Saturday, January 11, 2014

Peek-a-boo! @ Kallang Leisure Park

They were so excited when I told them we'll be meeting PY & Alexis today! Same goes to Alexis too!!! Kids... But it's very nice lah, like even when they're in P1 now, they still think of each other despite making many more new friends. Hope they will stay as friends until they grow old! 


(It's not expressway cos the route is even longer than before.)

Chatting about their P1 life over lunch... 

And I think, WE ORDERED WAY TOO MUCH AGAIN!!! Did not finish, sucha waste of money. Wanna pack but PY said it's no point cos it's tasteless!!

Address : 5 Stadium Walk, Kallang Leisure Park #02-12/13, (S)397693
Tel : 6440 8355

I suggested this place cos it's less crowded, as compared to central area lah! Cheaper also!!! $18 unlimited play! Plus, we can just leave the kids inside and go shopping! But there's nothing much to shop there though... 

Nua abit before going shopping... But Raeann called me halfway through our shopping, said "Meimei 很需要你, 你快点回来".

When I rushed back, I saw Meimei crying (cos she can't find me) and Raeann was carrying & pacifying her, lolol. (THEY'RE ABOUT 5KG DIFFERENCE ONLY! I, myself BTH to carry Meimei now!)

I'm quite impressed with Raeann for knowing how to handle problem in such a situation. As in, she knows how to borrow phone from the counter to call me and pacify her sister.

Meimei is as usual, playing alone cos she's too small to join the big Jiejies in their games lah! But I saw Raeann taking care of her, holding her hands when they climb and etc! Good job, keep it up! I always remind her again and again that she only got one Meimei and she needs to take care of her Meimei so that when I die, I can rest in peace, lol. 

This is damn funny lah. The girl, I assumed around 3 years old (cos she's still wearing diaper) came over to sat with Raeann. And the moment she sat down, Raeann flew up, lolol. Younger but so big sized!! And I thought Meimei is fat, hahahahaha! (I'm so bad, I kept laughing and laughing!)

Well, I'm actually very concerned over their size and weight. You may say I'm crazy cos they're still young. But I was fat when I was young and I know how hard it is to slim down. I'd rather them to be average size all the way. So everytime when they ate way more than their proper meals, I'll stop them. 

We left around 6pm, they played about 3 hours!!! Wanted to bring them elsewhere for dinner but it was raining so heavily, so we just settled for Burger King. The adults were still full from the super lunch, but the kids were hungry! 

After the early dinner, PY went home by herself and I brought Alexis back to my home while waiting for her 奶奶 to come & pick her up! THE TWO CRAZY LITTLE GIRLS WERE DAMN HAPPY ABOUT IT! Travelled back home alone with the three kiddos, I'm surprised that they were extremely well behaved. Very quiet, sat properly, took turns to draw on paper, a peaceful journey back home!

***Walao, ZY's watching the crappy 干你娘 video again now! 

Back home, after bathing, they went into their own sweet world again. I really wonder, how come they got endless things to play, even in my boring house? 

And then, they complained hungry again at 10pm! 

X'mas gift from PY, Alexis made me open it!

Omg, why so chio!!! I 不舍得 use leh! 

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