Monday, January 6, 2014

Passport Photos

WARNING : UGLY PANCAKE FACES IN THIS POST!!! (But I know you'll be interested!)

Yesterday noon, I had to drag three monsters to the market, to take passport photo for Raeann in school-u. Me and my cousin were complaining to each other on Whatsapp, saying why must it be in school-u, home clothes cannot meh, so 麻烦 leh. I really dislike hate taking passport photos cos I think it's the ugliest photograph one would ever take, no angle, big face and all the worst you can ever think of (unless you're damn super handsome/chio lah).

I'll show you some of my collections (of us) ok? *grinz*

Two years ago (walao, just realized that two years has passed???), becos of my passport expiration, I went to many different places to take photos, becos I'm not satisfied with it, I don't wish to see my ugly/funny photo everytime I go overseas lah. And then, as advised by a friend, I tried taking it myself but it turned out very jialat, even after numerous tries. I reckoned this is the best of all my "self passport shots"...


WTF is this man? I think I look like some alien cat woman lor. HAHAHAH! To be honest huh, I used beauty app to modify this photo but I think it look even more worse than the actual one (which I didn't save) after I modified it! =X  (I sent this photo to the friend who asked me to take it myself, to ask her if this photo can pass anot. I hope I didn't scare her too much, lolol!) 

After that, I gave up taking (& editing) self passport shots, I resigned to fate that I do not have this skill. Then, I went to the studio I frequented when I was young, near my old HDB flat area (at the market). 

Not that scary but still U.G.L.Y.

And then, whenever I see places that can take passport photos, I'll go and take, lolol. Siao one!

So, this photo is what I eventually choose, I'm quite okay with it lah. Took this photo at ICA and I think they take the best passport photos than anywhere else! Becos the lighting is bright and color is brilliant! (I didn't travel to every part of SG to take lah!)

And even after my passport's done, during mid April last year, when I sent my dad to collect his new passport, I went to take photo again, for fun. LOL

But I think it's not as nice as the first one leh, it's more yellowish, I think becos they shifted downstairs, change of lighting liao! Sian leh! Time to change new IC this year and I need to go and take photos again, lolol.

Ok, enough of my big pancake face, let me show you the kids one!!! 


Raeann and Meimei's first passport photo! Both taken at studio when they were around 6 months old but didn't use it for Meimei cos this bad mummy here refused to bring them overseas and keep using "they have no passport" (Raeann's also expired liao!) as an excuse. My dad keep nagging lor, said wanna bring them overseas, keep asking why I haven do passport for them, lol. Aiya, Meimei is too scary lah! But soon, soon. Intend to bring them overseas during the March or June school holiday! :)

But Raeann has quite a few passport photos too, cos during that time when I was crazy, take and take, I'll ask her to take if she's with me, haha!

Left taken at the studio, right taken at ICA.

(Look at Raeann's mouth!) 

These were taken yesterday, at the market, quite no standard I'd say, but cheap so cannot complain, lol! (She "gek" her mouth like the two above photos but the aunty re-take for her, asked her not to "gek" her mouth lidat!) 

So now, I've no excuse liao, need to make their passport asap!!! (Cos last time I always say "I've no time to bring Meimei to take photo lah", lolol!) 

Actually, the main purpose of this post, I wanna show you something...

Now you know where she get her signature smile from? Walao eh!

Many people said she looks like her father, but I think she looks like Bo! 难道 ZY and Bobo look alike??? LOLOL


  1. Raeann look more like dad now. When she was younger she look like Bo.

    1. Hahaha, actually she still look like some Bo's young photos!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Yah, since baby I think so liao! But Bo keeps saying that she looks like ZY... So I think she and ZY look alike lah! Hahaha

  3. the brows really play a part!


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