Sunday, January 12, 2014

Exploring City Plaza

YIPPIE! I managed to squeeze into my size 25 Levi's!!! *happy till can fly* But I can hardly breathe well in it lah. 呼吸困难! But, I WORE IT OUT, tight die me for that few hours!

Had no intention to go out one, as I was busy packing & cleaning my room! I think I deserved an award or something cos I threw away tons of rubbish (mostly are karung guni daughter Raeann's) & washed the whole toilet!!! (Now my toilet is so clean and neat, I feel so good!)

Masking halfway when ZY suddenly called, asked me to go City Plaza! And I said, "if my mum go, I go" cos my mum was also packing and I thought she will say "no" to him! I realised that she seldom reject ZY though. 

On a side note, this mask is not bad! :) I forgot who gave this to me!!! Where can I buy this brand huh??? Need to stock up some masks even though I seldom use it, too lazy! (Okay, I found out it's from Black Box! Tested good then buy, what a nice concept!!! You won't waste money!) 

Anyway, I kinda lost the interest to shop outside now, too much online shopping liao! So, I didn't managed to buy anything, except food! (Btw, I've sudden liking for carousel now, feel like buying one musical carousel!)

Main motive to go there! BUT, it's ultra disappointing now. Not nice leh! Standard drop big time! :( 

Oh, do visit this shop "Princess" #02-84 if you're there! My mum bought 3 tops there! :) Forgot to take photo of that shop!!!

Tabao-ed these home! EAT AGAIN. This is better than KFC, IMHO! More expensive too! =X  

I think my weight kinda stuck at 50kgs now, no matter how much or less I eat! Please let me go back to 48 leh!! Thank you!!! 

一年比一年跟讨厌过年!!! So many things to do and buy!!! But not enough time and mood!!! 天啊! Can have CNY once every 2-3 years anot??? I think, it's really not becos of the angbaos we have to give, but becos of the stuffs we have to do and buy, just for CNY, is plain troublesome. 


  1. Hi joanne
    I see the mask selling at this website..
    I once saw it at Watson but don't know they still has it or not if not can purchase from the website.. *^▁^*

  2. I like the mask as well... and usually buy from Remember to key in this code "blackboxbeauty" for the special price till 31st Jan.

    1. Yaya! They collaborated with Black Box now! Thanks for the code, then I need not search the paper for the code! Haha


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