Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Looking forward to...

Hey yo! Suddenly I'm so re-energized after the praying session with my family this morning. Maybe it's 心里作用, but I really feel better somehow, like the god gave me some power or what! Hahaha! So positive again and there are so many things to look forward to!!!

  • Bro's birthday dinner tonight! CRABSSSSSSS!
  • Splash Media (Black Box)'s 1st anniversary party tomorrow! 
  • Two advertorials waiting to be published, next week!
  • Another advertorial assignment next week! 

After the praying, we had this famous Lor Mee at Bukit Purmei for brunch. Just look at the non-stop long long queue! Frankly speaking, I've no idea why issit so famous? It tasted like any other Lor Mee except that they put plenty of ingredients and it's not expensive ($2.50/$3.50). Now, I'M SUPER FULL, I can't concentrate on anything cos I'm so sleepy, lolol.

Anyway, while driving just now, I chatted with my mum and aunt about my childhood days. Yes, the aunt is the same aunt looking after my kids now. She looked after me and my siblings since young, together with her 4 kids. Total 8 of us!

You know how I spent my primary school days, besides studying? 

Block catching, hide and seek, badminton, cycling, threw marbles, Tamiya and all the sweating games, almost everyday (after doing our homework). My aunt said she had to "shout" for all of us to go back for dinner, everytime. Oh, her voice used to be sooooo powerful that we could hear it few blocks away, lolol. 

We did all the LAME things like taking turns to go down to "book" the badminton court super early, under the scorching hot sun so we could have the court during the evening time... hahah! 

It was so fun, days were so much simpler! That's what I call "CHILDHOOD" and it's precisely what I hope my kids can have. 


  1. Hi Joanne, saw your facebook on show luo zhi xiang and a comment saying he is coming to sg this friday. Do you mind share the location and time he is in singapore cos i've to take leave asap so i can get to see him. Always missed the chances to see him. Please help. Thank you so so much!!!!

    1. Hi, you are? I seriously have no idea where and what time he's coming to SG... Lol! If you know, please tell me!!!

  2. I also don't know i am your follower from your facebook. You shared the Joanne Ng shared 羅志祥 SHOW's photo.
    Someone comment: Huifen Vivian This Friday... He will be in sg. Hahahahahhaa
    Your comment: Joanne Ng Hur hur...............

    1. HAHAHAHA! Okok! Yah I know the comment but I didn't ask her eh... Lol Kk I ask and let u know, if she tell me, hahahahaha!

  3. Ok. Thanks so much. Faster if is true i have to apply leave to see him. Awwww. Awaiting for yor good new here!!!! You're the best!!!!

    1. Ok, asked. He's the special guest for Far East Organisation D&D this fri... Will do a short 30 mins performance at Singapore Expo.

      Time wise, I'm not too sure. But since it's D&D, should be after 7pm? :)


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