Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Okay, but there's still room for improvement!

Made a pact with Raeann last night - that she will not cry anymore when I send her to student care otherwise I'll ask her father to do the job!

Actually, I made ZY promised that we will take turn to send her every week cos it's too early and I've to rush and rush! But Raeann whined, said she only want me to send her there! 

ZY is damn lucky, cos the kids never want him to do anything. Everything, they only want me to do for them! WHY!!!! (And he always give the reason "they don't want me".) 

I love-hate this job, but I've no choice. I can't bring myself to ignore my kids, like him!! 

Well, Raeann still cry when I sent her to student care for the past few mornings. She's perfectly fine when her student care teacher send her to school! I didn't send her to Rulang, cos I know she will cry a bucket again. She just want me to accompany her in whatever she do! 

I told her yesterday morning, "actually, why do you want to waste your tears & energy to cry? Cos you know mummy will still put u there even if you cry, so you cry for what?" 

I'm not sure if she will hates me for being so harsh to her in future, I just know it's for her own good, I've to do it this way. It's not easy for me as well. I'm working and I do not have maid to help me send/fetch my kids. Not trying to claim credit here. These are what all mummies do, cannot complain, some are doing even more than me! I'm just doing what I should do, as a mum. People can say whatever shit, I can't be bothered. 

P/S : I think I'm damn pro at ignoring shits now! Haha! Seriously, no matter how good you're, when people dislike you, they have 1000 reasons to dislike you, even when their reasons are not true. They love to think in their own way, there's nothing you can do, except ignore. Ignorance is bliss! Just be yourself.

This morning, before going to school, I've to remind Raeann times and again, about our pact! Meimei, on the contrary, is forever happy about going to school. Raeann ah Raeann, why cannot be like your Meimei huh? My life will be easier like that!!! 

She doesn't look exactly happy over here and SHE CRIED, but not saying that she don't wanna go student care, just said that she doesn't wanna eat the food there. The food is nice, she said, but I've no idea why she doesn't wanna eat, maybe she needs time to get used to it. 

As for how's she coping in Rulang, I can only say that she's doing GREAT. Very happy in school and she mixes with her cousin everyday (same class mah). She bought sushi during recess yesterday, 6 small pieces $1, hahah, so I increased her pocket money to $1.50 cos I'm worried it's not enough but I don't want her to buy cold drinks. I asked her to eat rice today cos last few times when I picked her after school, she complained hungry, very hungry. 

Talking about picking her after school, omg, THE CARPARK IS CRAP. So small, no parking lots but a lot of cars during their dismissal time. And some parents are really FUCKING IMPATIENT, like as if only their own kid is important. Everyone wanted to pick their kids, not only you, you and YOU. JUST 1-2 MINUTES, CANNOT WAIT ISSIT!!! I really hope one day those people who love honking at others, will meet the same situation, then you will understand. I won't get angry cos I strongly believe in "what goes around, comes around". JUST WAIT AND SEE!!! 

I really don't wish to behave like them (kiasu parents) leh. Checked out & surveyed the school bus, I think the earliest time to reach my house will be 7:45pm. Raeann will be hungry like crazy! :( Then need to bathe and do homework, what time can she zzz huh? (She usually zzz before 9:30pm during school days cos she's too tired!) 

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