Wednesday, February 5, 2014

English little bit, Hokkien no limit!

The husband is off till next Monday so I asked him to pick Raeann up from school. And...

He's teaching Raeann her homework now while I mask and put Meimei to bed. FINALLY, he knows how torturous it is to teach her. 

You see, I've been doing all these jobs so he doesn't know. He thought it's easy, like how he always say so. So today, he finally get the taste of it. GOOD! Gonna leave it to him and go to bed soon! :) 

1 hour later...

Sigh, want to sleep also cannot! ZY keep shouting and scolding, then Raeann keep crying. He keep scolding her for not being able to read, teaching and forcing her to learn in one night. Who's the one who asked me not to stress her when I made her read & spell basic words in K2? And who's the one who get gan chiong now? 

But nope, I never make a single sound/comment when he lectures her. It's just not right for others to help/comment when one's disciplining his/her kid, not even the spouse. An unspoken rule everyone must know, especially the grandparents. Kids need to be disciplined, not spoilt.

But actually, I find kids very poor thing nowadays. They spend so many hours in school everyday, after school still gotta do homework. Now is almost 11pm, she's still doing her homework, becos ZY forced her to read and read, re-write again and again when she made mistake in her reading. 1 page homework, teach for 2 hours, then the rest didn't do! -.-

Asked her to go & sleep first and complete her homework tomorrow morning at student care, but she insisted to finish all her homework before she sleep. If she can't wake up tomorrow morning, I'm gonna vomit blood again!

This ZY, urghhhhh! His "help" always make me even more busy!

The next day...

Yawnzzz... I'm soooooo sleepy! 

So, the husband is worried about Raeann's studies NOW. A little too late, isn't it? In the past, when I said that her English is very very weak and she needs to be drilled on it, he don't agree with me, he said I'm too kiasu, asked me to relax and not to force/push her too hard. (I'm honestly not those kiasu sort, when I said she's weak, it means she's REALLY WEAK.)

So I learnt... to relax, as much as I can. And now, he becomes very gan chiong, worried that she can't catch up. Then I become the one to say, "don't force her too hard, just let her do her best". Irony much?

ZY : U go search for those weekends English enrichment class, enrol her in, she lidat, cannot lah!
Me : Ok, but you bring her there lor. 
Me : Before you go work, you cannot bring meh? Why everything also me me me! I also need to work leh. Not as if I'm staying at home, eng eng go shopping leh. 

Not trying to claim credit, but it's a known fact that ever since the day the kids are born, I've been doing EVERYTHING for them. All their studies, extra classes & etc, I searched, paid (sometimes), enrolled, sent/fetched, everything. And I need to work, becos I've to pay for my car and their school fees/clothes/shoes.

But, who's the one who complains tired, life's hard & etc, all the time? NOT ME. I mean, I DO have the privilege to complain, but I don't (now) unless I'm really tired due to lack of sleep. I usually try to sleep early everyday, unless I've work/advertorials to do or when my kid's not feeling well. I don't stay up late for my own benefits now, like watching HK series (I don't even dare to start!) or playing games. 

Anyhow, am glad that ZY finally know, how weak her daughter's English is, and I'm not being kiasu, at all. Yes, she's smart, in everything else except English. She learns fast on things she wants to learn, but learns nothing on things she shown no interest in; English (always learn and forget). She's all along lidat! And when I told ZY in the past, he doesn't seemed to care/bother at all, cos he only cares about his own things & money. 

P/S : Student care teacher advised me to enrol her in reading classes, anyone has good intro of such schools in Jurong West area? Let me know, TIA! :)

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