Monday, February 10, 2014

Panic attack!

Omg, I almost had a heart attack this morning! My office computer tio virus, for no specific reason. It's still working but my C drive kept prompting me that it's full. No matter how many files I delete, it's still full. I know confirm tio virus cos I kena this (once) before already. So I tried to "repair" it myself, anyhow click and delete, and it got worse! 吓死我了!

My office documents, my photos, my upcoming advertorial, my videos, my songs... If I lose them, I'll cry for days I think. Hahaha yes, I'm one who will get very upset over losing photos/videos becos they are memories, and it's very very important to me. My husband think I'm crap becos he doesn't really like to take photo, just like Raeann, but I LOVE TAKING PHOTOS, especially for my kids. However, I don't take photo everyday lah, I'll take only when the mood comes...

Thanks genius god, I managed to reformat everything but kept my files intact!! Tikum tikum works for me sometimes, whether is on choices, exams or whatever. Ah yes, my PSLE , O level & CAT (accounting), I tikum-ed on questions I don't know how to do, and I managed to clear, with not bad results, lolol. In life, you really NEED to have that little luck!

My friendS insisted that I watch porn in office. Do I have a porn face? Hahaha

This morning, I brought Meimei to see doc, her fever keeps coming back, on/off and she started coughing yesterday. One thing I feared most is, MY KIDS COUGHING. Becos they never failed to vomit when they cough, especially in the middle of the night!!! 

Just imagine, halfway in your sweet sleep and you got woken up by her cough and vomit on the bed, maybe on your body too. Having to wake up in angry mode is not enough, you need to bathe and clean her first before cleaning yourself and cleaning/changing the bedsheet. Sometimes, this thing continues for a few consecutive nights. (No, my mum's maid don't help and will still be in her sweet dreams yo!) But I think I'm not the only one, right? Most kids vomit via coughing nowadays? 

I think I'm gonna bring the kids to this clinic/doc in Jurong West in future. Becos hor, 1) the medicines prescribed by the previous clinic/doc doesn't seems to be working on them anymore, 2) this clinic/doc is much cheaper, 3) the waiting time is sooooo much shorter too and 4) Dr Tan Cheng Bock is there!!! I saw him this morning!!! Though Meimei (and my mum) are not attended by him, but he's still so friendly, no airs at all, smiled and said "hello" to us! (He attended to Meimei once before, when my aunt brought her there!) He has one very 慈祥 look, which makes people adore and wanna get close to him! :)

Happy Full Month!!! =D 
Be healthy, smart and witty!

Yesterday was Rayden boy's baby shower. I had to be excused cos Meimei's crankiness drove me crazy for the past few days. She's sick so I bo bian, cannot get angry! We actually have lotsa plans for yesterday, but all never do/go, only went to pray cos the temple is outside my house only. Then ZY last minute said he wanna go to the baby shower, Raeann insisted to tag along. His last minute is really LAST minute till I've no time to get the angbaos ready.

Inside the car, on the way home from the temple...

ZY : Later u pass me some angbaos! I'm going TS there! 
Me : Huh? Ok. 

When I reached home, I flew up to my room to get the angbaos, while they waited for me inside the car... But the pre-packed wasn't enough and I had to search for red packets and the balance new notes (left little bit nia), to bao again...

He and Raeann kept rushing me... "faster leh, mummy, faster leh". So I anyhow bao-ed a stack for him, and forgot to take the special one for aunty! :(

So paiseh cos the angbaos collected back were much more than what we gave. I feel really bad cos I dislike to take advantage of people lah. Like my bro and SIL, though they're married, I still give both of them angbao every year cos I don't want them to "lugi" too much as they don't have kids yet. 

Thank you for all the angbaos, though I've no idea who gave which one! 


Just saw this on my diary. Thanks to my dearest terrible Meimei!!! That day, she secretly took my diary and drew it... When she's quiet on her own, she must be doing something up to no good, which can make people 又气又好笑! (If Raeann's quiet on her own, she must have gone inside the TV!)

Both of them really have their own unique ways to make people angry & love them. Totally different in looks & character, you wouldn't guess they're sisters, right?  

Edited : 10:20pm 

Wow, I must have been a fortune teller in my past life!!! I blogged about the vomiting scenerio this afternoon, and at 9:46pm just now, everything I mentioned, happened.

Vomit, clean & bathe her, clean bedsheet (luckily only a little bit), clean floor, wash dirty clothes and cloth, blah blah blah...


But on the account that she was so 乖 just now, watched sadly at Jiejie eat icecream on our way home without fussing (becos I told her she's sick and she can't eat, and I've no choice to get Raeann the icecream cos I forgot to buy some food to shut her mouth), I "sayang" her and tell her not to do it again next time! Unlike Raeann who likes to "niam keng", I just need to say once and Meimei will listen.

This Raeann huh, everyday right after school, she will keep complaining "hungry hungry hungry", and she really can EAT! She will eat whatever I buy inside the car on our way home & then a plate of rice after we reach home. So hungry meh? Issit just her or happens to all the kids? 


  1. Lol at Rachelle work at ur diary. I often get such surprise too but quite funny most times

    1. Yah... Then cannot get angry cos it's too funny. hahahaha


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