Saturday, February 8, 2014

Kevin & Miho ♥ 8th Feb 2014

Venue : ONE°15 Marina Club

To be honest, I was quite reluctant to attend this wedding luncheon, cos...
  1. It's a lunch.
  2. I've to bring two kids along.
  3. Meimei's not feeling well.
Early in the morning, I've to nag till my lung come out. I've to beg Raeann again and again and again to wear a dress instead of her usual weird dressing. Then, I've to wake ZY up again and again and again. Not forgetting I've to get the kids and myself prepared, before helping my mum to do a simple makeup!

Also, it's Meimei's nap time, plus she's not feeling well and took medicine, I already predicted that she will be very NOISY. I AM RIGHT!

(Meimei's one hyper active kid, she cannot sit still one. So I really dislike to bring her to such functions. Cos it's ultra vomit blood to have to please her, and I cannot get angry cos I don't wish to snatch away the attention of the groom and bride.) 

Then this Raeann, she cannot get starved one. She kept repeating "mummy I'm so hungry" for about 100 times and I've to keep explaining to her until I got fed up! I was so angry till I asked her to eat my meat lah, what can I do when the food is not served yet and there's nothing to buy nearby!

And hor, both of them can fight and fight and fight, over those sibeh bo liao issues. Example; both of them wanna get close to me, but both of them refused to let each other get near me, so they fought! -.- TELL ME BO LIAO OR NOT LAH! Cannot one on each side meh? 烦 lor!

But all in all, you know what's the most pekchek? They will only come and irritate me, they cannot go and irritate their father meh? When I got irritated & I saw their father in his own world, playing games on his phone #foreverplayinggames, I WILL GET EVEN MORE IRRITATED!

So, friends reading this, if u wanna invite me to your wedding, PLEASE EXCLUDE MY KIDS, can also exclude ZY, becos the 3 of them are damn super irritating. Thank you very much.

Today's an exception cos it's my mum's good friend's son, and we sort of grow up together one! (Around the same age, met often when young but not close cos he's very quiet and shy!) Aiya, actually it was to make my mum happy lah! I'll only give in to 3 people in my life; my mum, Raeann & Raechelle. 

Beautiful place! :)

She requested to take this photo one! 

Seeing Jiejie take photo, she also wanna take. She loves to follow everything her jiejie do!

The sun was too glaring & I think she was drowsy from the medicine liao. But as usual, after every photo, she will ask "美吗? 给我看!" Haha! Little vainpot!

Meimei : "I want to sit this swing!" 

Quite a distance from the Carpark to the ballroom. And when kids see playground, they will forget about everything else. (Was too angry and hungry till I anyhow captioned the above photo on my IG! Felt so crappy while reading back just now! Lol) 

I'm really wondered, who Raeann inherited her ultra small eyes from? My eyes are small, but NOT this small leh. She often got mistaken as Japanese, cos of her fair complexion and ultra small eyes.

Oh yes, Miho is pure Japanese! They played the video of their wedding ceremony held in Japan last year. So I know more about Japan's culture now; how's their wedding like & etc! 

Lo hei again! First time eat 鱼生 at wedding!  

Oh, hahahah, I made ZY teach Raeann her homework again now. Tomorrow no school, so it's okay. (He wanna collect tuition fee from me lor, shit him, hahaha!) But he's not so harsh like that day liao, after knowing that she's very stressed up. Can I sleep earlier tonight?

His method of teaching really can make people LOL. He translated all the English words to broken Chinese, in a serious tone, to make Raeann understand. HAHAHAHA

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