Friday, January 17, 2014

The Yearly Affair :: Feng Shui Inn

Suffered from serious insomnia last night! I was tossing around all the way till 5+am!!! I even blogged a post but didn't managed to complete so I didn't publish! Then Meimei woke me up at 6:40am! *cry* All the way awake till now. ZzzZzz

I don't know how I managed to drive all the way to RWS and back cos I'M SO SLEEPY!!! Had a lunch appointment with Vic Vic, before she leaves SG tonight! Been almost a year since I last saw her!

Probably my favorite dim sum restaurant! :)



I have no idea how 4 ladies managed to eat so much!!!

And hor, I realised, whenever I post a food picture, it will receive more "likes" than me (and my frens') face! WHY HUH?! 小龙包 looks prettier than us mah? :(

Btw, ONLY the dim sums in this restaurant is affordable, just realised that all their ala-cart dishes are quite expensive! Not sure if their ala-cart dishes are worthy of the hefty price not, never try before, can't bear to eat! LOL

Seriously need to brush up my photo-editing skills. Those that look nicer are edited by Vic. Those ugly ones are either non-edited or anyhow edited by me, lolol. Actually, I'm lazy lah, that's why most of the time I don't even bother to edit. And I don't wanna turn people's faces into some aliens ahhhh!!! =X

Alamak, Vic is sooooo skinny lor. How I wish I can donate some meat and fats to her!!! See my fatty arms!!! #ifonlyfatscanbelelongedaway #takeaway5kgplease

Pretty, see you again soon, safe flight & bon voyage! Take care! ^.^

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