Thursday, January 16, 2014

"I'm just doing my job!"

Yesterday, after I picked Raeann up from school, inside the car I asked her, "actually, what's the job of chairman huh?"

Raeann : "Erm, when teacher is not around, I need to keep the class quiet and disciplined. If they make noise, I'll give them warning first. If they don't listen, I'll tell them to spell their names to me and I'll write down on a piece of paper and pass to teacher."

(I LOL about the part where they have to spell their own names!)

Me : "Huh... Lidat people won't hate you meh?"

Raeann : "I don't care, I'M JUST DOING MY JOB!"

WOW! I didn't know my daughter has so much leadership spirit, lol. Moreover, she's so petite, those sort whom people like to bully. 

Sigh, it's the time of the year again, getting busy with all those stupid routines. Changing new notes, buying new stuffs, packing the house, blah blah blah, SO IRRITATING. But cannot don't do!

People said, "give old notes lah, why must change new notes?" Yah yah, where the hell can I find so many $2 or $10 notes at one shot?! 

Btw, just a tip to those who need to change new notes. DON'T BOTHER GOING TO O*BC/D*S/P*SB BANKS TO CHANGE YOUR NEW NOTES. Becos they have limit, and usually their new notes run out by noon (means you have to go and queue early). 

CHANGE IT AT MAYBANK INSTEAD. They have no limit and you don't have to queue so long. Went there to pay my dad's car instalment yesterday and changed all the cash inside my wallet to new notes. As long as you have $, they can change for you, any amount!) They also have those pre-pack at $500 ($300 of $10 & $200 of $2)! 

And OMG, Maybank red packets is da bomb! The design looks normal but it's thick & the texture feels like velvet!!! Like those very expensive and classy red packets! Need to go and take more liao! #sibeiaunty HA HA HA! 

I'm going again later! :) DON'T SAY I NEVER SHARE HUH!!!

Edited : 3:02pm

End up didn't go Maybank cos I just came back from Raeann's school and dropped Raeann at aunt's place, she's not feeling well. Maybe too stress from the chairman role, lololol. 

Today, I went in/out the office many many times, went to so many places, all around Jurong & Batok area though, lol!

((I'm in sudden depressed mode today, I don't know why.))

Let's talk about some happy things to brighten up my mood...


Went to touch up my brows on 9th January, by BQ. (IMHO, she's better than her sister, WQ the lady boss! Even my mum think so cos I brought her to do it too!)

It has more or less fixed in this shape and color liao, NATURAL RIGHT???

I kept telling her that I want it thicker, cos my previous brows look very thin on photos. But I don't want too thick like Crayon Shinchan, thick enough for my face will do. No idea if you all get what I mean anot! (Wait wait, I try to google a picture to show you all now!)

LOL, I found this!!! Sorry, MY BAD, I cannot stop laughing!

Can't find an appropriate photo to show you all lah! I mean, thick brows are nice, I like it too and I envy people whom have natural thick brows! But if you deliberately draw it too thick for your face, it looks very weird, just like the photo above, lol! 

Now that I need not draw my eyebrows & skipped my eye shadow, my daily makeup took less than 5 mins becos I'm so rushing for time every morning.

I'm very sad lor! My face is in a very bad state now! Pimples popping every now and then, leaving scars and blemishes, after I started "taking care" of it! I think my face cannot take too many products and cannot be too "clean". No doubt it does look brighter now, but I really hate seeing "things" on my face!!! HELP!!!

If it's you, what will you choose? Dull and pimple-less face? Or bright and a few pimples face? Can I have the best of both world? Bright and pimple-less face??? Please??? I think I need a skincare consultant!!! 


  1. if got pimples pop out, try using MOPIKO. use before u go to sleep, the pimple will "cool" down and leave no scars. it works magic.

    1. I tried it before, but sadly, it doesn't works on me leh!!!

  2. Hi babe, i used to have pimples face too, my colleague recommend me a clinic at greenridge after i use their product all pimples gone.

    1. Really?? Can gimme the address??? But my pimple is not constant type.. Just like suddenly suddenly pop 1-2..

  3. 524A, Greenridge Shopping Centre, #02-01/02, Jelapang Road, Singapore 671524.
    If you are going do make appointment. Tel: 68926681


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