirvanesque Media Launch


Date : 29th November 2013, Friday
Venue : Blisshouse Theme Restaurant

Received this invite via Splash Media. Thank you for the invitation! =D

Very nice & unique decorations this restaurant has! Pwettyyyy!!!

Alright, before I start, I tell you all something very funny and paiseh, lol. 

I went to this event alone becos it's exclusive to beauty bloggers only so I wasn't allowed to bring anyone along. (Had wanted to bring bobo one!) 

Thus, I was kinda shy and didn't know what to do but I told myself to just go with the flow. So when I reached, I saw a few bloggers there shooting photos everywhere. Then I also took out my DLK to shoot shoot shoot, act like a pro lidat. 

I sat down to rest after shooting aplenty photos. Then, I wanted to look at the photos I shot, I realised that I FORGET TO PUT IN MEMORY CARD!!!! HAHAHAHA, what a joke!!! 

(Thank god I managed to re-take those photos!) 

The setting is so pretty hor! 

With the marketing manager; Carlene.

Testers for us to try...

We were served this tea when we sat down. After two sips, then I realised there's no memory card inside the camera and that explained why my tea is half filled, lol. This tea is very very nice but I never pay attention when Carlene said what tea it is as I was too nervous searching and fixing the memory card. Sorry ya! 

Apparently, Nuxe has been around for a long long time. I've not heard of this brand though, received some of their samples through Black Box but didn't really go and find out more about them. 

  • Nuxe is a natural brand with choice of natural active ingredients. 
  • Products are free of mineral oil, and do not contain material of animal origin. 
  • Products are non-comedogenic. 
  • Tests conducted by an independent laboratory recognized by the Ministry of Research for optimal safety and efficiency.
  • Paraben-free preservation system.

Besides all the above, Nuxe also contributes to environment protection by prioritizing recyclable materials. The new packaging is so much lighter than before, easier and lighter to bring it for overseas trips and etc.  

To enable all skin types to come closer to bliss, Nuxe Nirvanesque 2013 offers a customized choice of three regimens, from the lightest to the richest, supplemented with an eye contour treatment.  

New Reference Nirvanesque Light (50ml @ S$75.00)

Suitable for combination skin. Designed to appeal to those who like matte finish. A soft and ethereal cream, enriched with mattifying Rice Powder and Enantia Chlorantha to reduce sebum. 

Skin is immediately relaxed and more matte. Smoothed and more relaxed features day after day. I personally think that this cream smells nice. 

They also have New Nirvanesque (50ml @ S$75.00) for normal skin - A smooth texture enriched with Musk Rose Oil that combines hydrating and anti-wrinkle properties. And New Nirvanesque Enrichie (50ml @ S$75.00) for dry to very dry skin - A smooth and velvety cream enriched with nourishing Macadamia Oil. BUT, the photos I took turned out blurrrr, so I'm sorry, no photos. =X

New Nirvanesque Yeux (15ml @ S$58.00)

(Sorry, the photo turned out blur too but not as bad! Think I old already, hand shaking, lol!)

A thin, non-greasy cream enriched with pearly particles and a cocktail of specific active ingredients; corrective pigments and plant caffeine to fight against dark circles, ultra hydrating hyaluronic acid of natural origin to reinforce the smoothing effect. 

An immediately luminous smoothed and refreshed look. Eye contours are relaxed and de-stressed day after day. I think this smells like a plant, lol. 

The New Nuxe Nirvanesque Range is available at all Robinsons, John Little, Beauty By Nature (Parkway Parade #B1-75/76, ION Orchard #B3-49/50, Vivocity #01-06/07) and selected Watsons stores. 

At the end of the talk, we were served another drink. Everyone was so fascinated by it's pretty color. Ah, I know it's something to do with rose, lol. (You have to pour the rose syrup in slowly to adjust to the sweetness you want, but I poured a tad too much and it's too sweet!!!)

The food prepared for us. All the food and drinks are specially made (for us) with some of the natural ingredients that are used in Nuxe products.

With two other bloggers; Rena & Kat! Knew them there, they were very friendly! Phewz! I thought I'll be lonely! Haha

A bag filled with love for each of us! 

Thanks to the people involved for everything! I'm honored to be there!!! :)

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