Saturday, March 8, 2014

Bon Voyage

Alright, my mum and sis, along with my cousins are flying to HK in about 2 hours time. The missing flight in M'sia is making people worried & anxious. I hope they will have a safe flight to & fro and also enjoy themselves to the max. My mum's well-deserved break!

But I think I'll definitely miss my mum a lot cos I've to lunch alone, and handle the kids alone. It's okay, I can do it! :) 

Today, I brought the kids to the library and Meimei did something that I've to dig a hole to hide my face... 

First, SHE SANG LOUDLY, despite my several reminder. 

(You know library is damn quiet!) 

And then, she removed her shoes and walk everywhere, simply treating it like her home.

(This is her character, simply couldn't care less, happy go lucky & forever laughing & smiling one!) 

The librarian uncle came to warn them "this is a library, not a playground". 

Omg, it's ultra embarrassing lor! Plus, I've to put on the sunglass all the time due to my swollen eyes (it's not so swollen now lah). 

My plan was to teach Raeann her homework at the library, also to return/borrow books. But I've do everything in express speed and leave the place becos if not, Meimei will continue to sing, loudly. HAHAHAHA 

So after that, I brought them to Kidz Amaze to have hi-tea - snacks and ice cream! 

There's a book fair just outside Kidz Amaze Jurong Safra. And I bought some books for them. 

This Raeann, I don't know what's she thinking. Now, she only can read some words but she insisted on buying (and borrowing) those thick thick chim storybooks. You know Roald Dahl? It's too chim for her but she wants it. And she's so damn happy when I said I'll buy it for her. 

And she said, "I want to study hard so I can get out of LSP and mummy will buy a lot of story books for me! Yay!!" Okay, $9.90 well spent in this case, lolol. 

Dinner with the family after that! :) Family always remain no. 1 in my heart. It's okay if people don't understand or misunderstood me, I can't be bothered much becos I love myself and my family love me, that's enough! 

Abrupt ending of this post becos I feel sleepy liao. Good night! 

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