Thursday, December 12, 2013

Photoshoot with Yikeshu!


Collected my photos two days ago! Woohoo! I've been anticipating it!!! Do you? *grinz*

Everyone should know that I was very stressed over the photoshoot, worried about everything under the sun. Like, I'm fat, I don't know how to pose, my makeup will fail (ya, I did the makeup myself), clothings not suitable & etc. But everything went on smoothly, I'm thankful! :)

That day, my legs and mouth literally cramped after 2 hours plus of shoot! I was so tired! But totally no regrets at all cos all the photos turned out really nice! I cannot decide which is my favorite cos I love more than 100 out of the 150 photos I took back (and most of them are non-edited!). There's only one word to describe everything, AMAZING! 

And I owed it to one person; the photographer!!! Throughout the shoot, he tried to make me less tense, taught me how to pose and everything. OMG, he's so pro that I looked quite slim in most of the photos, not by photoshop but by the angles he captured. He can really catch good angles. PROFESSIONAL 就是 PROFESSIONAL. All the credits go to him!!!

Okok, I know you all don't wanna read my craps anymore. So, photos now!!! But I'm not gonna post all here lah! Will randomly pick a few...

This leather jacket is soooooooooooooo warm, felt so uncomfy in it!!! 

How how?? Not bad right! 

I'm quite pleased with my own makeup lah, except that one side of my falsie goes abit hay-wire in some photos, don't know why. Didn't touch up my makeup at all lor. (Well, I brought a luggage of stuffs there but never use!) My hair was all the way left natural, no styling at all, only blew it dry with Babyliss. Pretty nails by Pink Nail Studio, still in superb condition now, after 3 weeks plus!!! :)

Look for them if you need any photoshoot services, I assure you won't regret it!!! 

I'm looking forward to the next shoot with them! ^.^


  1. the photos very nice leh!!

  2. All are nice except first pic. Like u a bit stiff n shy~ thumbs up for all

    1. Ya that was the first few shots taken when I haven warm up... Hahaha but I quite like it though! My friend said "si lang bin", lolol!


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