Tuesday, January 28, 2014

[3rd] Classic Black & White


You won't believe what time Esther & co. completed doing my nails yesterday!!!


Yes, right, past midnight! Not sure about other nail salons lah, but Pink Nail Studio is the ONLY nail salon that I've seen before that operates past midnight during festive seasons in order not to disappoint customers with their already jam packed appointments.

Very thankful to Esther for squeezing me and ML into her very tight schedule, at last minute (considered so cos everyone booked their appointment damn early), becos we wanna go together. I thought we were the only crazy ones who booked the appointment at 10:30pm. But NO, the whole shop was so packed until 1:30am! Esther + her 2 other staffs were so busy, attending one after another customers, till they have no time to eat at all. And this has been going on for the past 1 week or so! OMG, I CANNOT IMAGINE!!! Poor young ladies, need to replenish more over the CNY!!!

New colors again!! They have new colors, stickers & accessories every week! VERY UPDATED ONE!

As usual, I choose my toes color and leave my hands design to Esther. Eh no, this color is different from the first time I did. This has glitter!!! Plenty of choices, very headache one, becos ALL are damn nice. ML said she can understand my headache now, lol. 

And now, my hands... 

Esther planned to do this for me at first! 

Then later on, she decided on another becos she's crazy over Effiel Tower right now!!! LOL

Despite already feeling so sleepy, Esther still insist to do all these blings blings for me! *sobz, so touched!* I kept telling her it's okay, do simple ones so she can go home earlier. But she insisted and kept telling me, "NO PROBLEM". Everytime, she will tell me "no problem" and it makes me feel really paiseh for always troubling her! 

She asked if I'm superstitious over black and white on CNY? Hahaha NO, in fact, BLACK IS MY LUCKY COLOR THIS YEAR!!! :) 

And today, when my mum saw my nails, she said, "aiyo, do until so nice, how are you going to do chores??" NO PROBLEM!!! Becos the accessories are sealed so well, tight and even, my hair won't even get hooked by it. I guess the only problem I have is, difficulty to open can drinks nia. But it's okay, I can ask people to help me! =P

Anyway, those who are interested to visit Pink Nail Studio to prettify your nails, kindly give Esther a call to book your appointment first, not sure if she's still able to slot you in now though. Otherwise, you can go after CNY, I bet you will  Esther's swift and fast action, like me!!! :)

Blk 492 Jurong West St. 42
#01-32 Singapore 640492
 : 9227 7000 (Esther)

Edited : 29th January 2014; 5:17pm

Just saw this on FB and realised that, WHITE IS ALSO MY LUCKY COLOR!!! (I think I posted something similar on my FB page before, but didn't really remember the colors!) Woohoo! Shiok lah!! I'm gonna HUAT liao! =D Happy CNY to everyone here! Hope we will all HUAT during the Horse year. Good luck to all the gamblers out there! Win more ah! =P

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