Monday, February 17, 2014


Went there to inhale some lucky air this morning!!! And...

LOLOLOL! Thank you very much, yes, I'll huat tonight! =D 

It's so funny that I even received msgs from friends and bro, saying that I struck some big prize. And when I say I didn't, my bro went "don't bluff leh, 1.6mil issit?" I replied "yah, tonight." Wahahahhahaha

I admit that my status is quite misleading lah. The reason why I checked-in is cos, "OMG, IT'S MY FIRST TIME THERE AND I'M SO EXCITED, even though I didn't win any money, lolol!"

Oh yah, I think I finally understand why lesser and lesser people blog now. Cos hor, when you share about your joy, people will say "you're showing off". When you share about your unhappiness and frustration, people will say "you're childish and not moving on". When you post too many adverts/reviews, people will say "your blog become so commercialise and unreal". In this case, people who get affected, will have nothing to blog anymore. LOL

All along, I've always keep this space REAL. As in, I blog about everything; my joy, frustration, anger, interest (doing reviews & adverts) and etc. (Even when I received the endorsement contract from Splash Media, the first thing I asked them is, "am I still able to blog about everything, like how I used to blog?") Everything I mentioned, is nothing but the truth of what's happening to/around me. I don't see the need to boast (*repeatly) or hide anything, I just post what I feel like posting. It's my blog, I'm ME, love or hate me, whatever! 

*Did you see me posting stuffs like "omg, my kids are so sensible and lovely, blah blah blah, I'm so blessed!" every other 3 days? Yah, that's what I meant. 

Anyway, can I ask all (primary sch kids) parents something? What's one question you will never failed to ask your kid after school everyday huh? Cos I find myself very amusing to ask this question everyday...


HAHAHAHAHAHA! To me, this is very very important okay! Cos I'm worried that she'll be scare to poop in school. And if she don't poop, she will fall sick!!! 

I'll also ask her "what did you eat in school today?" 

Other stuffs about studies and homework, I seldom ask, but she will tell me lah. 

She requested to shower with me just now, I obliged. During the shower, she said she tried to learn some spelling during her free time in school today. I'm touched lah, cos I can see that she's really trying. 

Asked her to rest abit & allowed her to watch her favourite TV show first before we start doing homework at 8pm! :) 

Edited : 9:27pm

Woohoo! Completed her homework fast today. She requested for milk before learning her spelling, but almost fell asleep while drinking. So I asked her to pack her stuffs first before she sleep. She rubbed her eyes saying "I still need to learn spelling." 

Told her to sleep and replenish her energy first and she can learn it tomorrow morning. Lol, sometimes I wonder if I'm doing the right thing or not? I didn't scold/nag her when she failed her spelling, I only told her to "try harder next time". 

Anyway, I sold away my 18cm Pandora bracelet today... 


I think I really butt itchy. That time I find 17cm too short so I sold it away and bought a 18cm instead. Now, I find 18cm too loose and purchased another 17cm. I didn't know that it will get looser after sometime. Even after filling it half full with charms, it's still loose on my wrist. Thought about it for quite awhile before making this decision. 

Maybe one day, I'll suddenly get sick of Pandora and sell everything away. Lol 


Thank you for reading my humble blog, will reply to you shortly.