Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Good news???

Last evening, when Raeann came home from school, she said "mummy, I've something important to tell you, very happy one".

"Teacher made me the Chairman!!!"

I was secretly thinking to myself at that moment, "OMG, why you so kpo??".

Correct me if I'm wrong, usually Chairman/monitor/monitress are being hated and boycotted by the whole class one, right? Becos they're so kpo, bao-to-kia & like what people say, they do anything to 'por' the teacher.

Well, it didn't happen during my Primary school days lah, but it did happened during my Sec school days. And you know, kids mature really fast nowadays!!!

But Raeann don't think this way lah, she's so proud to be the chairman lor. I asked her why teacher choose her, she said...

"Teacher said I am very obedient, always listen to her and help her and have no problem".

I have to thank the teacher for liking and trusting her. It's good to know that she's obedient in school.

In order not to discourage her further (becos everyone at home told her it's no big deal to be a chairman, which is true, and she got so discouraged), I told her...

"Mummy is proud of you, darling, but if you wanna be chairman, you have to bear in mind not to bother what others say/do, cannot cry or throw temper huh! Just do what you're supposed to do, don't bother about others!"

Happy to see her lovin' school now! =D

But today, IT'S MEIMEI'S TURN. OMFG, out of sudden, she wants me to go into the class with her and cried when I left. What is wrong huh? She was very good and well all along!!! One okay, another one go crazy!!! Issit JINX??? Cos I always say that she's obedient, blah blah, so she becomes lidat???

Guan yin ma po pi ah, please give me peaceful mornings!!! Kam xia!!!

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