Friday, January 24, 2014

Becos I'm really bored...

Omg omg, there's one yandao angmoh staring at me now!!! Omg, issit due to my pink hair that makes me chio-er??? Must be lah cos I'm as good as bare face today, very light makeup with a few bumps cos I squeezed whiteheads and pimples just now, lolol!

*Faster put on my sun glass to act more chio! 

No lah, I'm just kidding, I didn't put on any sun glass lah! But I secretly peeped at him just now. Too handsome! Cute too! 

I'm now at SNEC again, accompanying my dad for another eye operation. I HOPE IT'S THE LAST AND I DON'T HAVE TO COME BACK HERE AGAIN!!!

Today's op is requested by my dad and it's not necessary (yet), never see someone who likes to do operation so much lor!

*The lady in front of me (who blocked the angmoh) just left! HA HA HA! And omg, angmoh just made an eye contact at me, I looked away cos I'm so nervous and shy! Lolol! #truestory

Ok lah, I forgive my dad for always making my life difficult cos I get to see handsome angmoh here! Maybe I'll buy him a pack of nasi lemak later cos he was complaining very hungry just now, no food allowed mah! Hahaha 

It's true that my dad loves making others' life difficult, especially ME!!! To the extend, I told my mum that I'll hide under my table when I see him walking towards my office!!! Lol

*Wow, angmoh got dimple!!! HAHAHAHA

P/S : I never forget that I'm married okay. I'm just making good use of what God has given me; my eyes!!! Heeheeheehee

Brought portable charger today so I can crap all I want!!!


I paid $16 for this set of lunch!! 

But I ended up not touching the whole plate of sandwiches cos I've no idea what is the red red thing, that taste really weird. #icanonlyblamemyselffororderingblindly! At first I thought is beef, some Indian spice beef...

Then I saw it's tomato!!! Walao, this gonna made me have phobia for tomato lor. Sorry kids, this Aunty here sounds choosy/fussy over food, please do not learn. Do not waste food!
I'm not those sort who will demand for hot food to be served, I don't mind eating cold/leftover/overnight food but I just don't eat what my taste bud rejected; food that I think is smelly.  

Aiya, wasted $12 (cos I drank the tea and ate all the fruits), my heart damn pain now. Nvm, I shall be thick skin to sit inside here while waiting for my dad, to enjoy $12 worth of aircon! But brrrrr, it's damn cold here, despite me already wearing long sleeve! 真的很冷啊...

How much longer do I have to wait??? Angmoh is leaving liao... ☹ That's it, I'm leaving too! It's going to cold die me here!!!

Edited : 4:17pm

The operation is supposed to start at 2pm, end at 3pm and we can leave by 4pm. But till now, he's still operating!!! Doc is late for 1 hour plus!!! And we were asked to come at 1pm!!! Seriously wasting my time! (No have yandao angmoh to see liao mah!)

If I know the doc will be late, I'll go back to office first and not sit here to wait, like an idiot! But then hor, SNEC doctors are always playing jokes on me! Believe it or not, if I really travel back to office first, the doc will not be late! -.-

In Singapore, health and wealth are equally important. Becos if you have no health, you will need a lot of wealth!!! And if you have no wealth, you will need to work till no health.  Now, who says money can't buy happiness?? In Singapore, money is the root to happiness. 


Urghhhh, wait until abit crazy liao!!! (Even my fonts also went crazy, hahaha!)

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