Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Oh, it's 2014 already ah?

Meimei FINALLY knows how to say she wanna pee and requested us to open the toilet door for her to pee!

Well, she has been asking not to wear pamper lately but end up always pee on her pant. She's 2 years 3 months old now btw. 

Jiayou my little girl, you can do it one! 

Oh hello everyone! How's your NYE? Mine was great even though I got drunk and slept through 2014 and missed the countdown, hahahah! 

I think there was a fireworks? I heard ZY exclaiming leh but I was already 3/4 zzz zzz, lol! 

Brought this girl to meet Leann for late lunch at Miam Miam Westgate before meeting Jing at JEM to buy the BBQ food! 

My POV : The food is good but service is quite bad, maybe due to lack of manpower. We were seated at a place where they will walk past us every 1 minute. However, we're machiam transparent, like they can't see us! 


More than 30 mins wait! :( 

Then, they missed out 2 of our orders, luckily I took a look at the order chit as the food took really long time to come. But the food that didn't missed out took a even longer time to come!!! 

Jing arrived about 4pm, shopping time!!! 

Bought $140+ worth of good food for 6 adults & 2 kids, my bro also went to buy 40 pcs satay.

We decided to BBQ becos I've been craving for this!!! So I bought the ingredients to make myself. Also, we didn't BBQ for a long time, always steamboat till abit sian liao! 

Need to "hide" this girl inside the room while my bro's getting the fire started. She's damn di siao one! 

Spicy but yummy!!! *slurp*

My two bosses waiting for food!

Brilliant SIL thought of using lemon grass as the applicator! She's a food pro cos she has been in F&B industry for a long time! 

Super good idea lor! Better than those plastic brush which gets burnt, no good for health also! 

Woo, fierce fire! 

Until my garlic bread got so chao ta! Haha

Best companion of the night. Drank and drank and got "ma bo", lolol! 


Woke up in 2014 with a stiff neck, omg! I need another (good) sleep to cure it, lol! 

First selfie of the brand new year! Just like many people, one of my resolution (again) is to SLIM DOWN & TONE UP MY BODY. Lol! I can do it, I will do it! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 


  1. Happy New Year! The bbq looks fun! I also wan bbq!


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