Monday, February 3, 2014

The 马vellous CNY


Hey everyone...

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Have a 马vellous Year ahead!
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Here's a summary of my CNY! (I blogged daily, but didn't post it, cos I want to lump all in one post!) Just for my own record! ^.^ (Becos I've posted all my LIVE! updates on my IG/FB page!)

Dear Mouth,

You've worked very hard for the past few days.

Busy eating, talking, eating, talking, eating, talking, scolding, nagging...


Love you always,
Your owner!

【除夕 30/1/14】

Raeann has school today, at 7:20am. I set alarm at 6:45am, ZY promised to send her there (made a pact with Raeann to let ZY send her, one week ago). Guess what time she woke up, herself? 


Then she went to brush teeth, wash face and change. And she tried to wake ZY up. She woke me up at 6:05am, asked me to help her tie her hair. I tied it with my eyes closed, lol. 

Then ZY asked, "what time she need to be in school? 6:30am ah?" 

Me : Huh? No lah! Now what time?

ZY : 6:05am lor


Her enthu-ness is stressing me out. (If you're following my IG/FB page, you will get what I mean.) 

Went over to CCK to have reunion lunch. Only for awhile, cos ZY wanted to sleep and Raeann wanted to do her homework. 

The never-ending homework legend still remains, after so long! 

Then, a dinner prepared by SIL with my family. We decided not to have steamboat, just like last year, becos we will be eating a lot of steamboat during CNY! This year a little different though, mum ordered buffet on 初二! 

Went for our 3rd round at Redhill after that. But nope, I didn't eat liao! Just to show face, give/collect angbaos then BOOMZ, off we went to pray! 

Kids fell asleep inside the car, on our way home.

【初一 31/1/14】

This siao eh woke up at 6+am, asked me to teach her do homework! Walao

Yes, same cheongsum in different colors.

I pretended not to see Meimei's sport shoes! 
#sougly #ofcossheneverwearthatout

From Zing's phone! 

#eatnonstop #movenonstop

Nicest shot among the multiple. Not easy to take photo with kids, at all. 
Thanks photographer SIL!!! 

The prints of my today's dress! =D We're all in flora!!!


From Mel's phone!

4 houses in about 5 hours! 

Rushed back home to have dinner with my parents! STEAMBOAT!!!

Meimei didn't have a proper nap today, so she was super cranky and noisy when we reached home. Put her to bed, bathed then enjoyed my steamboat, in peace!!! When the kids are not around, the house is super quiet but when they are around, it become super noisy. WHY CANNOT BE MODERATE HUH???  

First & the last time wearing it! Must throw liao! 
#sibehchorlor #chorlorcharbor

This cookie looks plain and unappetizing but it's ultimate tasty!!! Addictive one!
#DoNotJudgeCookiesByItsLook #DietOnMonday #iamjustkidding

P/S : Thanks Splash Media (Black Box SG) for the CNY goodies!
P/P/S : First time received $5 angbao! 

【初二 1/2/14】

Heng ah, Raeann didn't wake up at weird hours to ask me teach her do homework today!!! But her homework only left Chinese & art. Chinese is HYPY, I think I don't know how to teach. Art, she can do herself! 

Today's casual day! (Lol, I know I don't look casual at all! Bo bian ah, I only bought like 2-3 dresses! Dresses cos it's less headache, don't have to match this match that!) Cos the place we visited is very near my house! 

ZY's aunt is a very very good cook! Every year, she will prepare a table of traditional home dishes to welcome us! I forgot to eat the popiah today and I'm so sad about it, haha! 

After that, we came back to expect guests at home! Relatives from papa's side!!!


Never eat much so I've no comment!

These 4 photos damn hilarious! The kids were digging gold, for I don't know what reason. And then, they compared whose one is bigger? Walao!!! I cannot stop laughing at Layton boy's expression! Hahaha (Why they dig nose until so happy ah?) 

From Zing's phone!

Layton kept wanting to hug and kiss Raechelle but she kept running away! Lol

Every year, for sure!

Must take turns cos too many people! Calculated by Bo, my ah ma has a total of 40 children/grand children/great grand children. Heh! Me and ZY have many many many relatives!!! That's why I need to bao about 200 angbaos every year. Tell me it's not tired! Give until confused lor! So worried I'll miss out someone! 

Sat down for 3 games and I heard Meimei calling liao! So I stopped and went to attend to her. Well, my dad will scold me if I gamble & leave my kids to others/alone. (I can never do that too lah!) Kids are mine & it's my responsibility.

Haha, hug again!! 

By the way, they are born in the same year but Meimei's 3 months older. 

Now that Meimei's slightly older, 来了来了... Heard this twice today, "生多一个男的啦"!!! (Once from ZY's aunt and once from my ah ma!) 


(I reckon I'll hear this many many times, during every CNY for the next few years. Afterall, this is old folks' favourite topic!) 

My reply, "you take my life lah". HAHAHAHA 

My conclusion, old folks' thinking, "the more the merrier". They will never understand how hard it is to take care & discipline kids nowadays. I'd rather concentrate on my two, than to have more and lose my concentration for all. Get what I mean?

Anyway, genders to me is really really not important, at all. I don't care about what 传种接代 crap! No son to 送终? Whatever lah! Die already, so it doesn't matter. Haha

I even asked Raeann not to get married in future, earn her own income so she need not rely on man. 

ZY scolded me, saying "where got mother lidat one?" 

Aiya, what matters most is, they're happy & healthy. The rest isn't important lah! 

So worn out from chasing Meimei up and down the whole day! 

P/S : Anyone knows the meaning of angbao rate? Why someone gave the kids $14 huh? I mean, why not $10 or $12 huh? 

【初三 2/2/14】

Finally able to sleep till 自然醒!!! Guess I was too tired, that's why able to filter out Meimei's calling and their noise. TOO TIRED! Non stop visiting, gathering, eating & talking! 

Their #ootd! Bought only 3 sets of clothes for them! Wanna buy more but the sight of their exploding wardrobe feared me! =X

Steamboat for lunch within the family! After that, we prepared for house visiting again!!! 

Visited my 80+ year old Aunty whom has 老人痴呆症 失智症. She can't recognise anyone & is wheel chair bounded already. But becos she's lidat, she becomes more optimistic in a sense. She kept touching and kissing everyone, even ZY! Hahaha 

After that, we sent Raeann to West Mall to look for BIL they all (cos she's going to stay at their house for a night, BIL promised to bring her to arcade). Then we brought Meimei to watch a movie - 赌神 (not sure if I got the title right not). 

Quite a rubbish show even though it's funny, but the storyline abit nonsense. 

Thereafter, we proceeded to my uncle's house, for steamboat and...

(Kope from my cousin's FB!) Lo-hei again lor!

My CNY is a routine from day 1 to day 3, every year. The places I'll visit, the people I'll see, the food I'll eat & etc, standard one. Everyday lined up, super busy one! FINALLY, no more house visiting, I think? 

(The husband's very kay siao. He misses Raeann and keep wanting to go to his bro's house to bring her back but he keep using Meimei as an excuse, said it's Meimei who's missing Jiejie so much and wants her to come back, but I never hear Meimei fussing about it? Hahaha)

【初四 3/2/14】

Many people 开工 liao. But I self declared one more day off (actually my mum said one lah) cos the kids have no school eh. Forcing the husband to bring us out later. If there's something worth mentioning, I'll update this space! =D

Ran some errands today, then went to CCK for steamboat, also to pick Raeann home. The steamboat wasn't planned until today. 

Then when we reached home, there was steamboat going on too. HAHAHAHA 

The husband... DAMN TOK GONG! My first reaction when I saw him eating after bathing Meimei, "HUH? 你又吃啊?" 

His reply, "可以吗? 我吃一点可以吗?" (He ate about 45 mins?) 

Okay, we had our first meal at 3+pm, Ajisen Ramen. And then, steamboat at CCK at around 5+pm. HE ATE ALOT! Before we left CCK, he told me, "WAH, 我 sibeh sibeh 饱 leh!" 

That's why I was totally shocked when I saw him eating again!!! Every 2 hours interval!!! NOW YOU KNOW WHY HE IS SO FAT! Not my fault hor! 

【初五 4/2/14】

Back to work today! Not a good day cos early in the morning, while I was shifting my mum's car out (so that my car can go out), I accidentally knocked the side mirror into the gate! And that mirror broke, now left slightly more than half a piece! :( 

Confessed immediately to my parents, thought they will scold me, but my dad never make any sound, and my mum said it's okay cos the car's gonna scrap in around 6 months time. Really is 落地开花 lor!

An accident is an accident, not gonna say anything to justify myself. I didn't do it on purpose, I was too careless and probably, tired too. So sorry, Picnic! :(

This was what I had for lunch! ZY had an ADDITIONAL plate of chicken rice, he said he's very hungry. Tell you all a secret...

Last night, after his "一点" steamboat, he told me he's going to gym (diet) soon cos he cannot stand the sight of his HUGE tummy. But I think his "soon" is not anytime soon. 

Anyway, today is 立春! Myth - If you bank in some money into your bank account, you will see money growing in it for the rest of the year. 

I heard there are long queues everywhere at all the banks/cash deposit machines. 


However, my money did not grow! :( 

So I didn't do it again this year! I hate queues!!! 

【初六 5/2/14】

This morning, I caned ZY, cos he lied, lol. Asked him what time he came back last night, he said "十二点多一点 (AM)". 

I was working on one upcoming advertorial till around 1am. WHY I DIDN'T SEE HIM COMING BACK??? I knew he's lying so I caned him, hahahahahahaha. How can he lie in front of the kids, right? Need to cane him to show good example to the kids, that it's not right to lie!!!

Actually, it's not the first time lah, he ALWAYS 报假账 one. Like if he reach home at 3am, he will say "around 1-2am", about 1-2 hours earlier one. I knew his pattern long ago, even my mother also know lor.

开工 company lunch! 又再捞, 发啊!!!


This special naughty girl was being sent to my office around 1+pm, cos my aunt has a dinner to attend. She's sooooo cheeky and mischievous but everyone still love her so much! 

【初七 6/2/14】

Happy Birthday everyone! 


  1. now dementia is called 失智症 liaos.. nicer name

    1. Ohhh... I heard this name before, but I thought it's two different illness. Thanks for telling me!

  2. Hi babe you're so pretty. Would like to ask have you ever do soft rebounding before or rebounding what is the difference? How much do you usually do at? Hope you can advise cos i'm considering doing my hair "CUI" till i can't even see myself in the mirror or even going out but i still have to go work with it. Thank you very much.

    1. Yes, I used to do it once every year, but few years never do liao, cos rebonded hair will look flat and it's not so nice. Soft rebonding won't look so flat lor... Maybe you can do treatment frequently, till your hair not so cui? Cos rebonding will makes your hair even more cui eh.

  3. Babe thanks for your reply. Oh really rebounding will makes hair more cui eh? I never know cos everytime after rebounding the hair will feel soft and non frizzy liao. So do frequently treatment will get rid of those frizzy hair anot huh? Thank you

    1. Yes ah, cos rebonding is chemical mah... It will feel soft and smooth if your hair is healthy enough (never dye, bleach before). Otherwise, rebonding harms your hair more than perming.

      I suppose that frequent treatments do help to improve hair conditions. I used to have a classmate in sec sch, she do always do hair treatment and her hair is so silky smooth lor.

  4. Oh thanks babe for your advise. How frequent hair treatment do you mean by frequent? Hair treatment by the salon or DIY? Can you please help, i really hope to improve my hair always envy people can have good hair day when mine always gone case one lor, make my day always so down. Sorry for asking so much help and Thank you so much.

    1. Probably, once every 2 weeks?

      Or, maybe you can buy treatment cream from drugstores & DIY at home! Or some hair oil to apply everyday!

      I'm actually in no position to advise u cos my hair is not healthy as well. Too much dyes and bleach. It only looks smooth when I blow it...


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