Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hello Sunday!

Haha, I forced ZY to teach Raeann her e-learning homework now becos she'll be using his laptop (mine lao pok gai liao, no sound!) and I'm not responsible for anything missing. (And also, cos I asked him to wash the dishes earlier, he refused. So I wash, he teach!)

He left her to do herself while he lie on the bed...

Me : You better go and sit beside her if not you will sleep again! (While typing this inside the toilet, I heard Raeann saying "又睡觉!!!" Hahaha)

He said, "我躺而已啦". 

So I told him I'll smack him if he sleep again. Everyday also tell me "很累" when he wakes up only in the noon!!! Never once he tell me "I'm not tired today" before, never!

I'm not angry hor, I find it very funny instead. Cos I've to keep thinking of new ways to make him do things. Mentally tired for me you know?!

Anyway, I feel very energetic when I wake up this morning. So I did a lot of things!!! Those usual routines that you won't be interested to know, again.

Mummy & sis whatsapped and ask if I want to buy this set of charm or not. Then mum bought a set, and asked me to choose one, the other one for Bo! :) Am glad they arrived there safely already! (How come the plane still missing ah? Where can it go?? ZY said it flew to 3rd dimension already? God bless all the passengers and crews onboard pls!)

I weighed myself this morning, I lost 1kg!!! But I didn't eat lesser leh. 

She and her current favorite book! Sigh, she made me read and read to her lor. And when I said, "omg, the story is so long", she said, "UNFAIR, u can read to Meimei, why cannot read to me?"

Walao, how to compare right? I read short stories to Meimei only. But this is not the issue, it's cos when I read to her, she always get distracted and do other things. Then machiam I reading it to myself, practising oral lidat!

See see see, now ZY chut pattern again! Said he stomachache, hide inside the toilet with his phone, probably playing games inside and asked me to teach Raeann. Cannot cannot, I need to think of another way again! Hahahaha

Edited : 3:32pm 

Omg, this type of tutor/father where to find???

Raeann : *yawnzzz*
ZY : Oh bee, you tired already huh? We finish this question then we go nap ok!
Me : Left how many??? 
ZY : Wah, CHOR AH! (Meaning : ALOT)

And, he's sleeping now...

Meimei imitated him just now...

My life's awesome, with Triple H!!! Hahaha 

Edited : 9:52pm

Always chut this pattern... Teach teach teach then shout shout shout then stomp away and complain to me "I don't want to teach her anymore. U go and teach yourself! Teach her really vomit blood!"

I was busy and pekchek cos I was trying to figure out how to renew my blog domain, the admin control has been driving me crazy, for days! (But I managed to do it liao! Heehee) 

So I said, "ohh... so you cannot vomit blood, only I can vomit blood lah? I teach 6 days, you only teach one day, who vomit more blood?" 

Anyway, the dateline is not tomorrow so I asked Raeann to go and sleep first lah... And she suddenly exclaim, "OH NO MUMMY, YOU HAVEN'T GO THROUGH THE HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS WITH ME!"

Me : Aiya, tomorrow then I go through with you ok?
Raeann : Then I tell teacher I forget to bring?
Me : No Raeann, please don't tell lies. Just tell her that you got no time to do. 
Raeann : Huh....
Me : Or you tell her lah... "my father asked me to nap when I do my homework halfway cos both of us were sleepy, so I do my homework till quite late, that's why no time!"



  1. Ur double eyelid seems better liao! Happy for you!


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