Thursday, January 2, 2014

First day of school in 2014!

Tried to explain and talk nicely to her over the last 2 days, and even though she kept saying that she's scare, she told me "I'll not cry today cos I promised to" this morning. But end up, still cry, lol. I'm very sure that she's not scare of no friends cos she already has (old) friend whom is also her partner + her cousin same class with her. What she's scare of, is the homework and study, she's scare that she cannot catch up, she's worried to make mistakes. 

Aiya, she's just lazy lah. She only want to play and watch TV. So now, she has lesser play and TV time, she got stressed up, lol. I REALLY HOPE SHE CAN GET OVER THE "FEAR" SOON. 

So, I put her in to her student care before 8:30am, but she was there hugging my legs, refusing to let me go. Dily dali till around 8:49am & I had to fly to aunt's place to get Meimei's school stuffs then fly to Meimei's school. 

She's totally opposite from her sister, super happy. Plain joy bringing her to school cos when I see her so cheerful and happy, my mood literally brightens up too. She forgotten my existence and just chiong in. Not many people turned up today, my uncle said only 3? LOL

Happy schooling to all the children out there! =D

Edited : 8:13pm

Unknowingly behaved like a kiasu parents waiting for kid's dismissal. Truth is, I've no idea what time they dismiss. The student care told me 6:20pm. By 6:15pm, there were already crowds. By 6:20pm, the car park already jam like shit! The dismissal time is after 6:25pm. All the 48 消 parents! I seriously thought of putting her for one way school bus but my house is so far away and she will reach home after 7pm. Sigh

Reached home, made this quick fix for her cos she requested! She was complaining mad hungry when she got into the car! 

Now, she said that school is damn fun & she loves school. Hope she's not 三分钟热度 please! 

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