Saturday, January 18, 2014

Buy and sell at Carousell!

Many things to be happy about today!

1) Friends/readers joining Carousell after I posted a shoutout on IG/FB page! I only intro good stuffs hor! (I'm lazy to explain what's Carousell again, look into my IG/FB page to find out more! My nick on Carousell is amicusjo. Come & join me!)

2) Closed 3 deals on Carousell today! Sold two & bought one! 

3) Sold off my first LV (13 yrs old liao) wallet, which I didn't use it for years! Transaction closed. Spent today meeting many people! 

4) Sold off my cupcake charm too! Little did I know that this charm is actually quite popular as I received more than 5 offers for it! 

5) And the happiest... I BOUGHT TWO BEAUTIES!!!

So pretty I can die! Love it so much! Made ZY paid for one cos it's 2014 Valentine's series, he should buy it for me! HAHAHAHA

Really love Carousell so much till I stalk this app more than 10 times a day NOW! The idea of selling my unused stuffs so that I can buy new stuffs is just too perfect, for me! As I'm sharing my small room with another 3 more people, there is so limited space for myself! Everytime I wanna buy something, I need to clear a space for it!

And somehow or rather, I got addicted in selling there now! I went to dig and dig out my unused stuffs to take photos and post today! Haha 

So fun, too fun, very fun!!! Hope I can sell off all my stuffs! Come and buy from me leh!!!! 

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