Friday, February 28, 2014

Himalaya Herbals ☄ Nourishing Skin Cream ✙ Giveaway


Note : There's a giveaway (10 winners) at the end of this post! Do participate okay? 
Good luck!

Nourishing Skin Cream
 For skin that stays nourished    

The other day , I was talking to my mum about Himalaya Herbal products and she went, "Wah, Himalaya not bad!! I'm using!!". Yah, I know she's using, that's why I told her immediately when I heard that the kind folks at Himalaya Herbals are sending over some of their signature Nourishing Cream for review!

How she get to know about Himalaya

There was once we went shopping at Watsons during lunch time, we saw one Korean lady "sweeping" almost all the Nourishing Skin Cream off the shelf! 

My mum was curious and asked her, "is this very good?" 

She told us that it's very good but it's quite expensive in Korea, that's why she bought so many to stock up cos she's going back to Korea in 2 days time (then). 

Well, my mum trusted her and bought a tub to try cos her (Korean lady) skin is so flawless and perfect!!! And she (my mum) has been using it since then, on her 2nd or 3rd tub now... #truestory

Himalaya has been around since 1930!

. . . the promise of health, well-being and a prescription for good living


Light and non-greasy daily-use cream to provide 
all day moisturizing, nourishment and protection to your skin.

It’s au-naturale and using a herbal cocktail that was designed for today’s skincare needs using 100% herbal actives of Aloe Vera and Winter Cherry.

Main herbal ingredients in Nourishing Skin Cream:-

Aloe vera; possesses properties that help to moisturize and hydrate the skin and this prevents trans- epidermal water loss .

Winter cherry; also known as Ashvagandha is a stimulant, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory. It is used as an anti-oxidant in skin problems and Indian Kino Tree extract helps to protect your skin from pollution and dry weather.  

Nourishing Skin Cream is suitable for all skin types and has multi-uses; can be use as moisturizer on face/body, also can be used as makeup base!!! And becos the 50ml tub is so small, light & portable, it's so convenient to bring/put this cream anywhere/everywhere! 

As for me...

I've one tub on my dressing table (pardon the mess), so when I'm using my laptop, I can conveniently take and apply... On my arms, legs and neck!!!

Needless to say, placing a tub in the office is a must! Cos office is air-conditioned and my skin will be so dry. Therefore, as and when I'm free, I'll take and apply it on my body parts where it's not covered by my clothes. 

There's also one tub inside my car (pardon the mess again). When I meet terrific jam on the road, I'll take and apply it on my arms!  

Days when I don't drive, I'll slip one tub into my bag. So when I'm bored, I can take and apply it on my arms and legs. (I've very dry legs!) 

And of cos, I'll not forget to bring a tub along for all my future oversea trips!!! Becos it's so small & light, it don't take up luggage space & weight at all!! More shopping loots, yay!!!

Directions for Use:-
  • Massage Nourishing Skin Cream gently all over the body, especially on dry areas like elbows and knees. 
  • For best result, apply regularly on skin.

Zero makeup; 4th February 2014.

❝ It looks very rich but feels really light, no greasy or sticky feel after applying. MAJOR LOVE! I've been religiously applying it on my face, neck and my whole body every night before I sleep now! I should have done so earlier cos I'm sleeping in an aircon room. Not too late now, I hope! 

Also, Himalaya saved my face!!! Remember that I complained about my bad skin few weeks ago, that made me damn depressed? I decided to put all other products aside and used only Nourishing Skin Cream on my face, day and night, and as makeup base too. And WOW, I can see my skin condition improving, day by day!!! #nojoke

With makeup; 1st February 2014.

A picture speaks a thousand words. Using photo taken during CNY cos I started using this cream few days before CNY. At that point of time (1-2 weeks before CNY), my face was literally at it's worst and that's probably one of the reason why I'm so moodless over CNY. Anyway, it's over, I'm so happy that my skin is much better now! Can't thank you enough, Himalaya! 

P/S : NOT saying that other products are not good. I've over-estimated my own skin, I thought by taking good care of it (going facial) & applying many different good (strong) products daily will make it glow. But I guess, my skin can't handle too much at one shot. So when it's already "damaged", I decided to let it rest and apply something light, yet moisturizing (Nourishing Skin Cream) to let it recover first.


✔ It’s made of 100% natural herbal ingredients. 

✔ Light and non-greasy, the nourishing skin cream feels heavenly on your skin and is able to penetrate deep into your skin to restore moisture content and make your skin feel soft and healthy.

It's multi-uses; can be use as moisturizer on face/body and can be used as makeup base too!!!

Great for daily use skin cream and it's suitable for all skin types.

 The 50ml tub is very small, light and portable to bring it out, ie: travelling.

✔ It smells really good; a very light scent which makes you feel very comfortable, be it day or night (don't need perfume anymore).

It's very very affordable!

Comes in 2 sizes; 50ml (S$5.90) & 150ml (S$12.90). 
Available at all Watsons/ Guardian/ Unity/ Giant/ Mustafa 
& Exclusive Himalaya outlet located at Harbourfront centre #02-703.

⑤... ④... ③... ②... 

Hokey pokey, IT'S GIVEAWAY TIME NOW!!!

The kind folks at Himalaya is giving away 10 pcs of Himalaya Nourishing Skin Cream (50ml) to (first) 10 of my blog readers (1 pc/reader) who can provide me the correct answer to the question below...

"What is the main herbal ingredient in this multi-uses Nourishing Skin Cream?"

Hint : It's written very clearly in this post, just tell me one will do!
 Leave me a comment with your answer, name, email & contact number.

This contest ends on 15 March 2014.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Weekend again...

Kinda busy with work recently.

That's fast, tomorrow is Friday again!! Also the end of Feb! And it's time to pay all the fees/bills again!!! Walao

Anyway, I've just confirmed the school bus for Raeann. It's funny that they charged $81 for one way and $90 to and fro. Why only $9 difference??? 

Not cheap but saves a lot of hassles! I can come back earlier, shower and wait for her, at home. Was assured that she will reach home before 7pm, at 6:50pm. (I reached home about 7pm everyday after fetching her lor!) 

More and more things to pay for now, sigh. No choice, I need to work harder!!! 

Sometimes, when I feel mentally tired and stress, I just want to work and work to forget everything. It's so much better to feel physically tired, cos at the end of the day, you just need a good sleep, that's all! 

Now my life is, 活一天, 过一天. I dare not have any plans (or dreams) becos whatever I planned, always doesn't comes in my way. It's always the "impromptu" that worked out! So, don't think too much, just face whatever comes. Only need to stay strong to overcome it! :) 

My sis will be celebrating her advanced 21st birthday over this weekend, for two days! One day for all her friends, another day for all the relatives!

Okay, till then. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Dream comes true?

Received this letter from Raeann's school on Friday. WUSHU - Raeann has been asking me to let her learn it... And you know who is the instructor???

Wooohoooooo!!! 几 fit 一下! I was telling my mum, that I wanna join together with Raeann, wahahhaha! 

He was my Sec sch's senior!!! And you'll never expect what happened when I was in Sec sch... 

There was once Vincent Ng went back to visit his ex-teachers (I was still a student there then). Then there was a group of Malay girls, from my batch but different class (not close at all one), they came to me and asked "are you Vincent Ng's sister??"

I was like, "huh?? We look alike meh??"

We do have the same English surname - Ng, but our Chinese surname is different wor. And I don't think we look alike? LOLOL

But anyway, Raeann's not joining any, she's worried that she has no time to learn her spelling. (Yes, she's the one worrying for all her homework, spelling & etc. She will wake up as early as 5am to do her homework or learn her spelling one. And, she will force us to wake up to teach her too! -.-)

Will probably let her join next year, after she settled down. Actually, I'd prefer she join Robotic more, like more interesting leh. But aiya, it's all up to her, I'll let her decide. 

*Woke up with a mosquito bite on my cheek, so angry!

Nowadays very high tech sia, homework and test on website one. Pretty impressed that Raeann has already memorized her BC no. and she knew how to access to everything. So I just leave her to do everything herself. She loves Chinese, so she doesn't give me much problem on that. Btw, her photo is damn hilarious, I LOL when I saw it. 

Extracted from the book I read at the library yesterday. How many do you score? I scored 7/10 lor. I need to read more of such books to be a better mum, hopefully. I'll try harder, to be better. 

Edited : 7:25pm

Made a trip down to Raeann's school to attend a parent's talk cos she's being selected to join LSP - Learning Support Programme, selected by MOE for children with weaker English. They will learn everything from the basic, all over again. 

No, I'm not at all embarrassed that my kid is in this programme, becos it's a fact that she's weak & she needs help. I, on the other hand is also trying my best to help her.

Signed her up for an English enrichment class and she will be starting her first lesson this weekend. To our surprise, when we went for the assessment last Saturday, we saw her current Psch classmate having class there too. So she got really excited about attending this class! 

Chatted abit with his mum and she asked for my number, to be added to the class's whatsapp group. OMG, sibei updated now! 

And today, I exchanged number with another mummy, her kid is in another class but also in LSP. We just hit it off, very well. 

Chatting with all the mummies made me feel better, cos we're facing the same problems! Now I know I'm not the only one. I mean, it always feel good to hear encouraging words from each other, rather than some sarcastic remarks. Only when you're in the same situation, then you will truly understand how it feels. 

(One of my note to self : sincerity in my words and shut up if I've nothing nice to say to others!) 

Most of their kids can't handle Chinese, maybe Raeann is the only special one who prefers Chinese. 

Nope, her Chinese isn't very good, neither did she get full marks for all her 听写 (which I don't ever bother how many marks she get, but she didn't fail before lah). It's just that it's less vomit blood teaching her Chinese than English. 

One thing I'm really thankful about is that she's self-driven (in another word - kiasu), even though she's always giving me problems like "afraid to go school cos she didn't manage to learn all her spelling" or "die die want to finish her homework asap even when there's still alot of time left" or "crying over un-finished homework" or "waking me up as early as 5am to teach her homework/spelling" & etc, once every two days. 

But at least she's hardworking and I don't ever have to remind her to do her homework lah. (Hope it lasts!!!) Probably becos I'm not kiasu, god gave me a kiasu daughter to push me, lolol. 

I've also started to bring her to the library, and I promised her that I'll do so every weekends, either on Sat or Sun. To do her homework, learn her spelling, read some books or whatever. Need to nurture her and myself to love books. I hope it's not too late. 

Sorry that I've been updating too much about Raeann's studies which you might not be interested. But I really really need to keep all these records, to remind me of her growing up stages. Likewise, I'll do the same for Meimei too. 

As of today (2 years 5 months & 4 days old), she's 3/4 potty trained!!! She has not been wearing diapers at home since weeks ago but today, she has officially stopped wearing diapers to school. Only at night and times when I bring her out, I'll put on diaper for her to save trouble. But she dislike wearing diaper and she's the one who requested not to wear it! Oh shit, I think I forgot to wear it for her before she fall asleep just now! 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Dorra Slimming Review


Truth to be told, I had mixed feeling when I received the invitation to dorra® for a treatment, cos I ate too much over the CNY!!! A part of me would like to shed away those fats I gained during CNY, another part of me feared to go up on the weighing machine!!! Oh yes, that's how self denial I am. When I feel fat, I just don't step on the weighing machine lor. Just like how I always forget my actual age, lolol! #justkidding 

But I went lah, on 13th February 2014 to their Lot One (Heartland Shopping Mall @ Choa Chu Kang) outlet!!! (They have 6 outlets in different areas of Singapore, how convenient!)

dorra slimming at lot 1

21 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4 Lot 1 Shoppers' Mall #02-21D/E (S) 689812

dorra slimming at lot 1

Let me introduce you more about dorra® first...

dorra®, the tummy, hip and thigh slimming expert from France, specialises in providing fat-burning and body-shaping solutions that target and banish unsightly bumps and bulges on the lower body of women.

Lower body weight problems have been and will always be the main issue troubling most women. Women tend to put on inches on their lower body more easily than men because of the higher estrogen levels in their body and the fat cells there which are more prone to fat storage for childbearing purposes. 

Besides, women burn fat differently from men. Women who have dieted will notice that as they lose weight, body fat starts melting away from the upper body first, while lower body fat tends to stay put. Furthermore, unhealthy habits such as long hours of sitting, love for high calorie food and sitting cross legged make it even more difficult for ladies to lose the excess fat on the lower body. 

dorra slimming at lot 1
One-to-One Consultation

This allows the consultant to achieve a preliminary understanding of my problem areas, eating habits, lifestyle and possible causes of my weight problem.

dorra slimming at lot 1
Body Composition Analysis 

dorra slimming at lot 1

With the help of a body composition analyzer, your consultant will be able to find out in just a couple of minutes, not only your weight but also your waist-hip ratio and the percentage of body fat, protein, water and salt in specific parts of your body. These will be carefully monitored throughout your slimming journey at dorra®.

*As you can see, the water content in my body has way exceeded the normal range. (Considered so!)

Sidetrack : I'm still at 158cm!!! I didn't shrink!!! YAY!!! And of cos, so happy that I didn't gain any weight during the CNY! =D

dorra slimming at lot 1

After doing the analysis, I was brought back to the consultation room to wait for my consultant! While waiting, of cos take photos lah! #foreverbusytakingphotos (Yah, was too lazy to wear back my shoes!)

dorra slimming at lot 1

My consultant; Coco explained everything to me thoroughly. Very detailed!

  • Why did my back hips grow bigger as I grow older? 
  • Why can't I slim down despite not eating much? 
  • What are my areas of concern?
  • What should I eat or not eat to slim down? 
  • What's cellulite and how it's formed? And etc...

To those who doesn't know what's cellulite, let me show you...

Photo Credit : Yahoo!

GROSS?! I've APLENTY! If I can sell cellulite for money, I ish confirm a rich woman! 

But I think 80% of the women face this problem too! Cellulite don't form only on fat people, some skinny people also have cellulite, mostly on women though! Cellulite (fats) is very light, and thus, when it's formed, it doesn't result in much weight gain. So, I was taught by dorra® not to look at my weight but my body shape instead. A woman must be toned, to be pretty! No point losing weight but looking malnutrition and haggard, bo swee eh! 

And, reason being for my high water content is due to NOT DRINKING ENOUGH WATER! Yes ah, I dislike drinking water cos I dislike visiting public toilet. (When I was in my teens, I used to think that high water content is caused by drinking too much water, hahaha!)

dorra slimming at lot 1

So I was being reminded to drink more water!

And to be very honest, I'm starting to worry and feel scared for my body after the consultation! I don't want to be fat and saggy when I grow old! =( 

dorra slimming at lot 1

Next, I was being brought to the cozy treatment room...

dorra slimming at lot 1
Customised Slimming Treatment Programme

dorra slimming at lot 1

Your consultant will then customize a slimming programme using the latest fat-burning and body-shaping technologies from France, to target the stubborn fats on your problem areas.

dorra slimming at lot 1

The treatment includes applying a booster gel that contains mico-molecules which can penetrate deep into your skin to reach and burn excess fats. Infra-red equipment will then be used to soften the fat cells and an oxy trimming gel will be applied to improve blood circulation which in turns aids in flushing out excess fatty acids.

In just 1 session, you’ll burn 600-2400 calories, which is equivalent to a 10-15km run! 

No pills, no injections, no crash diets! You’ll see visible CM loss in just 90 minutes! 

Subsequent treatments only require 20-40mins, saving precious minutes of your time. 

Expect 14-30cm loss in just 14 days.

dorra slimming at lot 1

Well, they didn't allow me to take photo of my result card but I managed to lose about 2.3cm in total (whole body) after one treatment, mainly on my tummy (flabby after child birth). They took photos of my before and after (confidential between me and them), to show me the visible result. Can I say it's just like a miracle???


Do you want to experience what I've experienced???


Promotion for all my readers now...

A COMPLIMENTARY Detailed Body Composition Analysis + 1 FREE Customised French Formulated Slimming Treatment (worth $300) 
*exactly what I've tried!

Just call this hotline: +65 68818181 to redeem!!!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Happy 1st Anniversary, Black Box!!!

May your business prosper! 
Best wishes! 

To those who haven't watch this cute video... 

This is exactly how Black Box works. If you haven't subscribe, hop over to to do it now!!! Can't wait for the party later! Will be back to update after the party, hope I can take many many photos! =D

21st February 2014, Friday

Wooohoooo!!! I'm back for updates!!! If you're on my IG/FB page, you would have saw first hand updates last night. If you're not, don't worry, you can read it now!!!

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLACK BOX! It has been a great pleasure working with Black Box over the past 1 year. Thank you for everything! =D

Official Event Partner:




1382 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 Bishan Park 2 Singapore 569931

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Looking forward to...

Hey yo! Suddenly I'm so re-energized after the praying session with my family this morning. Maybe it's 心里作用, but I really feel better somehow, like the god gave me some power or what! Hahaha! So positive again and there are so many things to look forward to!!!

  • Bro's birthday dinner tonight! CRABSSSSSSS!
  • Splash Media (Black Box)'s 1st anniversary party tomorrow! 
  • Two advertorials waiting to be published, next week!
  • Another advertorial assignment next week! 

After the praying, we had this famous Lor Mee at Bukit Purmei for brunch. Just look at the non-stop long long queue! Frankly speaking, I've no idea why issit so famous? It tasted like any other Lor Mee except that they put plenty of ingredients and it's not expensive ($2.50/$3.50). Now, I'M SUPER FULL, I can't concentrate on anything cos I'm so sleepy, lolol.

Anyway, while driving just now, I chatted with my mum and aunt about my childhood days. Yes, the aunt is the same aunt looking after my kids now. She looked after me and my siblings since young, together with her 4 kids. Total 8 of us!

You know how I spent my primary school days, besides studying? 

Block catching, hide and seek, badminton, cycling, threw marbles, Tamiya and all the sweating games, almost everyday (after doing our homework). My aunt said she had to "shout" for all of us to go back for dinner, everytime. Oh, her voice used to be sooooo powerful that we could hear it few blocks away, lolol. 

We did all the LAME things like taking turns to go down to "book" the badminton court super early, under the scorching hot sun so we could have the court during the evening time... hahah! 

It was so fun, days were so much simpler! That's what I call "CHILDHOOD" and it's precisely what I hope my kids can have. 

Monday, February 17, 2014


Went there to inhale some lucky air this morning!!! And...

LOLOLOL! Thank you very much, yes, I'll huat tonight! =D 

It's so funny that I even received msgs from friends and bro, saying that I struck some big prize. And when I say I didn't, my bro went "don't bluff leh, 1.6mil issit?" I replied "yah, tonight." Wahahahhahaha

I admit that my status is quite misleading lah. The reason why I checked-in is cos, "OMG, IT'S MY FIRST TIME THERE AND I'M SO EXCITED, even though I didn't win any money, lolol!"

Oh yah, I think I finally understand why lesser and lesser people blog now. Cos hor, when you share about your joy, people will say "you're showing off". When you share about your unhappiness and frustration, people will say "you're childish and not moving on". When you post too many adverts/reviews, people will say "your blog become so commercialise and unreal". In this case, people who get affected, will have nothing to blog anymore. LOL

All along, I've always keep this space REAL. As in, I blog about everything; my joy, frustration, anger, interest (doing reviews & adverts) and etc. (Even when I received the endorsement contract from Splash Media, the first thing I asked them is, "am I still able to blog about everything, like how I used to blog?") Everything I mentioned, is nothing but the truth of what's happening to/around me. I don't see the need to boast (*repeatly) or hide anything, I just post what I feel like posting. It's my blog, I'm ME, love or hate me, whatever! 

*Did you see me posting stuffs like "omg, my kids are so sensible and lovely, blah blah blah, I'm so blessed!" every other 3 days? Yah, that's what I meant. 

Anyway, can I ask all (primary sch kids) parents something? What's one question you will never failed to ask your kid after school everyday huh? Cos I find myself very amusing to ask this question everyday...


HAHAHAHAHAHA! To me, this is very very important okay! Cos I'm worried that she'll be scare to poop in school. And if she don't poop, she will fall sick!!! 

I'll also ask her "what did you eat in school today?" 

Other stuffs about studies and homework, I seldom ask, but she will tell me lah. 

She requested to shower with me just now, I obliged. During the shower, she said she tried to learn some spelling during her free time in school today. I'm touched lah, cos I can see that she's really trying. 

Asked her to rest abit & allowed her to watch her favourite TV show first before we start doing homework at 8pm! :) 

Edited : 9:27pm

Woohoo! Completed her homework fast today. She requested for milk before learning her spelling, but almost fell asleep while drinking. So I asked her to pack her stuffs first before she sleep. She rubbed her eyes saying "I still need to learn spelling." 

Told her to sleep and replenish her energy first and she can learn it tomorrow morning. Lol, sometimes I wonder if I'm doing the right thing or not? I didn't scold/nag her when she failed her spelling, I only told her to "try harder next time". 

Anyway, I sold away my 18cm Pandora bracelet today... 


I think I really butt itchy. That time I find 17cm too short so I sold it away and bought a 18cm instead. Now, I find 18cm too loose and purchased another 17cm. I didn't know that it will get looser after sometime. Even after filling it half full with charms, it's still loose on my wrist. Thought about it for quite awhile before making this decision. 

Maybe one day, I'll suddenly get sick of Pandora and sell everything away. Lol 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

I want to cry!

Now, I finally understand why birth rate in SG is so low.

1) Price hike in everything every now and then. Everything is expensive! 

2) Beside having to discipline/teach your kid well into a proper upright person, 

3) YOU HAVE TO STUDY WITH THEM AS WELL, at the age of 30-40. 

As if having to work to support & taking care of the kids are not tired enough, still gotta go home everyday, burn every weekends, TO DO HOMEWORK WITH THEM. 

About 20 pages of Maths, 10 pages of English, a few pages of Chinese & 8 sets of e-learning English & Maths tests. Raeann just completed her mountain of homework & she gotta learn her spelling now.

And, just becos she can't catch up in school, I need to enrol her in additional enrichment class... I'm like tio forced to be kiasu, to pressurize her. Cos If I don't, she will suffer even more! 

It's not cheap!!! How much do I need to earn in order to support the kids for THEIR STUDIES ONLY? In this case, after paying all the necessities, food, kids education & whatever shit, what fuck is left to save? 

If I know is this tough, THANKS BUT NO THANKS, I'd rather not have any kid, or rather, not in SG. 

Let's put money aside, look at the stress SG kids are facing right now! Homework, spelling, 听写, it's never-ending, there's no time for leisure at all. 

Even if we go out, our whole mind will be filled with, "omg, there's still this homework that homework not done yet!!" Can't really put our heart to enjoy! (I'm saying IF, but we had no chance to, yet!) 

Honestly, I've no idea when I'll ki siao & burn away her homework, hahahahaha!

Edited : 11:20pm

老娘 is already in bad mood, having to teach & nag for 3 days. And yet, someone choose to annoy me with his/her dumb comment. 

Yes, serve me right for enrolling her into Rulang becos I want an easy way out, I don't wish to ballot for other school, I don't wish to go through the anxiety of balloting, neither the disappointment of unsuccessful ballot result. 


It's just like when I tell people that I've got the urge to transfer her to another school now, everyone's scolding me crazy. But it doesn't mean that I'm happy that she's in this school. (Not unhappy too, just neutral, no feeling!) 

Yes, I know that Rulang has plenty of homework but it's just 6-7th weeks into P1, and they're still trying to adapt, so you mean that giving them mountain of homework now, is normal? Every kids are going through the same? Are you sure? Sorry but I don't see my friend's kid in even more "branded" school facing this problem. My friend told me that her kid doesn't have any homework yet. 

(I'm certainly not an unreasonable person. If it's my kid's fault, I'll not push the blame to others!) 

No, I've no idea that P1 standard is so high now, and I think I'm not the only one. High standard + pile of homework, I'm also trying to adapt!

And when you see your kid not feeling well, struggling hard to complete that pile of homework in her sick mode (I don't think I ever complained about her homework load when she isn't sick), will you not feel stress and sorry for her? Sorry, but I'm just a human, a normal mother who love her child. (You don't feel anything becos it's not your own child going through it right? Such is human nature!) 

But I can't do anything to help except to teach and re-teach her again and again. I feel so frustrated and the only thing I can do to vent my frustration is, to rant on MY blog! (Not as if I'm ranting the same thing everyday for the past 6-7 weeks?) I'm sure everyone has their own way of venting their frustration, don't tell me that you're so angelic that you never feel angry or frustrated before?

And sorry, I'm not a kiasu nor competitive mum. Please don't term me as one. I don't ask for much, I only want them to be happy, safe, healthy and know the basic rules of being a proper human. I want them to stay close to my heart, confide with me when they have problems, and not scare of me or hate me (probably due to pushing and stressing them with academic results?).

Last but not least, nobody's forcing you to read my blog. Thank you very much! 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Never-ending HOMEWORK!

Have been neglecting this space, cos I'm damn moodless. Busy is not an excuse for me cos I love blogging too much, so much so despite my busy schedules, I'll still find time to blog, with my phone, ie; when I'm putting the kids to bed.

But I'm sooooo moodless to do anything. Cos my kids fall sick one after another. I fell sick that day too but thank god I'm strong enough that I got better the next day. 

Raeann missed school for two days (followed by a school holiday on Friday) and she has not recovered till now. Rushed her to doctor this morning...

So, knowing that she will have flooded homework, I went to collect her homework on Thursday evening. I don't want her to feel stress when she returns to school on Monday. 

Managed to clear some with her on Friday. She slept whole afternoon today after taking her medicines, and from just now till now, continue struggling with homework!!! 

Seriously, need to be so stress in P1 or not? Like 20 pages of Maths? Still got English and Chinese!!! Walao! ZY saw me almost gone crazy and volunteered to take over. THANK GOD! (Imagine I never collect and she comes back on Monday evening with that pile of homework, when will she finish doing it huh?) 

ZY admitted mah, that Raeann's totally like him when it comes to studies (I HOPE NOT!!!). He claimed he's damn smart, just that he dislike books. I said "yah, smart at playing games, sleeping, gambling & doing rubbish lah". 

You know, I'm very scare of hearing this word "mummy" now. Cos...

Early in the morning - MUMMY
Make milk - MUMMY
Shit - MUMMY
Pee in the pants - MUMMY
Hungry - MUMMY
Wanna eat chicken wings don't wanna dirty hands - MUMMY 
Drink water - MUMMY 
Bathe - MUMMY 
Do homework - MUMMY
Sleep - MUMMY

*Applied to both of them cos Raeann's not feeling well recently & becomes super yang-oh. 

I asked Meimei "stop everything mummy mummy can anot, call papa papa lah". 

Really is 烦!!! 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2014 星座分析

Saw a friend posted this on FB... I think it's 90% ACCURATE!!! Here's mine! (Those in bold are super accurate, for me!)


没事喜欢胡思乱想, 过份回忆过去沉浸悲伤难释怀。(Haha, in the past yes!)



小老实,小保守。 虽然嘴巴小笨却知道什么话该说,什么话不该说。 

超级吃货,吃货说明好养! <- Hahahah, I love to eat! SO TRUE CAN!


巨蟹座女生的敏感会引发小心眼泛滥, 所以,

无时无刻不在流露对世人的热爱, 对生命的赞赏。

巨蟹座不会伪装, <- DAMN IT TRUE!

1 你不能计较他的自私;
2 性格开朗,爱玩爱笑;
3 绝不能挑战他的自尊心;
4 最好不要和巨蟹座吵架;
5 巨蟹座在生气的时候说的话,你不能计较当真;
6 你的外在不能输给大众,即使你不够美到艳压群芳,你起码要是有个性有特色。【这样的巨蟹座你能不爱吗】


然后蟹子就变得脾气忽冷忽热, 其实蟹子只是失去安全感。

Monday, February 10, 2014

Panic attack!

Omg, I almost had a heart attack this morning! My office computer tio virus, for no specific reason. It's still working but my C drive kept prompting me that it's full. No matter how many files I delete, it's still full. I know confirm tio virus cos I kena this (once) before already. So I tried to "repair" it myself, anyhow click and delete, and it got worse! 吓死我了!

My office documents, my photos, my upcoming advertorial, my videos, my songs... If I lose them, I'll cry for days I think. Hahaha yes, I'm one who will get very upset over losing photos/videos becos they are memories, and it's very very important to me. My husband think I'm crap becos he doesn't really like to take photo, just like Raeann, but I LOVE TAKING PHOTOS, especially for my kids. However, I don't take photo everyday lah, I'll take only when the mood comes...

Thanks genius god, I managed to reformat everything but kept my files intact!! Tikum tikum works for me sometimes, whether is on choices, exams or whatever. Ah yes, my PSLE , O level & CAT (accounting), I tikum-ed on questions I don't know how to do, and I managed to clear, with not bad results, lolol. In life, you really NEED to have that little luck!

My friendS insisted that I watch porn in office. Do I have a porn face? Hahaha

This morning, I brought Meimei to see doc, her fever keeps coming back, on/off and she started coughing yesterday. One thing I feared most is, MY KIDS COUGHING. Becos they never failed to vomit when they cough, especially in the middle of the night!!! 

Just imagine, halfway in your sweet sleep and you got woken up by her cough and vomit on the bed, maybe on your body too. Having to wake up in angry mode is not enough, you need to bathe and clean her first before cleaning yourself and cleaning/changing the bedsheet. Sometimes, this thing continues for a few consecutive nights. (No, my mum's maid don't help and will still be in her sweet dreams yo!) But I think I'm not the only one, right? Most kids vomit via coughing nowadays? 

I think I'm gonna bring the kids to this clinic/doc in Jurong West in future. Becos hor, 1) the medicines prescribed by the previous clinic/doc doesn't seems to be working on them anymore, 2) this clinic/doc is much cheaper, 3) the waiting time is sooooo much shorter too and 4) Dr Tan Cheng Bock is there!!! I saw him this morning!!! Though Meimei (and my mum) are not attended by him, but he's still so friendly, no airs at all, smiled and said "hello" to us! (He attended to Meimei once before, when my aunt brought her there!) He has one very 慈祥 look, which makes people adore and wanna get close to him! :)

Happy Full Month!!! =D 
Be healthy, smart and witty!

Yesterday was Rayden boy's baby shower. I had to be excused cos Meimei's crankiness drove me crazy for the past few days. She's sick so I bo bian, cannot get angry! We actually have lotsa plans for yesterday, but all never do/go, only went to pray cos the temple is outside my house only. Then ZY last minute said he wanna go to the baby shower, Raeann insisted to tag along. His last minute is really LAST minute till I've no time to get the angbaos ready.

Inside the car, on the way home from the temple...

ZY : Later u pass me some angbaos! I'm going TS there! 
Me : Huh? Ok. 

When I reached home, I flew up to my room to get the angbaos, while they waited for me inside the car... But the pre-packed wasn't enough and I had to search for red packets and the balance new notes (left little bit nia), to bao again...

He and Raeann kept rushing me... "faster leh, mummy, faster leh". So I anyhow bao-ed a stack for him, and forgot to take the special one for aunty! :(

So paiseh cos the angbaos collected back were much more than what we gave. I feel really bad cos I dislike to take advantage of people lah. Like my bro and SIL, though they're married, I still give both of them angbao every year cos I don't want them to "lugi" too much as they don't have kids yet. 

Thank you for all the angbaos, though I've no idea who gave which one! 


Just saw this on my diary. Thanks to my dearest terrible Meimei!!! That day, she secretly took my diary and drew it... When she's quiet on her own, she must be doing something up to no good, which can make people 又气又好笑! (If Raeann's quiet on her own, she must have gone inside the TV!)

Both of them really have their own unique ways to make people angry & love them. Totally different in looks & character, you wouldn't guess they're sisters, right?  

Edited : 10:20pm 

Wow, I must have been a fortune teller in my past life!!! I blogged about the vomiting scenerio this afternoon, and at 9:46pm just now, everything I mentioned, happened.

Vomit, clean & bathe her, clean bedsheet (luckily only a little bit), clean floor, wash dirty clothes and cloth, blah blah blah...


But on the account that she was so 乖 just now, watched sadly at Jiejie eat icecream on our way home without fussing (becos I told her she's sick and she can't eat, and I've no choice to get Raeann the icecream cos I forgot to buy some food to shut her mouth), I "sayang" her and tell her not to do it again next time! Unlike Raeann who likes to "niam keng", I just need to say once and Meimei will listen.

This Raeann huh, everyday right after school, she will keep complaining "hungry hungry hungry", and she really can EAT! She will eat whatever I buy inside the car on our way home & then a plate of rice after we reach home. So hungry meh? Issit just her or happens to all the kids?