Saturday, January 4, 2014

✞ẘℯηтƴ ḟ◎üґṫ℮ℯη

3rd Jan 2014; first few friends I met in this brand new year!

Fidelis; I'm sure you will know her if you read blogs, she's a popular blogger and also my blog manager! :) Met her to discuss about the revamping of my blog, seriously can't wait to see my new layout!  

We sure have tons of stuffs to talk about lor, she's sucha good listener/friend! So glad that I can meet nice people through blogging! And oh, I love Fidel's hair sooo sooooooo soooooooo much!!!  

And since I was at NEX, I popped over to Lavendar to look for my friends after that! Bought belated birthday presents for Jane! Am happy that she loves it! I know she will love it! Heehee 

Drank coke becos I thought the beer tasted bitter! Zen said it's the tidbits I ate that made my taste bud weird. Yes meh? I don't think so leh...

Thank you ah Zen for this cute thing! Dusty liao though, lol.

Too hardworking, write until blister, HAHAHAHA!! Walao, why P1 so many things one? She passed me so many notes to read & prepare for her!

See? Fighting (over blanket) again! Simisai also can fight! And becos I came back late last night, these two fellows slept so late!!! Especially this Raeann, accompanied her father to watch TV! Omg! Can never entrust kids to the men, they will turn their life upside down I think, at least for my case!

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