Friday, February 7, 2014

Thank you!

Amidst all unhappiness, there's something I've to be thankful about...

Thank you to those who bother to leave me a comment/FB msg/email/WA, after reading my blog. Whether is to chat me up, giving me advises, introducing me good schools, sending me encouragement msgs & etc, I APPRECIATE IT LOADS.

I'm blogging a post for this, not only becos I'm grateful, but I'm kind of surprise as well. I mean, I'm aware that there are still people reading this blog (by checking out the stats), but it's been a long time since I've received such heartfelt messages, I thought nobody cares about me anymore! *sobz* Hahaha!

I reckoned that it's not gonna be easy for me, for the whole of this year! It's starting to shake, in every aspect of my life. I can only pray for patience, strength and luck, not only for me, but for my whole family as well!

  • Patience; to wait.
  • Strength; to fight through every obstacles.
  • Luck; to have opportunities and meet nice people. 

I know we can do it! YES! And to those who are facing problems too, let's fight on together!

Thank you, once again! :) Can't wait to blog something positive now!!!

Oh yah, the husband & MIL (cos phone is bought under her name) sent me to Paragon for 1 to 1 exchange of my iPhone today. (Thank you!) 2nd time exchanging it, within 1 year. 

Perhaps, this is the ONLY thing I love about iPhone. They offer 1 to 1 exchange service if there's a problem with your iPhone. Cos there's no need to wait for repair and be phone-less for a few days! 

But yes, it's quite troublesome too. Cos you have to back up all your datas first, then DL back all the apps again on your new phone! 


  1. Hi babe cos you're a good blogger so you have good readers too.

    Do you mind share if you have youror any company wana hire admin assistant? Thank you

    1. Haha, no lah, mine is small company. I bao ka liao mah. Haha


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