Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Yesterday was my 7th Wedding Anniversary, but again, it wasn't any big deal. ZY came back around 2am! Why I know?


I wasn't angry, I'm TOO NUMB to even get angry. He's the one who make me feel how NOT important a person & marriage can be. And I really can't be bothered anymore. 

My mum came inside my room to drop me a "bomb" last night, saying that she's going holiday in mid April again... I mean, I'm not against her going for holiday, she deserved it, I know. What I'm afraid of is, the handling of 4 "kids" (the two little imps, ZY and my father) when she's not around.

So, I've decided to plan a holiday for myself before she go... To charge my power so I'll have the energy to handle everything when she's not around. Sometimes, you really need that bit of impulsiveness to work something out...

ML saw my status and we're like planning for the most impromptu trip ever now. Most likely, to Krabi and departing next week, lolol. Still waiting for her leave approval. We intend to go there and NUA for 4 days. 

I told her, "Just book, don't have to think. Book liao then arrange!"

Can't believe I'm so cool sial, lolol. 

But, when we were so enthu checking out the air ticket and hotel, M'sia dropped the sad news on MH370. Very very sad. RIP to all the victims! :(

And then, I "informed" ZY about the trip. He said, "CANNOT LAH, THEN THE KIDS HOW, I HOW?"

I've already arranged the kids. As for him, his problem lah.

You know, he's damn selfish. He can come back late, throw me and the kids at home everyday. But whenever he see me not around when he reach home, HE FEELS UNEASY. Whenever I go out, he can call me like 300 times & msg me like 100 times!!! Like seriously!

I think he go marry a maid better lah!


  1. It's all done! Just look forward to it!

    1. Frigging excited can!! Bring what clothes!!!

  2. bring casual clothes. krabi quite hot. remember sunblock, else u chaotar! go island tour also! very nice beach at certain places. like james bond island or what. cant remember. LOL

  3. Oh okok!!! Thanks for your tips! :)

  4. I went phuket a few years ago! Try white water rafting if have, its very fun and exciting.. at least to me~ Have fun and enjoy!

    1. Okok!! I googled photos of Krabi and omg, it's so freaking beautiful...



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