Monday, February 24, 2014

Dream comes true?

Received this letter from Raeann's school on Friday. WUSHU - Raeann has been asking me to let her learn it... And you know who is the instructor???

Wooohoooooo!!! 几 fit 一下! I was telling my mum, that I wanna join together with Raeann, wahahhaha! 

He was my Sec sch's senior!!! And you'll never expect what happened when I was in Sec sch... 

There was once Vincent Ng went back to visit his ex-teachers (I was still a student there then). Then there was a group of Malay girls, from my batch but different class (not close at all one), they came to me and asked "are you Vincent Ng's sister??"

I was like, "huh?? We look alike meh??"

We do have the same English surname - Ng, but our Chinese surname is different wor. And I don't think we look alike? LOLOL

But anyway, Raeann's not joining any, she's worried that she has no time to learn her spelling. (Yes, she's the one worrying for all her homework, spelling & etc. She will wake up as early as 5am to do her homework or learn her spelling one. And, she will force us to wake up to teach her too! -.-)

Will probably let her join next year, after she settled down. Actually, I'd prefer she join Robotic more, like more interesting leh. But aiya, it's all up to her, I'll let her decide. 

*Woke up with a mosquito bite on my cheek, so angry!

Nowadays very high tech sia, homework and test on website one. Pretty impressed that Raeann has already memorized her BC no. and she knew how to access to everything. So I just leave her to do everything herself. She loves Chinese, so she doesn't give me much problem on that. Btw, her photo is damn hilarious, I LOL when I saw it. 

Extracted from the book I read at the library yesterday. How many do you score? I scored 7/10 lor. I need to read more of such books to be a better mum, hopefully. I'll try harder, to be better. 

Edited : 7:25pm

Made a trip down to Raeann's school to attend a parent's talk cos she's being selected to join LSP - Learning Support Programme, selected by MOE for children with weaker English. They will learn everything from the basic, all over again. 

No, I'm not at all embarrassed that my kid is in this programme, becos it's a fact that she's weak & she needs help. I, on the other hand is also trying my best to help her.

Signed her up for an English enrichment class and she will be starting her first lesson this weekend. To our surprise, when we went for the assessment last Saturday, we saw her current Psch classmate having class there too. So she got really excited about attending this class! 

Chatted abit with his mum and she asked for my number, to be added to the class's whatsapp group. OMG, sibei updated now! 

And today, I exchanged number with another mummy, her kid is in another class but also in LSP. We just hit it off, very well. 

Chatting with all the mummies made me feel better, cos we're facing the same problems! Now I know I'm not the only one. I mean, it always feel good to hear encouraging words from each other, rather than some sarcastic remarks. Only when you're in the same situation, then you will truly understand how it feels. 

(One of my note to self : sincerity in my words and shut up if I've nothing nice to say to others!) 

Most of their kids can't handle Chinese, maybe Raeann is the only special one who prefers Chinese. 

Nope, her Chinese isn't very good, neither did she get full marks for all her 听写 (which I don't ever bother how many marks she get, but she didn't fail before lah). It's just that it's less vomit blood teaching her Chinese than English. 

One thing I'm really thankful about is that she's self-driven (in another word - kiasu), even though she's always giving me problems like "afraid to go school cos she didn't manage to learn all her spelling" or "die die want to finish her homework asap even when there's still alot of time left" or "crying over un-finished homework" or "waking me up as early as 5am to teach her homework/spelling" & etc, once every two days. 

But at least she's hardworking and I don't ever have to remind her to do her homework lah. (Hope it lasts!!!) Probably becos I'm not kiasu, god gave me a kiasu daughter to push me, lolol. 

I've also started to bring her to the library, and I promised her that I'll do so every weekends, either on Sat or Sun. To do her homework, learn her spelling, read some books or whatever. Need to nurture her and myself to love books. I hope it's not too late. 

Sorry that I've been updating too much about Raeann's studies which you might not be interested. But I really really need to keep all these records, to remind me of her growing up stages. Likewise, I'll do the same for Meimei too. 

As of today (2 years 5 months & 4 days old), she's 3/4 potty trained!!! She has not been wearing diapers at home since weeks ago but today, she has officially stopped wearing diapers to school. Only at night and times when I bring her out, I'll put on diaper for her to save trouble. But she dislike wearing diaper and she's the one who requested not to wear it! Oh shit, I think I forgot to wear it for her before she fall asleep just now! 

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