Tuesday, January 28, 2014

[3rd] Classic Black & White


You won't believe what time Esther & co. completed doing my nails yesterday!!!


Yes, right, past midnight! Not sure about other nail salons lah, but Pink Nail Studio is the ONLY nail salon that I've seen before that operates past midnight during festive seasons in order not to disappoint customers with their already jam packed appointments.

Very thankful to Esther for squeezing me and ML into her very tight schedule, at last minute (considered so cos everyone booked their appointment damn early), becos we wanna go together. I thought we were the only crazy ones who booked the appointment at 10:30pm. But NO, the whole shop was so packed until 1:30am! Esther + her 2 other staffs were so busy, attending one after another customers, till they have no time to eat at all. And this has been going on for the past 1 week or so! OMG, I CANNOT IMAGINE!!! Poor young ladies, need to replenish more over the CNY!!!

New colors again!! They have new colors, stickers & accessories every week! VERY UPDATED ONE!

As usual, I choose my toes color and leave my hands design to Esther. Eh no, this color is different from the first time I did. This has glitter!!! Plenty of choices, very headache one, becos ALL are damn nice. ML said she can understand my headache now, lol. 

And now, my hands... 

Esther planned to do this for me at first! 

Then later on, she decided on another becos she's crazy over Effiel Tower right now!!! LOL

Despite already feeling so sleepy, Esther still insist to do all these blings blings for me! *sobz, so touched!* I kept telling her it's okay, do simple ones so she can go home earlier. But she insisted and kept telling me, "NO PROBLEM". Everytime, she will tell me "no problem" and it makes me feel really paiseh for always troubling her! 

She asked if I'm superstitious over black and white on CNY? Hahaha NO, in fact, BLACK IS MY LUCKY COLOR THIS YEAR!!! :) 

And today, when my mum saw my nails, she said, "aiyo, do until so nice, how are you going to do chores??" NO PROBLEM!!! Becos the accessories are sealed so well, tight and even, my hair won't even get hooked by it. I guess the only problem I have is, difficulty to open can drinks nia. But it's okay, I can ask people to help me! =P

Anyway, those who are interested to visit Pink Nail Studio to prettify your nails, kindly give Esther a call to book your appointment first, not sure if she's still able to slot you in now though. Otherwise, you can go after CNY, I bet you will  Esther's swift and fast action, like me!!! :)

Blk 492 Jurong West St. 42
#01-32 Singapore 640492
 : 9227 7000 (Esther)

Edited : 29th January 2014; 5:17pm

Just saw this on FB and realised that, WHITE IS ALSO MY LUCKY COLOR!!! (I think I posted something similar on my FB page before, but didn't really remember the colors!) Woohoo! Shiok lah!! I'm gonna HUAT liao! =D Happy CNY to everyone here! Hope we will all HUAT during the Horse year. Good luck to all the gamblers out there! Win more ah! =P

Saturday, January 25, 2014

D.I.Y straps!

Jialat! I think I layered my hair too much, so much so when I didn't blow dry it, I'll look like LION QUEEN. Ji-ba-bomb lidat! How ah? Haha (Just went to my bro's room to borrow his straightener, chin chai kiap kiap a few times, at least it's nicer now, no more lion queen liao, lol!)

Oh btw, hi all, how are you spending your Saturday??? 

I don't usually blog during weekends IF I'm at home, nothing to blog about mah... But today, I did something (I wanna share so that you can do it too if you're facing the same problem as me) and I'm so proud of myself, lolol! 

Okay, remember this pair of black flats I bought for the kids last week? $17.90 from H&M, if you're interested to know (and blind enough not to see the price tag in the photo). 

Let me tell you my old grandmother story ah... (Read leh, don't lidat leh!)

I had a hard time searching for a similar pair of black shoes that is simple, soft, comfy and most importantly, affordable for my girls. Raeann's not difficult cos she's old enough to support shoes without strap. But for Meimei, she can't! Her shoes will keep flying out and I'll be very busy picking up her shoes when we go out! I HATE THAT! Anyone feel me? 

However, I can only blame myself for insisting to buy everything similar for them. Aiya, how much longer can I do that, right? Their age gap is quite huge leh! 

I know, I know there are shoes out there that have those detachable strap. I bought for them before, but sad to say, the strap is so lousy cos it's merely glued and it always break/drop out after 1st wear (either side). 

Anyway, no pair caught my eyes too! (Many people are selling children stuffs at exorbitant price lor! Saw a pair of brand-less slippers at $59.90 and the staffs have to keep reminding me that their whole shop is fixed price! -.-") Becos (my) kids outgrow their clothes/shoes very fast, I refrained myself from buying too expensive clothes/shoes for them.

Therefore, this pair of H&M flats is simply what I'm looking for - black, simple, soft, comfy and affordable. Furthermore, both sizes are available!!! I know I have to buy it! Just have to bear with Meimei's flying shoes nia!

But, these few days, I've been thinking how to solve this problem. And I finally came up with an idea!!! (OMG, why am I so smart?! LOLOL)


Bought this from the market @ $2.70. I used the thinner one! 

Black tread! Cos it's black shoes mah! 

And I finally did it after two hours!! Swee bo?! Sew until fingers pain lor cos it's quite hard to push in the needle! And I sewed twice on one side cos I sewed it too low for the first time, and Meimei's fat feet has difficulty wearing in.

P/S : If you're going to sew it too, remember not to sew it too low, especially if your kids have fat foot! Lol

Hahaha, I think I can go and sell shoes already... 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Becos I'm really bored...

Omg omg, there's one yandao angmoh staring at me now!!! Omg, issit due to my pink hair that makes me chio-er??? Must be lah cos I'm as good as bare face today, very light makeup with a few bumps cos I squeezed whiteheads and pimples just now, lolol!

*Faster put on my sun glass to act more chio! 

No lah, I'm just kidding, I didn't put on any sun glass lah! But I secretly peeped at him just now. Too handsome! Cute too! 

I'm now at SNEC again, accompanying my dad for another eye operation. I HOPE IT'S THE LAST AND I DON'T HAVE TO COME BACK HERE AGAIN!!!

Today's op is requested by my dad and it's not necessary (yet), never see someone who likes to do operation so much lor!

*The lady in front of me (who blocked the angmoh) just left! HA HA HA! And omg, angmoh just made an eye contact at me, I looked away cos I'm so nervous and shy! Lolol! #truestory

Ok lah, I forgive my dad for always making my life difficult cos I get to see handsome angmoh here! Maybe I'll buy him a pack of nasi lemak later cos he was complaining very hungry just now, no food allowed mah! Hahaha 

It's true that my dad loves making others' life difficult, especially ME!!! To the extend, I told my mum that I'll hide under my table when I see him walking towards my office!!! Lol

*Wow, angmoh got dimple!!! HAHAHAHA

P/S : I never forget that I'm married okay. I'm just making good use of what God has given me; my eyes!!! Heeheeheehee

Brought portable charger today so I can crap all I want!!!


I paid $16 for this set of lunch!! 

But I ended up not touching the whole plate of sandwiches cos I've no idea what is the red red thing, that taste really weird. #icanonlyblamemyselffororderingblindly! At first I thought is beef, some Indian spice beef...

Then I saw it's tomato!!! Walao, this gonna made me have phobia for tomato lor. Sorry kids, this Aunty here sounds choosy/fussy over food, please do not learn. Do not waste food!
I'm not those sort who will demand for hot food to be served, I don't mind eating cold/leftover/overnight food but I just don't eat what my taste bud rejected; food that I think is smelly.  

Aiya, wasted $12 (cos I drank the tea and ate all the fruits), my heart damn pain now. Nvm, I shall be thick skin to sit inside here while waiting for my dad, to enjoy $12 worth of aircon! But brrrrr, it's damn cold here, despite me already wearing long sleeve! 真的很冷啊...

How much longer do I have to wait??? Angmoh is leaving liao... ☹ That's it, I'm leaving too! It's going to cold die me here!!!

Edited : 4:17pm

The operation is supposed to start at 2pm, end at 3pm and we can leave by 4pm. But till now, he's still operating!!! Doc is late for 1 hour plus!!! And we were asked to come at 1pm!!! Seriously wasting my time! (No have yandao angmoh to see liao mah!)

If I know the doc will be late, I'll go back to office first and not sit here to wait, like an idiot! But then hor, SNEC doctors are always playing jokes on me! Believe it or not, if I really travel back to office first, the doc will not be late! -.-

In Singapore, health and wealth are equally important. Becos if you have no health, you will need a lot of wealth!!! And if you have no wealth, you will need to work till no health.  Now, who says money can't buy happiness?? In Singapore, money is the root to happiness. 


Urghhhh, wait until abit crazy liao!!! (Even my fonts also went crazy, hahaha!)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hot Pink Highlight @ Bliss Hair Salon

Finally fixed my tress just now! And after a long hiatus, AH LIAN IS BACK! Lol. I've been refraining myself from doing hot colors to my hair cos it's damaged already. Trimmed away a whole lot of the damaged part just now.

In fact, I walked into the salon this morning, not knowing what I wanted to do, at all. I never think, too lazy to think, simply moodless for everything. I just know that I need to do something to my hair. 

I told them that maybe I want to touch up my roots (instead of changing color cos I don't wanna sit there for too long) and do some colorful highlights. But too bad, pink is the only color there, that need not bleach. I don't wanna bleach my hair anymore, until it's "fully recovered". 

So excited that I've to snap a photo of the PINK when doing treatment (before my head gets into the steamer). If I'm not wrong, they give free treatment for 1st time customer doing chemical services. Well, I PAID FOR IT HOR (they charged me friendship price though), so this is not an ad nor a sponsored review.


♥ . .))(
♫ .(ړײ) ♫.
♥ .«▓» ♥.
♫ ..╝╚.. ♫


This is the original color under sunlight! #nofilter 

And the touch up of my roots... #nofilter 

How it looks like when I bun up my hair! A little exposed cos I had a hard time taking this photo myself, I don't have eyes behind mah!!! Chio max! LOVE IT!

Can't get enough of it!!! ♥♥♥ 

 I feel happy when I feel pretty!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Stress mah?

Omg, I've been facing insomnia lately. Either I can't get to sleep till wee hours like 4-5am, or I'll wake up at weird timing, like now! 4am! My god!

I think, I'm indirectly facing some stress leh...

☹ Raeann's studies. Becos I've been bo chup-ing, Raeann has difficulty catching up in school now. I wonder, issit the school? Or P1 syllabus? How come so difficult? 

Her spelling on Tues, 听写 on Thurs. Spelling is quite easy as there are only 5 simple words. But her 听写 is the tricky one. 10 words on HYPY, how am I supposed to teach HYPY? I don't have the tactic to teach at all. 

Informed the student care teacher about it and she did helped to teach her a few words. But becos there are 10 words, I can't possibly leave her to teach all. I've to do my part to teach her at home too. Problem is, HOW TO TEACH? 

You know, I really want to continue bo chup and just leave everything to her. But she will give me problem like refusing to go school becos she don't know how to do. She wanna get full marks, she wanna excel, so when she knows she can't, she refused to go to school. How lidat? 

☹ I'm a queen of procrastinator. I've been procrastinating to do a lot of things, but either no time or no money to do so. When I've time, I've no money. When I've money, I've no time. 

Well, I'm not one who can do what I want, at anytime. Most of the time, I've to make a lot of arrangements first, be it dating with friends, dinner, events and whatever. I've to see my mum's schedule as she's the only one helping me with the kids. But you see, I'm not my mum's only kid, she has to split herself into many parts. 

In this way, I lose out a lot, cos I can't attend events & can't do the things I want when the mood comes. Yah, everything I do, depends greatly on my mood.

Maybe things will get better when my own house is ready and I get a maid. 

☹ Kids' noise and fights made me so pekchek everyday, especially when I can't get my things done! I'm like repeating myself everyday, over the same old shit. However, nothing seems to go into the kids' head. Nothing. 

I didn't voice it out (kpkb everyday) on FB/Twitter becos I see no point doing so. Not as if after doing it, the problems will be solved. No. 

☹ Many things, I've to LL suck thumbs becos I don't wish to cause any trouble. If I'm causing trouble to myself, that I don't care. But I'll think thrice if I've to cause trouble to my mum/family.

☹ CNY is coming and I haven get anything done!!! Becos my mum is too busy! Planning to do hair on Thurs and nails next Monday though. It's super duper last min!!

☹ Getting really IRRITATED by the freaking red mole that fucking looks like a pimple on my face. (My mum still can tell me it's nice! -.-) WHY DID IT GROW BACK AGAIN? Anyone know of any permanent method to remove red mole without scarring? Let me know. 

☹ I really miss my previous skin!!! Not perfect but it's way better than now!!! I hate to see myself in the mirror now! WHAT SHOULD I DO? 

Anyway, we went for a company gathering dinner earlier... (If you've saw my IG/FB page) Some of them didn't turn up cos they are not free! 

These shall be the only pics I'm posting cos (not sure if you realised), I never like to post work related stuffs on my social media platforms anymore. It's my privacy lah. 

Not that I've anything to hide, but sometimes, there's a need to keep certain things private, especially when others are involved. I will post whatever shit about myself, my life & my kids but not others. 

P/S : No intention to become popular or famous, that's why I keep myself away from drama, I'd rather stay boring. If you like (to read) me, thank you, I really appreciate it. If not, just fuck off and click "x", nobody forces you to read. 

This is not call fake! Saying/doing what comes on your mind is not call real either. 'Considerate' is the word. 

(Becos I met a few haters before whom not only insulted me, but dragged my family in as well. I don't want innocent people to get insulted becos of me again!) 

Karma; what goes around, comes around. You reap what you sow. When karma comes, don't blame anyone but yourself. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

There can be miracle... WHEN YOU BELIEVE!!!


1) 13 years old LV key pouch.
2) 9 years old Furla wallet.

(I didn't know I had so many wallets till two days ago!!!)

Wooohooooooooo! Amazing! I'm gonna flip my whole room upside down to search for more stuffs to sell! Hahahahah! Lai lai lai, come buy from me!!! http://carousell.co/amicusjo/

Quite surprised, items that I thought nobody will want, I received many offers for it!!! People were like snatching for it lor, begging me to sell it to them at a higher price. Sorry to those I've rejected, I can only sell to one person. And it's based on first come, first served basis. Who can pay/meet first, who get the deal! :) It's not about the money, I just wanted to clear it off, I need space!!! 


Fatty Ho said he need to buy clothes, so we went shopping yesterday!!!

Kind of torture to bring them out for shopping when one refused to cooperate! Meimei was so terrible and noisy, totally spoilt my mood. But luckily, I managed to buy what I need to buy for them; SHOES. I never buy anything for myself at all. (The pair of blue sneakers is Raeann 烦 my cousin to buy for her one!) 

Can really feel the slack-ness in me. I haven do my hair, haven do my nails, haven change enough new notes, haven buy shoes, haven do alot of things!! And it's like 10-11 days away? I don't even bother to count down for it. Damn!


Oh yah, PY went back to stay at her parent's place in Jurong on Friday night, so I sneaked out for supper with her around 11+pm (Meimei was sleeping soundly liao!). Jurong is really boring, can't seems to find anywhere to chill with food and beer after 12am. Went to pick her up and just drove around and impromptu-ly thought of... 

Guess where???

Xin Wang @ West Coast Plaza.

They opened till 2am daily. Intro-ed PY to eat my favorite papaya soup noodle/bee hoon.

At around 1:15am, when we were about to leave, I received a call from Fatty Ho and MEIMEI WAS CRYING ON THE LINE. WTH, why she always wake up in the middle of the night to check if I'm around or not!!! If I'm around, she will sleep back. If I'm not, die liao. 

And this was what I saw when I reached home. Fatty Ho was wrapping himself like a mummy in blanket, zzz. He said he did what he can, bo bian already, lolol. She insisted to wait for me to be home! This is why I can't sneak out even after I put her to bed. No idea what did I owe her in my previous life!!! 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Buy and sell at Carousell!

Many things to be happy about today!

1) Friends/readers joining Carousell after I posted a shoutout on IG/FB page! I only intro good stuffs hor! (I'm lazy to explain what's Carousell again, look into my IG/FB page to find out more! My nick on Carousell is amicusjo. Come & join me!)

2) Closed 3 deals on Carousell today! Sold two & bought one! 

3) Sold off my first LV (13 yrs old liao) wallet, which I didn't use it for years! Transaction closed. Spent today meeting many people! 

4) Sold off my cupcake charm too! Little did I know that this charm is actually quite popular as I received more than 5 offers for it! 

5) And the happiest... I BOUGHT TWO BEAUTIES!!!

So pretty I can die! Love it so much! Made ZY paid for one cos it's 2014 Valentine's series, he should buy it for me! HAHAHAHA

Really love Carousell so much till I stalk this app more than 10 times a day NOW! The idea of selling my unused stuffs so that I can buy new stuffs is just too perfect, for me! As I'm sharing my small room with another 3 more people, there is so limited space for myself! Everytime I wanna buy something, I need to clear a space for it!

And somehow or rather, I got addicted in selling there now! I went to dig and dig out my unused stuffs to take photos and post today! Haha 

So fun, too fun, very fun!!! Hope I can sell off all my stuffs! Come and buy from me leh!!!! 

Friday, January 17, 2014

The Yearly Affair :: Feng Shui Inn

Suffered from serious insomnia last night! I was tossing around all the way till 5+am!!! I even blogged a post but didn't managed to complete so I didn't publish! Then Meimei woke me up at 6:40am! *cry* All the way awake till now. ZzzZzz

I don't know how I managed to drive all the way to RWS and back cos I'M SO SLEEPY!!! Had a lunch appointment with Vic Vic, before she leaves SG tonight! Been almost a year since I last saw her!

Probably my favorite dim sum restaurant! :)



I have no idea how 4 ladies managed to eat so much!!!

And hor, I realised, whenever I post a food picture, it will receive more "likes" than me (and my frens') face! WHY HUH?! 小龙包 looks prettier than us mah? :(

Btw, ONLY the dim sums in this restaurant is affordable, just realised that all their ala-cart dishes are quite expensive! Not sure if their ala-cart dishes are worthy of the hefty price not, never try before, can't bear to eat! LOL

Seriously need to brush up my photo-editing skills. Those that look nicer are edited by Vic. Those ugly ones are either non-edited or anyhow edited by me, lolol. Actually, I'm lazy lah, that's why most of the time I don't even bother to edit. And I don't wanna turn people's faces into some aliens ahhhh!!! =X

Alamak, Vic is sooooo skinny lor. How I wish I can donate some meat and fats to her!!! See my fatty arms!!! #ifonlyfatscanbelelongedaway #takeaway5kgplease

Pretty, see you again soon, safe flight & bon voyage! Take care! ^.^

Thursday, January 16, 2014

"I'm just doing my job!"

Yesterday, after I picked Raeann up from school, inside the car I asked her, "actually, what's the job of chairman huh?"

Raeann : "Erm, when teacher is not around, I need to keep the class quiet and disciplined. If they make noise, I'll give them warning first. If they don't listen, I'll tell them to spell their names to me and I'll write down on a piece of paper and pass to teacher."

(I LOL about the part where they have to spell their own names!)

Me : "Huh... Lidat people won't hate you meh?"

Raeann : "I don't care, I'M JUST DOING MY JOB!"

WOW! I didn't know my daughter has so much leadership spirit, lol. Moreover, she's so petite, those sort whom people like to bully. 

Sigh, it's the time of the year again, getting busy with all those stupid routines. Changing new notes, buying new stuffs, packing the house, blah blah blah, SO IRRITATING. But cannot don't do!

People said, "give old notes lah, why must change new notes?" Yah yah, where the hell can I find so many $2 or $10 notes at one shot?! 

Btw, just a tip to those who need to change new notes. DON'T BOTHER GOING TO O*BC/D*S/P*SB BANKS TO CHANGE YOUR NEW NOTES. Becos they have limit, and usually their new notes run out by noon (means you have to go and queue early). 

CHANGE IT AT MAYBANK INSTEAD. They have no limit and you don't have to queue so long. Went there to pay my dad's car instalment yesterday and changed all the cash inside my wallet to new notes. As long as you have $, they can change for you, any amount!) They also have those pre-pack at $500 ($300 of $10 & $200 of $2)! 

And OMG, Maybank red packets is da bomb! The design looks normal but it's thick & the texture feels like velvet!!! Like those very expensive and classy red packets! Need to go and take more liao! #sibeiaunty HA HA HA! 

I'm going again later! :) DON'T SAY I NEVER SHARE HUH!!!

Edited : 3:02pm

End up didn't go Maybank cos I just came back from Raeann's school and dropped Raeann at aunt's place, she's not feeling well. Maybe too stress from the chairman role, lololol. 

Today, I went in/out the office many many times, went to so many places, all around Jurong & Batok area though, lol!

((I'm in sudden depressed mode today, I don't know why.))

Let's talk about some happy things to brighten up my mood...


Went to touch up my brows on 9th January, by BQ. (IMHO, she's better than her sister, WQ the lady boss! Even my mum think so cos I brought her to do it too!)

It has more or less fixed in this shape and color liao, NATURAL RIGHT???

I kept telling her that I want it thicker, cos my previous brows look very thin on photos. But I don't want too thick like Crayon Shinchan, thick enough for my face will do. No idea if you all get what I mean anot! (Wait wait, I try to google a picture to show you all now!)

LOL, I found this!!! Sorry, MY BAD, I cannot stop laughing!

Can't find an appropriate photo to show you all lah! I mean, thick brows are nice, I like it too and I envy people whom have natural thick brows! But if you deliberately draw it too thick for your face, it looks very weird, just like the photo above, lol! 

Now that I need not draw my eyebrows & skipped my eye shadow, my daily makeup took less than 5 mins becos I'm so rushing for time every morning.

I'm very sad lor! My face is in a very bad state now! Pimples popping every now and then, leaving scars and blemishes, after I started "taking care" of it! I think my face cannot take too many products and cannot be too "clean". No doubt it does look brighter now, but I really hate seeing "things" on my face!!! HELP!!!

If it's you, what will you choose? Dull and pimple-less face? Or bright and a few pimples face? Can I have the best of both world? Bright and pimple-less face??? Please??? I think I need a skincare consultant!!!