Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Stress mah?

Omg, I've been facing insomnia lately. Either I can't get to sleep till wee hours like 4-5am, or I'll wake up at weird timing, like now! 4am! My god!

I think, I'm indirectly facing some stress leh...

☹ Raeann's studies. Becos I've been bo chup-ing, Raeann has difficulty catching up in school now. I wonder, issit the school? Or P1 syllabus? How come so difficult? 

Her spelling on Tues, 听写 on Thurs. Spelling is quite easy as there are only 5 simple words. But her 听写 is the tricky one. 10 words on HYPY, how am I supposed to teach HYPY? I don't have the tactic to teach at all. 

Informed the student care teacher about it and she did helped to teach her a few words. But becos there are 10 words, I can't possibly leave her to teach all. I've to do my part to teach her at home too. Problem is, HOW TO TEACH? 

You know, I really want to continue bo chup and just leave everything to her. But she will give me problem like refusing to go school becos she don't know how to do. She wanna get full marks, she wanna excel, so when she knows she can't, she refused to go to school. How lidat? 

☹ I'm a queen of procrastinator. I've been procrastinating to do a lot of things, but either no time or no money to do so. When I've time, I've no money. When I've money, I've no time. 

Well, I'm not one who can do what I want, at anytime. Most of the time, I've to make a lot of arrangements first, be it dating with friends, dinner, events and whatever. I've to see my mum's schedule as she's the only one helping me with the kids. But you see, I'm not my mum's only kid, she has to split herself into many parts. 

In this way, I lose out a lot, cos I can't attend events & can't do the things I want when the mood comes. Yah, everything I do, depends greatly on my mood.

Maybe things will get better when my own house is ready and I get a maid. 

☹ Kids' noise and fights made me so pekchek everyday, especially when I can't get my things done! I'm like repeating myself everyday, over the same old shit. However, nothing seems to go into the kids' head. Nothing. 

I didn't voice it out (kpkb everyday) on FB/Twitter becos I see no point doing so. Not as if after doing it, the problems will be solved. No. 

☹ Many things, I've to LL suck thumbs becos I don't wish to cause any trouble. If I'm causing trouble to myself, that I don't care. But I'll think thrice if I've to cause trouble to my mum/family.

☹ CNY is coming and I haven get anything done!!! Becos my mum is too busy! Planning to do hair on Thurs and nails next Monday though. It's super duper last min!!

☹ Getting really IRRITATED by the freaking red mole that fucking looks like a pimple on my face. (My mum still can tell me it's nice! -.-) WHY DID IT GROW BACK AGAIN? Anyone know of any permanent method to remove red mole without scarring? Let me know. 

☹ I really miss my previous skin!!! Not perfect but it's way better than now!!! I hate to see myself in the mirror now! WHAT SHOULD I DO? 

Anyway, we went for a company gathering dinner earlier... (If you've saw my IG/FB page) Some of them didn't turn up cos they are not free! 

These shall be the only pics I'm posting cos (not sure if you realised), I never like to post work related stuffs on my social media platforms anymore. It's my privacy lah. 

Not that I've anything to hide, but sometimes, there's a need to keep certain things private, especially when others are involved. I will post whatever shit about myself, my life & my kids but not others. 

P/S : No intention to become popular or famous, that's why I keep myself away from drama, I'd rather stay boring. If you like (to read) me, thank you, I really appreciate it. If not, just fuck off and click "x", nobody forces you to read. 

This is not call fake! Saying/doing what comes on your mind is not call real either. 'Considerate' is the word. 

(Becos I met a few haters before whom not only insulted me, but dragged my family in as well. I don't want innocent people to get insulted becos of me again!) 

Karma; what goes around, comes around. You reap what you sow. When karma comes, don't blame anyone but yourself. 

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