Friday, January 10, 2014


Note : I'm supposed to post this 2 days ago, but my mobile app failed to upload. 

Raeann changed into another person today, lol...

See what she's doing now? Not her homework but she forced me to give her some Maths questions to do. 

Then this morning, she stopped her crying nonsense liao!!! She happily said "byebye mummy" and went in, greeted her teachers "good morning". I AM SO HAPPY LAH!!! (Keeping my fingers very crossed!) 

School dismissal; I sent my 小代表 to squeeze into the crowds to bring her sister out!!! Her size very good to squeeze leh, she managed to bring Raeann out very fast, haha! 

Her student care's revision. Walao, is this even P1 work? Seriously, I don't even know the answer leh!! 

Let's fast forward to today now!

Alright, PY doesn't know the answer above too! Phewz, I thought I was stupid, lol. Anyway, Raeann didn't cry these few days, ever since the last time I mentioned (here) that she cried!!! YAY!!! *dancing in the rain*

Sorry, I didn't mean to do this again, but it's really GETTING ON MY NERVES WHEN I PICK RAEANN UP FROM SCHOOL EVERYDAY

Why do some people like to honk so much huh???

Well, you may see me as a very impatient person (in other aspects), but I'm definitely a very patient driver, you can ask anyone around me. I'm that sort who will give way to others (provided they don't snatch my parking lot, lol), almost never honk at others (dislike cos honk is really noisy and irritating and sometimes scare the shit out of people) and will wait patiently kind of driver.  

So, yesterday evening, when I was there at the carpark, waiting for my mum to bring Raeann out, I witnessed the argument between one aunty and one Indian couple. (I think it will be my turn sooner or later!) The aunty called police oh... Cos the Indian couple used middle finger and vulgarities on her!!!

I was there at 6:09pm and the carpark was already full, with a few cars anyhow park (but didn't block the way) and a few moving around, hoping to find a space that will not block the way. I was one of the moving around cars and I found one space which didn't block the way, shortly.

But, brainless cars keep flowing into the carpark despite seeing that it's VERY CONGESTED already. And these brainless cars (owners) are sure damn impatient, they honk and honk even when they see there's no space for the infront cars to move anymore. Seriously? 

I know you'll say "you're one of them what". NO, I AM NOT. 

First of all; I'm there way earlier than the dismissal time everyday and let them suck carpark charges from me! (Everyday more than 50c, one month how much liao? No choice but to be kiasu abit, to avoid causing unnecessary troubles to others!)

2nd; When I reached there, the carpark wasn't congested yet, and there were still ample space for cars to move about. 

3rd; If I were to be there later than 6:15pm, I WILL NOT GO TO THAT CARPARK TO MAKE IT EVEN MORE CONGESTED. I'm not brainless! (There are two more carparks opposite the school!) 

4th; I asked my mum to go with me, to pick up Raeann IF I can't get a parking lot so I won't have to worry about blocking others' way. 

5th; I AM A VERY PATIENT DRIVER AND DON'T HONK AT OTHERS (unless very necessary).

讲真的, if there's no space for the cars to move, YOU HONK ONE MILLION TIMES ALSO USELESS RIGHT? NOT AS IF THE CARS CAN FLY??? 

So, if you insisted to squeeze into the already congested carpark, PLEASE BE MORE PATIENT, people pick up their kid will leave liao, they don't purposely stay there to block your way. Your kid is not the only gem around, everyone treats their kids like gem, like how you do. 

P/S : I think the carpark system should stop allowing more than 10 extra cars from entering. Like the one at Clementi; if the carpark is already full like shit, one car come out, then one car can go in. It should be able to solve some problem cos when people can't go in, they will go to the alternatives. Just my two cents worth!

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