Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Hello, anyone miss me? Hahaha! Okay, I'm back from my laziness, abit busy also lah! 

She's so funny, she wanted to wear this dress and after putting it on for her, she said "I sexy girl", lol.

Anyway, I was on urgent leave yesterday to look after the two kiddos, my aunt needs to go for her checkup! So, after putting Raeann to student care at around 2pm, I brought Meimei to Yikeshu studio to collect my photos! (I posted some on joanne-says FB page last evening!) Will blog about it soon!!!

Then after that, we made a trip to Westgate to see see look look!

I was so lucky to get a parking lot so near to the entrance within one minute!

I think the last time I stepped in this control station was more than 10 years ago. The memory is still so vivid on my mind as in the past, me and my friends will always "meet at JE control station". We only had pager & house phone to contact each other, lol. (Anyone still remember those pager codes? 512, 532, lolol!)

So, Westgate is kinda boring (now) in my opinion as many shops are not open yet. Plus, half of the areas are non-air conditioned. Weather was hot and I was sweating profusely. Sent my Pandora for polishing and while waiting, we hopped over to J.E.M to steal their aircon, hahah! 

I posted a video on FB page via Instagram but I don't know how to embed it here. Sexy girl is so cute! LOL

Shopping for X'mas gifts! 

Part I, still waiting for another batch to be air flown from Japan. And I still haven buy gift for Meimei (as Santa) and the babies, don't know what to buy leh?!

Sexy girl going for staycation with aunt and will only be back on Friday, so tonight have to bring Tomboy out for dinner to prevent her from grumbling (as she needs to go student care), she is damn loh-soh one!!!

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