Tuesday, January 7, 2014

CNY Giveaway

Hey peeps, I'VE JUST RECEIVED THE PARCEL!!! May I present you the long awaited...

8000mAh Hello Kitty Portable Charger!!! Please note that the velvet pouch & cable holder that come along this time is in RED. I've checked & tested it (using my own cable) already, working perfectly fine. (Find out more about this charger pack here!)

IMPORTANT (8th January 14, 11:06pm) : Alright people, I've no idea why, suddenly ALL the iPhones at home rejected non-original iPhone cables. It was still fine yesterday. Today I tried my own charger, all rejected. But the cable still works well on Samsung/Xperia leh! Stupid iPhones!!! So ah, if it can't work on your iPhone, it's not the charger or cable's fault. Use the original cable on the charger for your iPhone! 

In order to win this, kindly check out my FB page for more details anytime from now! (I'll post the details as and when I feel like it!) But first, you need to "like" the page lah! Thank you very much for all the supports! Check it out yo! :) 


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