Thursday, February 27, 2014

Weekend again...

Kinda busy with work recently.

That's fast, tomorrow is Friday again!! Also the end of Feb! And it's time to pay all the fees/bills again!!! Walao

Anyway, I've just confirmed the school bus for Raeann. It's funny that they charged $81 for one way and $90 to and fro. Why only $9 difference??? 

Not cheap but saves a lot of hassles! I can come back earlier, shower and wait for her, at home. Was assured that she will reach home before 7pm, at 6:50pm. (I reached home about 7pm everyday after fetching her lor!) 

More and more things to pay for now, sigh. No choice, I need to work harder!!! 

Sometimes, when I feel mentally tired and stress, I just want to work and work to forget everything. It's so much better to feel physically tired, cos at the end of the day, you just need a good sleep, that's all! 

Now my life is, 活一天, 过一天. I dare not have any plans (or dreams) becos whatever I planned, always doesn't comes in my way. It's always the "impromptu" that worked out! So, don't think too much, just face whatever comes. Only need to stay strong to overcome it! :) 

My sis will be celebrating her advanced 21st birthday over this weekend, for two days! One day for all her friends, another day for all the relatives!

Okay, till then. 

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