Monday, December 16, 2013

The season of giving!

Ahhh, I love December the most, even though it's the month of more holes in the pocket, lol. I love preparing & giving presents. Well, my presents are not super expensive kind, but I spent a lot of time and effort to think and search for the most suitable gift for everyone.

My long awaited loots from Japan arrived last Friday! Did the final wrappings today and delivered out some presents already! Woohoo 

Every year, I've that standard list of people to buy presents for. This year more cos I reunited with old friends and gotta some new friends! 

Met up with Michelle earlier for a gift exchange dinner! I actually ordered a small gift for her from Japan but she insisted a gift x'change so I went to search for another one for her! 

No photo with her cos we were TOO busy talking away. Talk talk talk talk until Raeann got damn bored, HAHAHAHA! We have too much to talk about, like how we did 10+ years before!!! 

So I received my 2nd X'mas gift this year! (First was from ZY, the watch which I FORCED him to buy, lolol!) Also thank her for getting chocolate & gummies sweet for my kids. Can't wait for the next meetup with her without the kids!

And this whole week, I'll be distributing all the presents!!! Hopefully before X'mas, I can give out all of them! You see, it's no problem buying gifts at all, the problem is, when do I have time to meet everyone!!! 

Bringing both kids out to meet friends is a slow torture to myself. Cos one is very troublesome (want to go toilet lah, this and that) and the other one is too active (cannot sit still one), and I'll be too busy running up and down than to sit down to have a nice chat with my friends! 

Okay lah, need to bathe now then make milk for that old baby liao! Bye! 


  1. Can i hv a christmas present too! Kekeke
    I love xmas, i love to give presents!

    1. Can. I'm planning a giveaway soon.. Or u wanna date me? Kekekeke

  2. Hahaha.. date u ah.. i shy... i shy to date pretty mummy *blush*


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