Monday, March 31, 2014

Krabi, I'm coming...

The holiday mood suddenly kicks in today, as I was discussing with ML what to bring and I can't sleep now! Omg! I suddenly got so frigging excited!!!

I tried to sleep, but my whole mind was filled with beach, spas, massages, food, what clothes to wear and maybe... beach babes & hunks, lolol!

Anyway, I'll be leaving only on Thursday morning lor, and I'm gonna be excited till I can't sleep for the next few nights, siao liao!

In case you wanna know, the air ticket + hotel + insurance costed S$456 per pax. ML is the one sourcing/booking everything, I told her to just let me know the total amount to pay.

So thankful to have such a friend, cos I need not do anything. I'm just too moodless to do anything for the past one week, I just know I need to go for a break.

And yes, impromptu plan ALWAYS work out for me! Yay!!!

FINALLY, it's my turn to go for a holiday!!!!



2am now, and still awake...

KNN BRAIN, need to be so excited anot!!! 

Side track abit...

Spent my whole Sunday evening watching "Beauty Gone Wrong" on xin.msn, my mum introduced me one. Well, if you've the intention to go for plastic surgeries, PLEASE DO NOT WATCH IT FIRST. You confirm will back out after watching it.

So, there's this episode about a mummy blogger who took up a facial sponsorship and caused serious damages to her face. (This story sounds so familiar from a beauty blogger recently, except that she's not a mummy yet!)

Anyway, in that episode, this "yummy mummy" beauty blogger is a homemaker, who takes care of her only son. She dressed herself up, put on wayang makeup every morning, just to send her son to school. *ahem*

And then, she went for the facial sponsorship, and caused her face to rot. She mentioned that she has about 120 unique visitors daily. Erm... 120 alot meh?

The way she speaks (inside the show) is really kiam pa. But eventually, after her face recovered, she shut down her blog and focus 100% on her family...

Ehhhh... I've to clarify that I'M NOT LIDAT HOR. I don't deliberately dress up or make up when I send my kids to school and up till today, I'm still skeptic about taking up facial sponsorship (I've rejected quite a few liao!) becos I don't wanna put my beloved face at risk, unless I'm very very assured by the person doing it for me. Else, nobody is to touch my face, lol.

I still have a few sessions for the facial package I signed and I've been procrastinating to go for it. Reason being is, my complexion was so bad during that period of time when I went for monthly (or two months) facial. It's like walao, I even had acne, those fucking pimples that cannot be squeezed out. It's plain irritating!

Glad that it's all well now. I think I'll give the facial package to my mum instead.  

Wahahhahaa, I know this has absolutely no link but I wanna link it to my face can anot?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Yesterday was my 7th Wedding Anniversary, but again, it wasn't any big deal. ZY came back around 2am! Why I know?


I wasn't angry, I'm TOO NUMB to even get angry. He's the one who make me feel how NOT important a person & marriage can be. And I really can't be bothered anymore. 

My mum came inside my room to drop me a "bomb" last night, saying that she's going holiday in mid April again... I mean, I'm not against her going for holiday, she deserved it, I know. What I'm afraid of is, the handling of 4 "kids" (the two little imps, ZY and my father) when she's not around.

So, I've decided to plan a holiday for myself before she go... To charge my power so I'll have the energy to handle everything when she's not around. Sometimes, you really need that bit of impulsiveness to work something out...

ML saw my status and we're like planning for the most impromptu trip ever now. Most likely, to Krabi and departing next week, lolol. Still waiting for her leave approval. We intend to go there and NUA for 4 days. 

I told her, "Just book, don't have to think. Book liao then arrange!"

Can't believe I'm so cool sial, lolol. 

But, when we were so enthu checking out the air ticket and hotel, M'sia dropped the sad news on MH370. Very very sad. RIP to all the victims! :(

And then, I "informed" ZY about the trip. He said, "CANNOT LAH, THEN THE KIDS HOW, I HOW?"

I've already arranged the kids. As for him, his problem lah.

You know, he's damn selfish. He can come back late, throw me and the kids at home everyday. But whenever he see me not around when he reach home, HE FEELS UNEASY. Whenever I go out, he can call me like 300 times & msg me like 100 times!!! Like seriously!

I think he go marry a maid better lah!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Secret Mission

If you're following me on IG/FB page, you'd have seen my posts yesterday on a successful marriage proposal.

When K msged me about his plan around 3 months ago (to ask if I'm able to attend), on a gloomy working day, I got super excited after that! Hahaha! I agreed to go immediately, I'm so excited to be part of it!!!

PY was totally clueless about it cos it's a surprise mah. And you know, she msged me last week, "we MUST meet during this March school holiday, at least once!"

I was like, "okokok, we will meet lah", wahahhahahha. 

Everyone of us was given a "task" to do, and I was in charge of picking PY's parents up, at town, at 2pm. 

But, I was super scare to meet traffic jam and late, I reached there at about 1:30pm. I DISLIKE COCKING UP PEOPLE'S PLAN LAH! 

PY's mum asked why was I so excited, like as if I was the one getting proposed, lolol. I'm sincerely happy and excited okay! 

It took me quite awhile to find that hotel inside Sentosa!!! Omg, it's sooooo messy in there! I've no idea how many wrong routes I took! But luckily, I managed to find it! Haha! And I parked very far to avoid letting PY see my prominent pink car. It's so easy to recognise lor. And K said she remembers all our car plates so we have to "hide" our cars. Lolol 

All of us reached at 2+pm to prepare and do some decos...

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Wahahhahahaha, I just saw something on FB and I laughed hysterically, to myself.

I've this guy friend, who is mid 40 and he posted his selfies everyday, recently. And his guy friend left a comment, "if this continues everyday, sorry i'll block you liao".

I wonder if it's this sentence? Or his selfie is amusing??? LOLOL

(I also don't take selfie this often lor, lolol!)

Anyway, Raeann's out for excursion with her student care mates since this morning. I wonder if she's enjoying herself now? I hope so cos she was so so so so so so so so so excited about this outing. And becos she's excited, I must do my part too...

Deliberately set my alarm one hour earlier to prepare these!!! (I cooked the ham! My kids don't eat it uncooked!) I find it very cute that's why I wanna post! Those ugly food I prepared for them, I can't be bothered to even take photo!!! =D

I'm not trying to prove anything hor becos this is what a mother SHOULD do. Most mothers do all these for their kids, so it's NO BIG DEAL AT ALL.

Gonna be SAHDNM for tomorrow and Friday! Till then. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Tarzan (& Jane)

On the way to pick Jiejie up!

Just reached home from this movie with the kiddos after Raeann's enrichment class. Cathay FTW!!! 

Movie is not the bad, quite nice! Meimei stayed awake just to watch! (Usually, she will just knock out!) 

I was kind of excited to go out today becos... I CAN PUT MAKEUP!!! A light one though... 

I miss dolling up, I miss making myself pretty, I miss me!

Didn't sleep well last night, kept waking up. So I'm gonna KO now...

Good night! Good weather cos it rained whole day!! God heard my rants?! Thank you oh!!! ^.^

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Homemade Wanton Noodle

Intended to bring the kids out today but...

Wtf, don't know simi weather is this?? SO FUCKING HOT CAN! Got 40 degrees or not ah? Can someone do magic and bring me to wherever that is cold now??? I don't mind places below 10 degrees. I don't mind having to wear thick coat (in fact, I like it). I really don't mind!

You know that kind of feeling... THE MOMENT WHEN YOU WALK OUT OF YOUR AIRCON ROOM AND YOU HAVE TO SWEAT NON STOP. To top it off, mosquitoes have to keep attacking us!!!

This kind of super hot weather makes me very hot tempered, especially the past few days as I rushed in and out of the office many times a day! Simply when I reached home, I laid flat on my bed (after shower) becos my energy was totally drained out liao.

Okay, on a better note, MY MUM IS BACK!!! Hooohooo! I'm having my moment of peace cos the kids miss their ah ma so much and are accompanying her now. AT LAST!!! Someone to share their 烦 with me. HAHAHA

(I think I need a few days break too, from everything. Becos I fully agreed that "休息是为了走很长远的路".) 

SIL cooked wanton noodle today and I helped out a bit bit lah. Cut mushroom & 包 wanton lor. Hahaha 

I mean, I know how to cook cos I've cooked it before, but I'm lazy!!! Kitchen is not the place for me. I cook mainly becos of my kids, not becos I enjoy cooking. It depends entirely on my mood! 

I know I know, people always say "cooking good food will keep your man". But it's all bullshit lah, IMO, becos not every man knows how to appreciate!!! Definitely not mine!

Everything is handmade, including the noodle and wanton skin (made by SIL's uncle). 

Yummy!!! But the portion is a tad too big, normal human won't be able to finish it! Thank you so much for this fantastic dinner, Jing! (If you're reading this!)

Finally, it's the school holiday! One week don't have to teach homework, YAY!!! I'm soooooo scare of homework lor, hahahha! 

(Of cos, she has plenty of homework for the holiday but I'm gonna leave it to the student care. 绕了我吧!!!) 

Friday, March 14, 2014


Hey baby, I'm back!!! Miss me?

I miss my mummy so much lor! Hur hur. It has been quite peaceful for the last few days, phewz, thank god! You see, I DON'T WANNA JINX IT, that's why I only blog on this very last day, and my mum will be back tomorrow morning, YAY!!!

Anyway, I chanced upon an old Taiwan series on YouTube yesterday...

By Wilber Pan & Raine Yang! 

It's so fucking funny I swear. And suddenly, I find that Wilber Pan is quite cute!!! And I also realised... I've a new crappy friend who smile like him!!!

THIS DAMN SMILE. Only the smile, minus the face! 

And this uncle hor, he requested me to blog about him cos he stalked my blog and said it's boring cos all char bor stuffs... 

Ok, I'm going to the market now to help my mum run errands liao, blog later!!!

Hoohooo!! 我回来了!!!

I bought my favorite snacks to accompany me, teeheeeheee!

Oh yay, I completed the whole 21 episodes liao!!! Nice! I love watching love stories, and imagine myself inside, whahahahahahaha!!! I'm hopeless already, just ignore me!

Ok lah, here's a video for the ta por... I find it quite cute albeit RA!!! 

Click HERE!!!

Hahahahaha! ENJOY AH~

Monday, March 10, 2014

Yun Nam Hair Care


Before I start, yeahhhhh, HELLO, that's me at Yun Nam Hair Care; Jurong Point outlet. 

Established in 1984, Yun Nam Hair Care, a well-known household name for decades, firmly believes in using natural herbs to improve hair health.

Their customised hair treatments have helped countless male and female customers to recover from various hair problems.

They would examine your hair thoroughly to identify the causes of your hair problems and advise on which treatment is appropriate for you. With the use of advanced hair growth technology and herbal remedies, nutrients are actively penetrated into your hair scalp and follicles to significantly reduce hair fall and greatly increase hair growth.

So today, I'm gonna share my (first) fantastic experience at Yun Nam Hair Care with you. I'll show you my before & after scalp photos as well. But I need to warn you first, the "before" photos are quite gross, I developed goosebumps when I saw it myself.

The little room where they identify all your problems before proceeding for your treatment!

While waiting for registration and my consultant, THIS IS NORMAL LAH!! 
#foreverbusytakingphotos #IthinkIlookquitegoodthatday

Shortly after, my consultant; Chris came in. She asked about my areas of concern (my case - itchy scalp), medical records and all the necessary questions. 

Then, she used this to do a scalp analysis for me... 

(Before you proceed, please make sure your meal is already digested!)

Dry and flaky scalp (in another words, dandruff).  

Oh my! I didn't know I had dandruff. Becos when I scratch, I seldom see flakes dropping out mah. And my scalp don't itch whole day, it's only itch at night, I don't know why??? :(

You see, you see, I scratched till bleed! Ouch...


Chris explained to me why is my scalp like that! Mainly caused by often dying of hair; strong chemicals cause damages to scalp. I need to stop dying my hair so often!!! But well, I think I'm considered lucky cos I still have plenty of hair. 

Learnt a new word today - Psoriasis, which means eczema for scalp.

YUN NAM HAIR CARE USES ONLY NATURAL HERBS FOR ALL THEIR TREATMENTS AND PRODUCTS. And, every treatment is customised for different problems. Even their shampoo is made of herb and also, customised - appropriate for you

Chris used the Ginseng shampoo on me! I've always believed, anything made of herb is GOOD. Becos it's very safe, not harmful at all! :)

I was brought up with Chinese medications. In the past, when my great grandaunt was still around, we never have to visit a doctor when we were sick. We drank all the bitter Chinese medicines only. Yes, the result is slower, becos it helps to rectify the root of your problem, slowly but surely! Although I've to admit, I'm quite scared of the smell and taste!  

Next up, proceeded to do my treatment here...

WAH, I didn't know they have a "hidden" salon inside!!! It's so huge, can accommodate more than 20 customers. They also have a few personal rooms for customers who doesn't want to sit in the main hall. And I was told, during the evening time, it will be fully occupied. I went there at 11:30am (they open at 11am), and there were quite a few customers already. 

P/S : They have hair dye treatment (to cover grey hairs) using herbal formulas too! :)

Customised, specially for my scalp! 

If you're worried of the strong herbal smell (like me), FRET NOT, it's not smelly at all! Chris said that it does have a strong smell in the past, but they've already improved their formulas, so it doesn't smell that strong now. 

Shampoo first before doing the treatment, for cleansing so that the scalp will absorb nutrients more effectively.

Treatment time!!! Chris applied this all over my scalp...

Layer by layer! And then...

Steam it for 30 minutes!!! 

Enjoyed some tea & snacks during the 30 minutes, along with some magazines...

30 minutes passed quite fast eh, and it's time to wash it off & blow it dry!

Chris applied some Protein Essence on my hair after blowing it dry!

Now, I'm gonna show you the amazing result!

Lo and behold!!! 

SEE SEE SEE!!! (After is on the left!)

Apparently, all the flakes DISAPPEARED!!! And my scalp looks so clean now! 

My hair literally feels softer and smoother cos it's being nourished. No more itchy scalp! The feeling is simply awesome!!! Very very impressed with the instant result in just one treatment! 

Felt the need to take care of my hair and scalp after this visit. In the past, I really couldn't care less about it. Not particular over the hair products I use, didn't bother if it suits me or not. (I usually buy the ones with attractive packaging like pink? LOL) But the moment I saw my disgusting scalp, I really wonder how did I live with it!!! Imagine if I continue to heck care, I'll have serious dandruff problem sooner or later. Then, there will be obvious white flakes on my hair everyday and I'll look damn untidy, like never bathe lor. YUCKS, I don't wanna imagine further liao! 

Dear readers...

If yes, you're so so so lucky!

Yun Nam Hair Care is giving my readers: 

1 x Scalp Scan + Analysis 
1 X Herbalogy Scalp Treatment (the very same treatment I tried, but customized to your needs) 
1 x Hair Care Product Set worth $48 

 The above treatment totally free for new customers with hair concerns, aged 18 and above! 

 Click here: 
or ✆: 6363 3232 to redeem your complimentary treatment.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hello Sunday!

Haha, I forced ZY to teach Raeann her e-learning homework now becos she'll be using his laptop (mine lao pok gai liao, no sound!) and I'm not responsible for anything missing. (And also, cos I asked him to wash the dishes earlier, he refused. So I wash, he teach!)

He left her to do herself while he lie on the bed...

Me : You better go and sit beside her if not you will sleep again! (While typing this inside the toilet, I heard Raeann saying "又睡觉!!!" Hahaha)

He said, "我躺而已啦". 

So I told him I'll smack him if he sleep again. Everyday also tell me "很累" when he wakes up only in the noon!!! Never once he tell me "I'm not tired today" before, never!

I'm not angry hor, I find it very funny instead. Cos I've to keep thinking of new ways to make him do things. Mentally tired for me you know?!

Anyway, I feel very energetic when I wake up this morning. So I did a lot of things!!! Those usual routines that you won't be interested to know, again.

Mummy & sis whatsapped and ask if I want to buy this set of charm or not. Then mum bought a set, and asked me to choose one, the other one for Bo! :) Am glad they arrived there safely already! (How come the plane still missing ah? Where can it go?? ZY said it flew to 3rd dimension already? God bless all the passengers and crews onboard pls!)

I weighed myself this morning, I lost 1kg!!! But I didn't eat lesser leh. 

She and her current favorite book! Sigh, she made me read and read to her lor. And when I said, "omg, the story is so long", she said, "UNFAIR, u can read to Meimei, why cannot read to me?"

Walao, how to compare right? I read short stories to Meimei only. But this is not the issue, it's cos when I read to her, she always get distracted and do other things. Then machiam I reading it to myself, practising oral lidat!

See see see, now ZY chut pattern again! Said he stomachache, hide inside the toilet with his phone, probably playing games inside and asked me to teach Raeann. Cannot cannot, I need to think of another way again! Hahahaha

Edited : 3:32pm 

Omg, this type of tutor/father where to find???

Raeann : *yawnzzz*
ZY : Oh bee, you tired already huh? We finish this question then we go nap ok!
Me : Left how many??? 
ZY : Wah, CHOR AH! (Meaning : ALOT)

And, he's sleeping now...

Meimei imitated him just now...

My life's awesome, with Triple H!!! Hahaha 

Edited : 9:52pm

Always chut this pattern... Teach teach teach then shout shout shout then stomp away and complain to me "I don't want to teach her anymore. U go and teach yourself! Teach her really vomit blood!"

I was busy and pekchek cos I was trying to figure out how to renew my blog domain, the admin control has been driving me crazy, for days! (But I managed to do it liao! Heehee) 

So I said, "ohh... so you cannot vomit blood, only I can vomit blood lah? I teach 6 days, you only teach one day, who vomit more blood?" 

Anyway, the dateline is not tomorrow so I asked Raeann to go and sleep first lah... And she suddenly exclaim, "OH NO MUMMY, YOU HAVEN'T GO THROUGH THE HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS WITH ME!"

Me : Aiya, tomorrow then I go through with you ok?
Raeann : Then I tell teacher I forget to bring?
Me : No Raeann, please don't tell lies. Just tell her that you got no time to do. 
Raeann : Huh....
Me : Or you tell her lah... "my father asked me to nap when I do my homework halfway cos both of us were sleepy, so I do my homework till quite late, that's why no time!"