Monday, January 20, 2014

There can be miracle... WHEN YOU BELIEVE!!!


1) 13 years old LV key pouch.
2) 9 years old Furla wallet.

(I didn't know I had so many wallets till two days ago!!!)

Wooohooooooooo! Amazing! I'm gonna flip my whole room upside down to search for more stuffs to sell! Hahahahah! Lai lai lai, come buy from me!!!

Quite surprised, items that I thought nobody will want, I received many offers for it!!! People were like snatching for it lor, begging me to sell it to them at a higher price. Sorry to those I've rejected, I can only sell to one person. And it's based on first come, first served basis. Who can pay/meet first, who get the deal! :) It's not about the money, I just wanted to clear it off, I need space!!! 


Fatty Ho said he need to buy clothes, so we went shopping yesterday!!!

Kind of torture to bring them out for shopping when one refused to cooperate! Meimei was so terrible and noisy, totally spoilt my mood. But luckily, I managed to buy what I need to buy for them; SHOES. I never buy anything for myself at all. (The pair of blue sneakers is Raeann 烦 my cousin to buy for her one!) 

Can really feel the slack-ness in me. I haven do my hair, haven do my nails, haven change enough new notes, haven buy shoes, haven do alot of things!! And it's like 10-11 days away? I don't even bother to count down for it. Damn!


Oh yah, PY went back to stay at her parent's place in Jurong on Friday night, so I sneaked out for supper with her around 11+pm (Meimei was sleeping soundly liao!). Jurong is really boring, can't seems to find anywhere to chill with food and beer after 12am. Went to pick her up and just drove around and impromptu-ly thought of... 

Guess where???

Xin Wang @ West Coast Plaza.

They opened till 2am daily. Intro-ed PY to eat my favorite papaya soup noodle/bee hoon.

At around 1:15am, when we were about to leave, I received a call from Fatty Ho and MEIMEI WAS CRYING ON THE LINE. WTH, why she always wake up in the middle of the night to check if I'm around or not!!! If I'm around, she will sleep back. If I'm not, die liao. 

And this was what I saw when I reached home. Fatty Ho was wrapping himself like a mummy in blanket, zzz. He said he did what he can, bo bian already, lolol. She insisted to wait for me to be home! This is why I can't sneak out even after I put her to bed. No idea what did I owe her in my previous life!!! 

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