Saturday, January 25, 2014

D.I.Y straps!

Jialat! I think I layered my hair too much, so much so when I didn't blow dry it, I'll look like LION QUEEN. Ji-ba-bomb lidat! How ah? Haha (Just went to my bro's room to borrow his straightener, chin chai kiap kiap a few times, at least it's nicer now, no more lion queen liao, lol!)

Oh btw, hi all, how are you spending your Saturday??? 

I don't usually blog during weekends IF I'm at home, nothing to blog about mah... But today, I did something (I wanna share so that you can do it too if you're facing the same problem as me) and I'm so proud of myself, lolol! 

Okay, remember this pair of black flats I bought for the kids last week? $17.90 from H&M, if you're interested to know (and blind enough not to see the price tag in the photo). 

Let me tell you my old grandmother story ah... (Read leh, don't lidat leh!)

I had a hard time searching for a similar pair of black shoes that is simple, soft, comfy and most importantly, affordable for my girls. Raeann's not difficult cos she's old enough to support shoes without strap. But for Meimei, she can't! Her shoes will keep flying out and I'll be very busy picking up her shoes when we go out! I HATE THAT! Anyone feel me? 

However, I can only blame myself for insisting to buy everything similar for them. Aiya, how much longer can I do that, right? Their age gap is quite huge leh! 

I know, I know there are shoes out there that have those detachable strap. I bought for them before, but sad to say, the strap is so lousy cos it's merely glued and it always break/drop out after 1st wear (either side). 

Anyway, no pair caught my eyes too! (Many people are selling children stuffs at exorbitant price lor! Saw a pair of brand-less slippers at $59.90 and the staffs have to keep reminding me that their whole shop is fixed price! -.-") Becos (my) kids outgrow their clothes/shoes very fast, I refrained myself from buying too expensive clothes/shoes for them.

Therefore, this pair of H&M flats is simply what I'm looking for - black, simple, soft, comfy and affordable. Furthermore, both sizes are available!!! I know I have to buy it! Just have to bear with Meimei's flying shoes nia!

But, these few days, I've been thinking how to solve this problem. And I finally came up with an idea!!! (OMG, why am I so smart?! LOLOL)


Bought this from the market @ $2.70. I used the thinner one! 

Black tread! Cos it's black shoes mah! 

And I finally did it after two hours!! Swee bo?! Sew until fingers pain lor cos it's quite hard to push in the needle! And I sewed twice on one side cos I sewed it too low for the first time, and Meimei's fat feet has difficulty wearing in.

P/S : If you're going to sew it too, remember not to sew it too low, especially if your kids have fat foot! Lol

Hahaha, I think I can go and sell shoes already... 


  1. Joanne, daiso sell those shoes band with nice design too but i m not sure got kids size.

    1. Ya, when I was sewing, my sil came back and tell me Daiso got sell! Haha

  2. haha is ok lah. made with mummy love so the shoes wont bite!


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