Friday, March 14, 2014


Hey baby, I'm back!!! Miss me?

I miss my mummy so much lor! Hur hur. It has been quite peaceful for the last few days, phewz, thank god! You see, I DON'T WANNA JINX IT, that's why I only blog on this very last day, and my mum will be back tomorrow morning, YAY!!!

Anyway, I chanced upon an old Taiwan series on YouTube yesterday...

By Wilber Pan & Raine Yang! 

It's so fucking funny I swear. And suddenly, I find that Wilber Pan is quite cute!!! And I also realised... I've a new crappy friend who smile like him!!!

THIS DAMN SMILE. Only the smile, minus the face! 

And this uncle hor, he requested me to blog about him cos he stalked my blog and said it's boring cos all char bor stuffs... 

Ok, I'm going to the market now to help my mum run errands liao, blog later!!!

Hoohooo!! 我回来了!!!

I bought my favorite snacks to accompany me, teeheeeheee!

Oh yay, I completed the whole 21 episodes liao!!! Nice! I love watching love stories, and imagine myself inside, whahahahahahaha!!! I'm hopeless already, just ignore me!

Ok lah, here's a video for the ta por... I find it quite cute albeit RA!!! 

Click HERE!!!

Hahahahaha! ENJOY AH~

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