Saturday, February 15, 2014

Never-ending HOMEWORK!

Have been neglecting this space, cos I'm damn moodless. Busy is not an excuse for me cos I love blogging too much, so much so despite my busy schedules, I'll still find time to blog, with my phone, ie; when I'm putting the kids to bed.

But I'm sooooo moodless to do anything. Cos my kids fall sick one after another. I fell sick that day too but thank god I'm strong enough that I got better the next day. 

Raeann missed school for two days (followed by a school holiday on Friday) and she has not recovered till now. Rushed her to doctor this morning...

So, knowing that she will have flooded homework, I went to collect her homework on Thursday evening. I don't want her to feel stress when she returns to school on Monday. 

Managed to clear some with her on Friday. She slept whole afternoon today after taking her medicines, and from just now till now, continue struggling with homework!!! 

Seriously, need to be so stress in P1 or not? Like 20 pages of Maths? Still got English and Chinese!!! Walao! ZY saw me almost gone crazy and volunteered to take over. THANK GOD! (Imagine I never collect and she comes back on Monday evening with that pile of homework, when will she finish doing it huh?) 

ZY admitted mah, that Raeann's totally like him when it comes to studies (I HOPE NOT!!!). He claimed he's damn smart, just that he dislike books. I said "yah, smart at playing games, sleeping, gambling & doing rubbish lah". 

You know, I'm very scare of hearing this word "mummy" now. Cos...

Early in the morning - MUMMY
Make milk - MUMMY
Shit - MUMMY
Pee in the pants - MUMMY
Hungry - MUMMY
Wanna eat chicken wings don't wanna dirty hands - MUMMY 
Drink water - MUMMY 
Bathe - MUMMY 
Do homework - MUMMY
Sleep - MUMMY

*Applied to both of them cos Raeann's not feeling well recently & becomes super yang-oh. 

I asked Meimei "stop everything mummy mummy can anot, call papa papa lah". 

Really is 烦!!! 


  1. I feel u. Especially the Mummy part. Then the daddy will come tell u but they dun wan me leh...

    1. Yes yes yes OMG. Like only the mum is human and visible to them, the dad is a statue. Damn. Lol


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